Where can you buy D-Mannose?

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In a clinical study D-Mannose proved to be more effective than antibiotics for UTI prevention. It is also better tolerated than antibiotics (less side-effects). So where can you buy D-Mannose? Here are several options for you to consider, depending on where you live. (Click to read what’s D-Mannose or how to take D-Mannose)

I went to several near by stores (I live in Northern California) and here are my findings and recommendations based on prices.

First of all, the situation has drastically changed. Year ago I only seen one or two brands of D-Mannose on the shelves of brick and mortar retail stores and it was way, way overpriced. Today I was happy to find in some cases 3-5 different brands of D-Mannose in some stores.

Where to buy D-Mannose is USA (CA)


Unfortunately, there is no D-Mannose in my neighborhood Walgreens store. Folks there never heard of it. There are bunch of useless cranberry products, and of course, AZO. I doubt you’ll have more luck anywhere else in the country. But they do have special probiotics that are great for your vagina, even a store brand.  


Kind of similar story to what I seen at Walgreens: at the first sight you do not think you could buy D-Mannose at CVS. However, a closer look reveals a product that contains D-Mannose and would do if this is your only option. “Uricalm cranberry plus D-Mannose” is the only product containing D-mannose that is available at CVS.







The issue with “Uricalm Cranberry plus D-Mannose” is that it only contains 25 mg per tablet. So even to get a preventive dose of 2 grams you need 1/3 of the pack (standard pack contains 30 chewable tablets). Basically, if you just need D-Mannose, this is the worst deal ever.

Whole Foods Market

This is one of my favorite stores for everything. However, Whole Foods aka “Whole paycheck” is known for being pricey. No exception for D-Mannose products. There are several brands of D-Mannose that you could buy at my local store and all of them are more expensive than online as of the day of writing this post (November, 2017).

At Whole Foods Market they were selling (November 2nd, 2017):

Nature’s Answer UT, which was literally twice more expensive than on Amazon, when checking the prices the same day.

NOW Cranberry Mannose with probiotics, 40% more expensive than online that day. The product itself is pretty good, actually. One sachet contains 2 grams of D-Mannose (daily prevention dose), some probiotics (not too much, just 2 billion CFUs but good strains), Uva ursi extract, and of course the damn cranberry extract.

UT Vibrance which is expensive, as always, but still more expensive that day than the online offering (about 30% higher price in the store compared to Amazon).

Solaray D-Mannose with CranActin, which is not a “good bang for buck” neither at the store, nor online. Two capsules drive home only 1 gram of D-Mannose, so you would need four of them to achieve the preventive dose of 2 grams, therefore divide the “number of doses” by two and you would arrive to unsatisfactory expensive D-mannose product.

Also, their own Whole Foods store brand, that was unsurprisingly costly, going for $27.99 for just 3 oz.


Sprouts is my favorite store for “natural” cosmetics brands. They also have a wide variety of herbs, essential oils, and supplements for relatively affordable prices.

As you can (maybe?) see from this picture, the inventory is roughly the same. Prices, however, are 10-15% less.

At the store I came by an interesting product that I have not seen before, called Urinari-X by Life Seasons. This product among other ingredients includes Marshmallow root extract, Olive leaf extract, Oregano extract etc.. quite interesting ingredient list. Even though packing it with useful ingredients reduces total amount of D-Mannose per dose and increases number of pills to swallow. In order to get your 2g dose you would need 5-6 pills of this product.

Another unique for this store product is UT Support, Sprouts Store brand. This is a remedy in a liquid form that does not include D-Mannose but has plenty of bladder friendly ingredients for a reasonable price.

UT Support Drops by Sprouts include Uva Ursi, Nettles Leaf, Dandelion Root, Juniper Berries, Fresh Marshmallow root, Horsetail Herb, Fresh Ginger root

I can’t attest to the effectiveness of this blend, but I have tried other concoctions by Sprouts and used to always buy their Digest Ease before they discontinued it and love their stinky but effective Immuno Well Rx.

Amazon in USA

Amazon remains my go to for many supplements and household items. I have Prime and therefore get free two day shipping. Number of choices for each product category on Amazon is unbelievably large (up to thousand results if you type “d-mannose” as of today) and this makes merchants decrease the prices in order to compete.

It is really a no brainer choice if you have a day or two to wait for your product. In some cases Amazon even offers the same day delivery.

Since I haven’t personally experienced any difference between D-Mannose brands, I buy the ones that are cheaper (see my review of D-mannose best selling products on Amazon). I just make sure I always have D-Mannose at home just in case to avoid running around and looking for it. And I always pack D-Mannose with me when I travel.

Where to buy D-Mannose in Canada

If you are in Canada, you can buy D-Mannose in health stores such as:

  1. Nature’s Emporium
  2. Noah’s
  3. and of course, Amazon.

If you are from UK or anywhere else in the world, let me know where to buy D-Mannose in your country and I’ll add the info to the post.

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