What doctors don’t know about UTI prevention and why probiotics are very important


What my doctors and nurses told me to do for UTI prevention? Drink water, pee before and after sex and eventually, when none of this worked, take preventive antibiotics! Hell no.

My first UTI

The nurse sent in my prescription for antibiotics, warned me to take all of them even if the symptoms go away and also gave me the “lifestyle instructions”. Mainly she advised that I pee before and after sex, wipe from front to back and urinate frequently.

Frankly, I do not like taking antibiotics but if I do, I follow the instructions precisely. I knew that antibiotics work like a death squad: they kill bad, but also some beneficial bacteria. However, I thought since I eat yogurt regularly I should be fine. The drugs helped almost instantly and I thought I would never have a UTI again.

Shortly after – my second UTI

A couple of weeks later, during a road trip to Colorado I felt the familiar symptoms. I’ve got to tell you, my first UTI outbreak was horribly painful and developed super fast. Within the first couple of hours I was peeing with blood and dying from pain. So the second time I wasn’t thinking too long and called the doctor again. They made me come in, took a urine sample (yep, it was E. coli) and gave me a prescription for yet another antibiotic. And of course, the nurse repeated the well-known “pee after sex” mantra as the best way to go about UTI prevention.

Third and forth UTIs & antibiotic prevention

My “wake up call” was when my doctor said that the next step is to take a preventive dose of antibiotics every time after sex. Basically, just take a pill every other day in my case. Come on, that’s way too much even from a layman’s perspective!

I started researching the issue. It is not easy to find answers online since there are too many opinions and all kinds of “kitchen pantry” solutions. By then I had already tried cranberry pills, blueberries and echinacea. Baking soda helped to relieve the pain for a while but never “cured” the infection. Fortunately, I found an article on PubMed, that had research about probiotics and their role in UTI prevention.

…Before we proceed any further, make sure you understand the mechanics of why sex causes UTI. This post will explain to you why if you are having UTIs after sex, you need to take care of your vaginal flora first. For a graphic version and detailed explanation see this infographic.

My secret: UTI prevention with probiotics

Probiotics work in your body to help grow beneficial bacteria and bacterial flora is increasingly recognized as an important defense to infection. These beneficial bacteria help to “restrain” E. coli, the cause of most UTIs on the planet. Now imagine, every time you take antibiotics, you kill E. coli but you also kill these beneficial bacteria in your body.

Right after your infection has been cured with antibiotics you actually become more vulnerable to re-infection with E. coli again! And given that the main source of E. coli is always there for you (your own asshole, pardon my French) it makes total sense that recurrent UTIs are so widespread.

Every time you take antibiotics, you kill E. coli but you also kill these beneficial bacteria in your body

What is more important, probiotics are safe to use with no side effects, safe for the elderly, pregnant women and kids and sold over the counter. This is the best UTI prevention you can implement today. There is really no risk in suggesting probiotics to anybody. It should be a logical continuation for patients treated with antibiotics. This type of advice is so much more valuable than the classic “pee before and after sex”.

I spent about $30 on a monthly supply of potent probiotics. Needless to say, yogurt and kefir should be also part of the plan, but probiotics in these products are low in concentration (and are also not the type that your vagina needs). The brand I bought in Wallgreens advertised targeted delivery of the probiotics to my “lady parts”, which sounded like exactly the place where I needed them.

Three brands of probiotics you can try, to prevent UTI

Here are couple brands of the probiotics (I used RepHresh Pro-B), which promise targeted delivery of the good bacteria, where you need them most:

1) RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement, 30-Count Capsules

2) Douglas Laboratories iFlora Multi-Probiotic – 60 Vegetarian Capsules

3) Jarrow Formulas Fem-Dophilus, 60 Capsules

Three months after my experiment with the probiotics I wrote an email to my doctor telling him about my discovery. He thanked me for sharing and replied: “we are seeing more benefits from probiotics, so I could definitely see how it could work”. Duh?

I also posted comments on a couple of UTI related sites with the same information and finally, decided to start this blog.

Thanks to the Internet nowadays the results of medical trials and research are no longer just for the doctors. I suggest you take matters into your own hands and see if probiotics can help you to break the cycle of recurrent UTIs.


  1. I have been suffering with recurrent UTIs for NINE YEARS. I am constantly trying to research to learn how I can fix this. It is incredibly frustrating, I identified exactly with the degrading “pee after sex, etc etc” spiel EVERY time I had to go to a doctor for antibiotics. I too was put on a low dose antibiotic after sex and after a little while I knew “this CANNOT be healthy” and stopped. Anyway, a very concentrated dose of D-mannose (by Vibrant Health) seems to be the most helpful prevention for me yet. I ran out, and this evening took entirely too much of a different, powder form Dmannose, which caused bad diarrhea, which I didn’t know could happen!! So I googled it, and BING! I found your blog. I’ve read a few of your posts and have already learned much and been more encouraged. I am going to try the probiotics you list. I drink kefir and take A biofilm disruptor, but I didn’t realize kefir isn’t potent enough, let alone the right kind of probiotics! THANK YOU for this blog! I feel sometimes I am the only one with this problem and very hopeless. I have some renewed hope now and encouraged that I am not alone and maybe something can help!!

  2. I just want to say THANK YOU for putting so much effort into this. Your blog is a godsend. It’s so crazy to read your story and see that it’s exactly like mine and so many others who follow this. I’m tired of my doctor assuming I don’t know how to wash my vagina or wipe. I thought I was just a helpless cause and started to accept the fact that I’ll be in discomfort or pain the rest of my life (unless I became asexual but who am I kidding lol!).
    Anyway, probiotics have always helped but I still have symptoms here and there so I’m testing other solutions that you recommended. It’s insane that Google (and finding your blog) has done more good for me than a single doctor I’ve seen for my UTIs…since we’re told to take antibiotics like they’re Skittles! So with that said, I greatly appreciate you organizing this and putting all of your research together. I pray for the day I can leave my house without my emergency pack of Azo!

    • Depends! If a guy has frequent UTIs, it is normally a range of issues that triggers it. I would advise a thorough medical examination to get to the root of the problem, then, once you know the issue, you can develop a prevention plan.


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