Uqora: New product to treat UTI with D-mannose

Uqora is a new product that claims to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) and have been recently featured on Techcrunch:

When you get a UTI, it’s because bacteria gets in the urinary tract and attaches to the wall of the urethra,” Uqora founder Spencer Gordon explains. “The product prevents the bacteria from being able to attach to the wall, so it can’t get inside the cells.”

Since 90 percent of UTIs are caused by sex or any prolonged physical activity that transfers bacteria to the entrance of the urethra (including riding a bike or playing sports in spandex), Uqora recommends drinking one serving within an hour of engaging in these activities.

Interestingly enough D-Mannose  is the main ingredient! More precisely, Uqora contains 2 grams of D-Mannose, exactly the amount that have been used in this study, to prove the effectiveness of this useful sugar. Besides that, the drink includes:

  • Vitamin B6,
  • Vitamin C,
  • Potassium, and
  • Magnesium.

While all these vitamins can’t hurt, the only active ingredients that are important in this mix are D-mannose and Vitamin C. Both are known to reduce your risk of developing UTI if taken regularly. D-mannose actively engages with E. coli while vitamin C improves your immune defense mechanisms.

Uqora box comes with 10 little packets. You’re supposed to use one packet per glass of water to prevent UTIs. 10 packets are sold for $25, each packet contains 2 grams of D-mannose. This means that 20 grams of D-mannose will cost you $25 if you buy it from Uqora.

However, on Amazon you can buy 250 grams (12.5 times more!) for $31: BulkSupplements Pure D-mannose Powder (250 grams).

How about Vitamin C? There are gazillion options in any Walgreen or CVS starting as low as $5 per bottle for a store brand. And there are plenty of affordable options on Amazon as well: Nature Made Vitamin C 500mg with Rose Hips, (130 Tablets)

You can choose a fancier version (the type of vitamins that are made from real fruit): Garden of Life Vitamin Code Vitamin C, 120 Capsules.

In any case, if you buy Vitamin C and D-Mannose separately and mix them yourself you will save a lot of money.

Bottom line, I’m glad that the word is getting out there and new companies emerge that promote using D-mannose for UTI prevention, but do your research and buy smart. If you take D-Mannose daily it can quickly become a serious expense.

Uqora founders suggest that you take it after sex and after a workout, which are smart suggestions. But do the math and buy it in bulk instead 😉

4 thoughts on “Uqora: New product to treat UTI with D-mannose”

  1. Christine Bell

    Hi My Mother suffers with UTI’s constantly, she is 79, not having sex or exercising. She has a VERY sedentary lifestyle.
    And she has to urinate constantly. She is a diabetic and has high blood pressure. Would she benefit from using this Uqora, and is it safe to use considering her other health issues. Her doctors suggest nothing to help her, besides giving her another anti-biotic.
    She literally has a UTI every few weeks.
    Thanks for any help you can provide

    1. Anastasia Visotsky

      Hi Christine, you can try Uqora, but basically, you’ll be just overpaying for D-Mannose powder since this is the only ingredient that supposed to help with UTI prevention in this product. Cheaper to just buy D-Mannose in bulk. Best wishes,

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