How super bugs come to existence

This summer a strain of E. coli resistant to two last-resort antibiotics has for the first time been reported in the United States. Fortunately, although the E. coli, in this case, was resistant to carbapenem and colistin, the strain was susceptible to some other antibiotics. And so far there’s no evidence that the bacteria spread from the patient tested.

More reasons to try alternative solutions to treat and prevent UTIs like D-mannose.

2 thoughts on “How super bugs come to existence”

  1. Hi, thank you for your informative site.
    Do you know if a person is helping someone 78 years old who has been taking antibiotics for over two years for chronic UTI’s with E. Coli, also at risk of getting infected??

    1. Hi L.S., you have nothing to worry about if you are washing your hands after helping them with their personal hygiene. Check with their physician if you can try probiotics and D-Mannose to help them with fighting chronic UTIs.

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