My UTI story: this is how you win!

Hello boys and girls,

Do you want to cure UTI (urinary tract infections)? And benefit from new research? I want to help you.

I had my 4 recurring urinary tract infections from January – June 2013. My doctor mentioned antibiotics as a preventative measure (read this in my post “What doctors don’t know about UTI prevention”), which basically meant drinking drugs every time after sex. Therefore, I did  many hours of research to find an alternative solution.

Are you experiencing UTI symptoms now?

first 8 steps when treating UTI
8 first steps to treat a UTI

Check out 8 first steps when experiencing UTI symptoms

Wondering how to use D-mannose to treat a UTI?

Natural remedies to treat UTI
Natural remedies to treat UTI

My experience with D-mannose and other natural supplements

If you are here to learn about D-mannose for UTI prevention

D-Mannose is a supplement
Since FDA does not regulate supplements we have to rely on anecdotal evidence when choosing D-Mannose dose

Treat UTI with D-mannose and prevent from recurring and D-mannose: dosage and side effects

My ultimate goal is to share with you the information on UTI research in plain English and help you to stay healthy.