Supplements for UTI: Ultimate Product Guide

If you are looking for an action plan, here is my list of Supplements for UTI to kick off your UTI prevention supplementation plan.

For your convenience, I provided a quick summary of the reasons I recommend the products and links to relevant posts if you’d like to dig deeper.

Disclosure: The referenced products below are not for treating an acute infection and have not been evaluated by FDA for UTI prevention. Some of the links below could be affiliate links, meaning I could receive a small commission fee if you decide to purchase any of them, however, prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. I only recommend products that I personally like or use. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. Also, I’m not a physician and can’t provide you with a treatment plan. Anytime you plan to take a new supplement, consult with your physician. If you are experiencing fever, flank pain, nausea, seek an immediate medical attention. Antibiotics are the only FDA approved medication to treat and prevent UTIs.

UTI Supplements For Men & Women

First of all, when choosing how to supplement UTI prevention efforts, I focus on the supplements that could help:

  1. Reduce bladder inflammation
  2. Decrease the number of bacteria in the urine
  3. Fight bacterial biofilms in the bladder
  4. Decrease number of pathogenic bacteria in your lower intestines
  5. Support your good bacteria throughout your body with a good diet or a prebiotic blend
  6. Support your vaginal microbiome with prebiotics
  7. Use smart hygiene products
  8. Address possible estrogen deficiency
  9. Heal yeast and BV infections

#1 Supplements for UTI: Reduce Bladder Inflammation

Every time you experience a UTI, your bladder lining suffers from inflammation.

Sometimes, when dealing with an infection, your bladder lining “overreacts” (that’s why NSAIDs are an optional treatment for an acute UTI) with an inflammatory response that is too strong, and in most chronic UTIs bladder inflammation is ever-present.

In brief, Cornsilk and Marshmallow root teas are great supplements for reducing your chronic (or acute) bladder inflammation.

Aloe Vera juice and Aloe vera gel capsules have demonstrated good potential for reducing symptoms of IC thought to be caused by chronic bladder inflammation.

For more thoughts, read my post about why it could be a good idea to use supplements to reduce bladder inflammation.

#2 Fight Bacteria In Your Urine

There are many reasons why you might be prone to UTIs, but the ultimate cause is the same: pathogenic bacteria comfortably resides and multiplies in your bladder.

As you might know, the standard clinical approach in the USA is to prescribe preventive antibiotics that keep the levels of your bacteria low. You can supplement your efforts in fighting bacteria with certain natural products. Unfortunately, the number of options is limited.

All in all, D-Mannose is the most popular supplement to reduce the number of bacteria in your urine. More about how D-Mannose works.

Herbal supplements can provide a wide range of benefits, read more about herbs here.

#3 Bacterial Biofilms

Not everybody knows, but bacterial biofilms are the main reason antibiotics can’t cure chronic UTIs.

If you are to choose one post to read in the whole blog, read the post about biofilms.

As per article titled “N-acetylcysteine as a powerful molecule to destroy bacterial biofilms. A systematic review”: “Biofilm is a sophisticated network of pathogens living within protective extracellular polymeric substances”.

In layman terms, this means that pathogenic bacteria produce the slime that hides them from antibiotics and your own immune response. Once antibiotics are out of your system, the bacteria can start reproducing again.

While there are many promising natural substances that could help you to fight biofilms, NAC is one with many clinical applications and a great safety profile. While NAC is a pretty safe and widely used molecule, it has not been evaluated for the purpose of decreasing bacterial biofilms in the bladder and we do not even know if it reaches the bladder in high enough concentration. At the same, some naturopathic doctors use it with hope to affect bacterial biofilms.

Ask your doctor about NAC supplements (you can share the link to the review linked above first) especially if you are currently taking antibiotics.

#4 Probiotics for UTI

Your body is a planet with millions of living organisms.

When you are taking antibiotics, you kill bad guys and some hard-working civilians too.

Beneficial bacteria live throughout your body and help with various interconnected processes crucial to your health. They also suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria, such as E. coli, that cause 90% of all UTIs.

The more good bacteria you have in your intestines, the less concentration of E. coli and other opportunistic bacteria will be in your poop, therefore less of it will descend to your urethra.

Any good probiotic will do, especially if you are constantly taking antibiotics, here is one of them:

For female fellow-sufferers, please also see vagina-specific probiotic blend recommendations below.

#5 Prebiotics for UTI

If probiotics are the good bacteria themselves (normally freeze-dried), then prebiotic is actually food for beneficial bacteria.

Unless you are including plenty of various fiber in your diet, you need a potent prebiotic blend to help your probiotic product, especially given the price.

Look for a prebiotic blend with a variety of fibers.

UTI Supplements For Women

#6 Vaginal Microbiome

Read here, what your doctor doesn’t know about UTI prevention and why special probiotics are so important for women. Also, learn what role your vagina plays in UTI transmission.

#7 Better Hygiene Products

Bacteria that cause UTI to live in your lower intestines, more specifically, in your stool. The cleaner you are, the better! However, doing it right is tricky: your anus prefers soft and gentle toilet paper while cheap grey TP is better for your vagina.

Wet wipes and bidet have been compromised as alternatives, too. So we came up with a product that satisfies all your body parts: WipeGel.

#8 Estrogen Creams

If lack of estrogen is your issue, check with your doctor if you could address it topically. Read about estrogen and UTI.

#9 Clear Yeast & BV

BV is linked to a higher risk of UTI. Yeast infection is an often side-effect of antibiotic treatment.

You can make your own suppositories to help you with these conditions, or try a variety available online.

One way or another, you’d want to safely remedy yourself from both issues to make sure that your vaginal flora can help you to fight off pathogenic bacteria.

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