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I know how it feels when you start avoiding sex because you do not want to feel UTI pain next day. And how you focus on every sensation trying to guess the early symptoms of UTI. 

Unfortunately, chronic recurrent UTIs is a difficult problem to solve. If you are looking for researched-backed information about urinary tract infections beyond tips such as drink cranberry juice and wipe from front to back, then you are in the right place.

My UTI story

I had a series of recurring urinary tract infections from January – June 2013. My doctor suggested antibiotics as a preventative measure (read this in my post “What doctors don’t know about UTI prevention”), which basically meant drinking drugs every time after sex.

Therefore, I spent many hours of research on Pubmed and found an alternative solution that I attribute my cure to (probiotics). 

Our Goals

Nowadays, researching a new angle on UTI prevention and treatments takes me anywhere between 5-20 hours a week. I only use the reputable sources and 90% of my links lead back to clinical research available on pubmedcentral.nih.gov.

Moreover, as this blog grew, I started to include interviews with researchers, doctors, healers, alternative medicine professionals, health and nutrition advocates to share their view on the issue of UTI prevention and treatment.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with the reliable information on UTI research in plain English and help you to stay healthy.

Stay healthy,

Anastasia Visotsky

P.S.: An important reminder: I am a former chronic UTI fellow sufferer turned UTI nerd. I spend hours weekly educating myself about UTI news, research, and alternative treatment options. but I’m not a doctor and do not provide medical adviceMy thoughts and opinions are not intended to replace a medical evaluation and your physician’s treatment plan. UTI could be life threatening if not treated promptly, and the only FDA approved the drug for urinary tract infection (UTI) treatment is a round of antibiotics.

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