What’s common between body odor and infections?

A disrupted microbiome.

My story

Anastasia Visotsky 


It took a stubborn UTI and excessive antibiotics to help me discover the importance of the human microbiome.

Nurturing my beneficial bacteria was the key to my recovery. But when I searched for hygiene products that protect good bacteria, none were there.

A little-known fact

Most soaps are not created with your skin microbiome in mind. The industry favors cheap surfactants that are very effective if you want to be “squeaky-clean,” but this could be detrimental to your healthy skin flora.

Making my own

I worked with an experienced formulating chemist to combine effective ingredients in a line of products that support our natural flora instead of wiping it out. 

Try for yourself and let me know your thoughts!

harsh truth about surfactants

An ecosystem in balance,

a healthy state.

bacteria in balance
The beneficial bacteria on your skin help protect you from opportunistic organisms.

After using soaps
& disinfectants.

Strong preservatives, antibiotics & harsh surfactants disrupt the natural balance.

Several hours later:

opportunistic bacteria grows faster
Opportunistic bacteria adapt faster than beneficial ones, causing problems.

support, don't fight

85% of the bacteria on your skin are beneficial
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