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Use Supplements To:

*The following statements are not verified by FDA. Please consult with your physician when starting new supplements. *

bladder lining

Support GAG layer

Alkalize Urine

Manage urine pH


Leave fewer opportunities for pathogens


Support healthy bacteria

Bladder Lining

UTI-like symptoms could be caused by inflammation of the bladder lining. ​
Ask your doctor if you could include the following supplements to help restore healthy bladder lining: Aloe Vera, Marshmallow root, Hyaluronic acid, and supplements that contain Quercetin and Chondroitin. ​

Alkalize Urine

Green leafy vegetables and berries could help alkalize the urine & supply polyphenols while prebiotics help with supporting healthy gut microbiome.
Eat fresh berries and plenty of leafy greens. Nothing can substitute a wholesome diet. Supplements could help boost a diet during winter months or when traveling.

Suppress Unwanted

Certain supplements can help create unfavorable conditions to prevent UTI-causing microorganisms from overgrowing or sticking to the bladder lining. ​
While many herbal supplements claim anti-adhesive effects on E.coli bacteria, D-mannose and PAC-based cranberry supplements have the least side effects and the most clinical validation. Also, check out biofilm-busting enzymes and garlic for their additional benefit.​

Promote Healthy Flora

A healthy microbiome is your defense against opportunistic microorganisms.​

While a healthy vaginal microbiome originates in your gut, a few well-studied probiotic strains target vaginal flora.
Ensure also to include plenty of fermented foods (such as plain yogurt, kombucha, and sauerkraut). ​

Microbiome-friendly personal care.

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