Podcast: Urinary Tract Infections

E8: Benefits of antibiotics for UTI

Antibiotic treatment is considered the best practice for when you have an acute UTI and many chronic UTI sufferers take them preventively. In this episode, we discuss the benefits of antibiotic treatment and some of them might surprise you.

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E3: Biofilms and rUTIs

In this episode of Bladder Diaries, we discuss bacterial biofilms and their role in recurrent urinary tract infections. Are your rUTIs caused by biofilms? What could you do about it? Tune in to find out.

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E2: UTI causes

What causes recurrent urinary tract infections? Some might think the answer is as simple as “bacteria” or “sex”, or “bad hygiene” but none of these

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E1: Antibiotics for UTI

Antibiotics for UTI: short-term, long-term, when to take them, and how to decide if antibiotics are the right choice. Most importantly, how antibiotics affect your whole body and what to do about it.

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