Review Of D-Mannose Products: Buy This, Not That!

Try buying D-Mannose in CVS, Walmart or Amazon and you quickly realize that it is very difficult to choose among all available options (here is my review of brick-and-mortar options of where to buy D-Mannose), this is when my D-Mannose review can help you to see the forest behind the trees.

The problem when comparing D-Mannose brands is that manufacturers list weight in ounces, grams, milligrams, capsules etc. and it becomes very hard to figure out how much you are really paying for D-Mannose.

On top of that, many brands include additional ingredients, that, in turn, affects how much pure D-Mannose you get per dose.

I reviewed 7 most popular brands of D-Mannose currently sold on Amazon and took into consideration the following:

  • The purity of the ingredients (with or without additives).
  • Cost: how much per day you are going to spend if you take D-Mannose daily for prevention (2000 mg per day). This is, however, is an everchanging parameter since Amazon is well-known for price adjusting.
  • I only included in this review the brands of D-Mannose that had at the moment of review 4.5 stars and higher customer satisfaction rating (this could change with time, as well, and therefore I regularly update this post).
  • Only included brands that had no less than hundred reviews per product at the time of the review, indicating it’s relative popularity on the market.
  • At the end of the post, I added special D-Mannose brands that are more expensive but are important to know for people with corn allergy and those who prefer to buy D-Mannose made in the USA (most of other D-Mannose brands source their powder from China).

Here are my results of reviewing Top 7 brands of D-Mannose powder that you can buy on Amazon.

D-Mannose review: powder is the best option

#1 The First place goes to pure D-Mannose powder by Bulk Supplements (250 grams).
This is why:

  • No additives, pure D-Mannose powder.
  • One of the cheapest options when you look at how much of pure D-Mannose you get per dollar.
  • 250 grams of powder will last you for 96 days of prevention. More than three months! Given that it’s good for couple years from the manufacturing date, this product delivers the best “bang for the buck”.

Trust me, you do not want to run out of D-Mannose. And if you need to go from prevention to the treatment supplementation dose protocol, you want to have enough to last you through the “rainy days”.

Bulk Supplements brand provides you plenty of D-Mannose for the best price on the market.

However, the packaging is not super convenient, because the zip-lock never truly closes tight again once opened. I have to use a paper clip to keep it closed.

Also, if I’m taking D-Mannose with me on a trip, I would normally portion 2-3 ounces and take just that in a regular zip-lock or re-use a bottle from another supplement.

#2 The Second place goes to NOW D-Mannose powder, 6 oz bottle.

  • No additives, pure D-Mannose powder.
  • It is more expensive per dose than the brand above, but it comes in a convenient bottle that is easy to take with you when traveling.
  • This bottle (6 oz) will last you 80 days if using prevention dose. Not bad! Almost three months.

D-Mannose has no serious side effects

Why you don’t need D-Mannose capsules

NOW brand has D-Mannose in capsules as well. The question is why do you need it?

  • You are overpaying for labor that goes into packaging D-Mannose powder into the capsules.
  • Moreover, you have to consume all extra “inert” ingredients that are required in order to capsulate the powder (Cellulose, rice flour, stearic acid, Magnesium Stearate and Silica).
  • D-Mannose tastes like sugar. There is no reason to hide it in a pill.
  • It is not a rocket science to grab some D-Mannose sugar with a teaspoon. A little more or a little less won’t make much difference. You do not have to be precise.
  • I hate swallowing capsules. Why do you need to swallow pills if you can simply drink sweet water?

#3 Nonetheless, the Third place goes to NOW brand has D-Mannose is capsules because it is a very popular and well-reviewed product.
Yes, you are paying almost 3 times more per dose when compared to powder, but if you absolutely must have D-Mannose in capsules, then this brand is a good option.

  • 120 capsules will last you for approximately 30 days of prevention

#4 The Fourth place goes to D-Mannose Capsules with Cranberry and Dandelion Extract by Divine Bounty mainly because they packed 600 mg of D-Mannose per capsule. It is 100 mg more than the previous brand, which makes it’s possible for them to claim “highest dose per capsule on the market”.

They also threw in some cranberry and a tiny amount of dandelion extract, both of additives are more of a marketing gimmick, especially at the given amounts (100 and 50 mg. respectively). This also resulted in a rather large capsule (“approximately 3 quarters of an inch long”).

  • This bottle with 120 capsules will last you for approximately 30 days of prevention

#5 The Fifth place goes to Superior Labs – Best D-Mannose in capsules.

Nothing remarkable, same 120 capsules per bottle and 500 mg of D-mannose per capsule, however, this brand is gaining popularity so we might as well include it.

 I highly suggest comparing this to NOW D-Mannose brand to see which one is cheaper at the moment. Amazon is known for their unexpected price drops, but at the moment of the review (January 19th, 2018) NOW brand has better value.

Superior labs also use rice powder instead of no Magnesium Stearate, that some find appealing. My best advice is to go with pure powder if you truly do not want any additives.

  • This bottle with 120 capsules will last you for approximately 30 days of prevention

#6 The Sixth place goes to surprisingly popular Solaray D-Mannose with Cranactin.

