Top 3 remedies to treat yeast infection & BV at home

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If you have a UTI, why do you need to read about remedies to treat yeast infection & BV at home? Well, a healthy vagina is your first line of defense against UTIs. If you keep getting yeast infections, you could be more vulnerable to UTIs.

Why do you have BV and yeast infection?

Vaginal yeast infections are widespread, I am sure you have experienced a yeast infection at least once in your lifetime. For about 5-8% of women, they become a recurrent nightmare.

It could be your microbiome

Till this day scientists trying to figure out what causes BV and yeast infection. While some studies found a correlation between vaginal flora (microbiome) and the rate of the recurrence, others dispute it.

Mechanics of yeast and BV infections

Both yeast and BV infections appear when there is an overgrowth of bacteria (or yeast) that normally live in the vagina.

Stress is a contributing factor

One of the recent studies demonstrated a correlation between chronic stress and increased cases of yeast infection. We know that chronic stress affects your microbiome in many ways. Therefore, no surprise that increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) are linked to yeast overgrowth.

Diet and diabetes put you at risk

On top of it, high blood glucose levels promote yeast attachment and growth and also interfere with immune responses in the host.

Conventional treatment options for BV and Candida

It’s hard to self-diagnose correctly when it comes to yeast infection and BV. Sometimes bacterial vaginosis (BV) is mistaken for a yeast infection (and vice versa) and improper treatment could worsen your symptoms.

Even if you do get a correct treatment for your issue, it in many cases the treatment itself will cause other problems. For example, the most popular treatment for BV is actually oral metronidazole (Flagyl). As an antibiotic, it can lead to a yeast infection (same goes for UTI treatment, of course).

Popular yeast treatments are sold over the counter. However, these medications work best with a certain type of Candida species (yes, there are several of them) and in many cases do not provide a long-term relief (meaning your symptoms will be back soon).

At the same time, there are couple of home remedies to treat yeast infection AND they work for BV as well. Two most popular ones are Boric acid and Tea tree oil.

Boric acid and Tea tree oil got plenty of press and have been extensively researched. Moreover, boric acid is recognized by the FDA as an antifungal treatment (while for Tea tree oil FDA “jury” is still out).

#1 Boric acid

Among all remedies to treat yeast infection this one is found the most effective in clinical trials.

This is an effective way to treat both yeast and BV infections. Boric acid (buy on Amazonworks as a mild antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral agent.

You’ll need 600 mg in vegetable pessaries daily for as long as two weeks to treat an ongoing infection or use it preventively (in the certain time of the cycle or after swimming in a pool). It is used intravaginally, meaning you put one suppository in your vagina per day (or night) to resolve symptoms of BV or yeast infection.

#2 Lavender and coconut oil

Personally, I tried so many remedies to treat yeast infection but a combination of lavender oil and coconut oils worked best.

All you need is a half of a teaspoon of coconut oil (in its liquid form) and 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil. I actually used a bit more of the essential oil since I tolerate it well (more like 7-8 drops per suppository).

Mixed together, fill in a suppository mold like this one, put in a fridge and use whenever required. This was by far the fastest and most pleasant treatment for the yeast infection I have ever experienced.

Nowadays, whenever I feel early symptoms I use this combo and it works wonders for me.

As with any essential oils, make sure you are diluting and mixing it properly, as well as checking for allergy first.

#3 Tea tree oil suppositories

Tea tree oil (TTO) is a tried and true solution for many health issues. A very popular treatment for both, yeast infection and BV. You can buy the suppositories online or prepare them yourself. You can also use Tea tree oil for douching.

Be extra careful about the dose if you are “cooking” your own remedies! Also, if you have never tried it make sure to run a sensitivity test on your wrist before you use it intravaginally.

Option 1: 1 or 2 drops of TTO placed in the vegetable capsule and rest of capsule filled with calendula oil, vegetable oil or water. Two capsules inserted into the vagina overnight for 6 nights.

Option 2: A few drops of TTO added to the bath

Option 3:  Use a tampon dipped in 1 cup of water with 5 drops TTO (or even a small cotton ball)

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