Over the counter painkillers prevent UTI?

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Over the counter painkillers prevent urinary tract infection (UTI) in mice, a new study from researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis says. For the study the researchers monitored a group of male and female mice that were bred with a predisposition to UTIs.

Researchers found there is a particular immune protein called COX-2, which is linked to the bladder inflammation that occurs during a UTI. Simple over the counter painkillers were found effective in suppressing COX-2, which helped prevent UTIs in the mice.

“If we can confirm this link in clinical trials, many people potentially could benefit very quickly,” the researchers explained. “But for now, it’s important to remember that urinary tract infections are serious, and antibiotic treatment is often necessary. Patients should not treat these infections on their own without help from a medical provider.”

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