Adding cranberry extract won’t do much. Cranberry pills and cranberry juice have been proven useless.

This supplement also has vitamin C. Vitamin C is actually a great way to lower your urine pH and decrease inflammation of the bladder.

But guess what, you are better off buying it separately to get a bigger, more potent dose than the one cramped into the pills.

  • This bottle provides enough D-Mannose to use for about 30 days of prevention.

#7 The Seventh place goes to PRO Women (mainly combo of probiotics and D-Mannose).

While probiotics are super important, this supplement does not disclose which strains are being used. On top of that, you only get 5 billion CFUs, which is twice less than probiotic experts recommend for potency.

Unfortunately, the rest of the space in a capsule is taken by useless cranberry extract and fillers. Amount of D-Mannose in these capsules is negligible (250 mg, which is 4 times less than you need).

Therefore, if you are buying it because of D-Mannose, then you are fooling yourself. If you are buying probiotics, buy the ones that disclose their strains and with at least 10 billion CFUs.

  • This bottle buys you four (4!) days of prevention dose 🙂 Yes, it’s not a typo!

Special D-Mannose Powder: Made From Cranberries and Pineapple, In The USA

One of my readers pointed out that some folks are allergic to corn. Corn allergy, similar to any other food allergy, could manifest itself in skin hives and GI problems, which are often reported as D-Mannose side-effects.

Here are two brands that sell D-Mannose powder (it’s more expensive than other options) made in the USA from pineapple and cranberries or derived from birch/beech wood hydrolysate:

Since corn allergy is not a Top-10 food allergy, I realize that it is a very special requirement and probably not fair to compare these brands for price/value with the rest.

However, if you are allergic to corn, I wanted to provide you with these options. Both brands are equally expensive so choose the one you trust more.

I hope this D-Mannose review will help you to make an informed decision.

Bottom line:


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44 thoughts on “Review Of D-Mannose Products: Buy This, Not That!”

  1. I had to come back to this article because it saved me. I had been dealing with 3 1/2 years of recurrent UTI’s with no end in sight. They were EXTREMELY PAINFUL and would happen every three months or so. It was with the help of this website and a few other website that I’ve gone 165 days without a UTI and counting.

    My last UTI was in November of 2018. I had reached my tipping point— I could not live like this. I went to a Urogynocologist who prescribed me two very useful things: Purfem Suppository Probiotic (you can find on amazon) and Theralogix’s Theracran One (a potent cranberry pill). The Urogyno also prescribed me estrogen suppository that I took for a little while but then decided against. (It did help me when I was faced with my last few raging UTI’s but I didn’t want to take it long term). I then ordered the Dmannose Bulk Supplements powder (that you mentioned as #1 in this article).

    Here is the list of supplements I take EVERY EVENING BEFORE BED that have allowed me to live UTI free for 165 days:

    – a tsp of D Mannose Powder (bulk supplements) and a 1/16 of a tsp of vitamin C powder in a small cup of water (or a more tasty drink (WITHOUT SUGAR) to mask the taste.
    – a probiotic supplement (vitamin shoppe brand)
    – vitamin D
    – vitamin b12
    – theracran one
    – aloe Vera

    Once a week I will take the probiotic suppository from Pur Fem (in the beginning sometimes twice a week or whenever I felt necessary) before bed. This would occasionally save my life and save me from contracting a UTI.

    My advice: go see a Urogyno. What worked for me specifically may not work for you but I highly recommend the D Mannose Bulk Supplements powder from amazon. Be super consistent with taking your supplements and up your intake immediately when you feel necessary. Also stay super hydrated throughout the day, take care of yourself, and do not drink ANYTHING with a high amount of sugar. I do not and CAN NOT drink sodas anymore, orange juice, grape juice… nothing with a lot of sugar. One ginger ale can and has ENDED me.

    I wish all of you luck and know you can fight this!!!! ❤️

    1. Anastasia Visotsky

      Thanks so much for coming back and sharing your experience, Jes! And great advice, too, absolutely agree with you in terms UroGYN choice. Best wishes,

  2. Vasantha Karan

    I am about to try d-mannose powder by Pure Encapsulation as I cannot use corn products due to IBS. Cranberry and pineapple are both allowed on IBS diet in limited quantities. What are the chances I will be able to tolerate this particular d-mannose /

    1. Anastasia Visotsky

      Sorry, that’d be hard to tell! We don’t have enough data from folks with IBS, I’m afraid. Hope you could find a minute to share your experience with this brand and hope you tolerate it well!

  3. I have been using D-mannose – 1000mgm daily (not 2000mgm as detailed in your review), in two divided 500mgm (am & pm) doses – & have since had almost total UTI freedom for the last five years.
    For the previous 7 years prior to this, I experienced UTI’s & hospitalization, every 2 to 4 months & was becoming desparate as the urologists, treating me, were running out of effective antibiotics.
    During this latter 5 year period to date, I only experienced three closely grouped UTI’s, over a six week period, early in 2018, due to & resolved by removing a badly infected testicle; no further UTI’s.

  4. Hi Anastasia,

    There is a D Mannose product by Piping Rock that contains 710 mgs of D Mannose – the highest per capsule that I’ve found. About $18 for 120 caps.

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