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One strange reason why your MD has no clue if D-Mannose for UTI works

I’m skeptical when it comes to natural supplements and I wanted to know, if this is true that D-Mannose for UTI works? So much hype online, but at the same time, none of my physicians knew about it. Could it be possible or is D-Mannose a scam? Naturally, when I started using D-Mannose for UTI prevention, I had doubts.

If D-Mannose for UTI works, why my doctor never heard of it?

Here are my thoughts on the subject that caused me to doubt:

  • First of all, UTI is the second most diagnosed and treated infection in the world after upper respiratory infections. Basically, every fourth women will have it at least once in her life. Wouldn’t every physician be on a lookout for a novel treatment if D-Mannose for UTI works?
  • Second, bacteria causing UTI are increasingly becoming antibiotic resistant and it’s a huge problem. D-Mannose, on other hand, does not contribute to antibiotic resistance. Therefore, D-Mannose should be an exciting product for physicians to prescribe, right?
  • Third, unlike antibiotics, D-Mannose is very safe. Besides some GI related side effects it is pretty harmless. After strong antibiotics like Cipro are proven to be dangerous, wouldn’t doctors be looking for a safe alternative?
  • Fourth, I have seen multiple articles written by physicians, naturopathic doctors and even research teams describing how D-mannose for UTI works, so it seemed legit.
  • And lastly, so many chronic UTI sufferers have attributed their cure to D-Mannose, it simply felt strange that it is still not a mainstream drug!

I did not want to be responsible for promoting pseudo-science and was looking for answers.

Research inspired by D-Mannose

I eventually was able to talk to a researcher at Washington University School of Medicine, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Pathology & Immunology. What I found out was surprising and exciting. Apparently, their lab has been working on an artificial alternative to D-Mannose for a while, and they hope to take the new drug to clinical trials in 2018.

…their lab has been working on an artificial alternative to D-Mannose for a while

D-Mannose works by binding to E. coli and this prevents the bacteria from binding with the naturally occurring sugar in your bladder lining, and makes it possible to flush E. coli from the bladder. D-Mannose is a natural sugar and for factors yet unknown, doesn’t work for everybody.

Scientists observed that the bond between E. coli and D-Mannose is relatively weak. However, their new artificial mannoside bonds to E. coli much stronger (ten thousands times stronger!) than natural D-Mannose, and therefore works better. Unfortunately, as with anything artificial, we don’t know what kind of side-effects new mannoside could cause in humans.

Truth about D-Mannose and big pharma

One of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, Glaxo-Smit Klein is now investing in this research. Why? Well, because they can patent an artificial mannoside, but they can’t patent natural supplement. Patent equals high margins.

…they can patent an artificial mannoside, but they can’t patent natural supplement.

Pharmaceutical companies are the ones educating physicians about new drugs. So unless they make money on a patented medication, nobody will care. No money – no research subsidies either. Once new, better mannoside is developed, patented, and approved for clinical use, your physician will finally hear about it from a drug company representative and start prescribing. Most likely though it will have a brand name that has nothing to do with D-Mannose. While we are waiting for new commercial mannosides to hit the shelves of the pharmacies, it’s a good idea to try natural D-Mannose that inspired this research.

Bottom line, don’t be surprised that your physician doesn’t know if D-Mannose for UTI really works, you can just give him/her a link to this post. If you decide to supplement your UTI treatment with D-Mannose, remember that it’s a natural product, so it’s never going to be “bullet proof” and might not work well for you, but it’s definitely worth trying. D-Mannose is not a scam!


3 thoughts on “One strange reason why your MD has no clue if D-Mannose for UTI works”

  1. Very interesting! Thank you for this information. With my last uti I was already beginning to suspect that my IBS might have something to do with them. I asked the doctor if he thought there might be any correlation and he replied, “Do you wipe from front to back?” I said, “I’m almost 65 years old, I think I know how to wipe myself.” So then he said, “No, probably not.” I did my own research and found out that, indeed, IBS has a LOT to do with uti’s for some women. *sigh* I’m so over doctors right now. My mother in law is currently in the hospital because of a horrific episode she had last night in which she slumped over at the table and was unresponsive for minutes. Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with her!!!! Isn’t that great?? I know there are some doctors who actually attempt to research and help people without giving them the “pat” doctor answer. But I’m having trouble locating one of them.

    1. Anastasia Visotsky

      Hi Marge,
      I hear you. I personally always advise consulting with a functional medicine practitioner if UTI turning into a chronic problem and your Western medicine doctors seem to be helpless.

  2. Typical of pharmas trying to make a synphetic like D-Mannose …I wouldnt want to use a synthetic version as who knows whats going in ti…Its a bit like the Levothyroxine drug i take…synthetic and fillers in it and god knows what..NDT was used yrs ago and very effective and more natural but can you get hold of it or get prescribed it?….No!!! If pharmas cant patent something and make money they arnt interested simple as….They need to stop tampering with peoples health!!!

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