D-mannose prevents UTI

D-mannose prevents UTI as good as antibiotics!

Hurray! Finally, D-Mannose had a chance to make its way out of the woods of “anecdotal evidence” into the spotlight of “randomized clinical study”. A randomized clinical trial proves that D-mannose prevents UTI. Maybe now doctors would be more eager to prescribe D-mannose to the patients?

Update from 04/2017: read my Top 5 D-Mannose supplements review 

I came across this article, published just couple months ago, the title is “D-mannose powder for prophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections in women: a randomized clinical trial.” The name doesn’t sound appealing to a layman, but physicians love this type of stuff.

Randomized clinical trials are the gold standard of scientific experiments to prove that a treatment works. In this particular case, the experiment was conducted with a group of 308 women with a history of recurrent UTI. The participants were randomly broken down into three groups. One group was receiving D-Mannose daily. Another group was given an antibiotic, also daily. And the third group (control group) just went on with their lives without any preventive methods.

After 6 months the results for all groups were compared and this is what the article states: “Overall 98 patients (31.8%) had recurrent UTI: 15 (14.6) in the D-mannose group, 21 (20.4) in Nitrofurantoin group, and 62 (60.8) in no prophylaxis group”. So as you can see, the girls who were on D-mannose were better off!

Imagine taking Nitrofurantoin (for example, Macrobid) for six months. Every day! According to the study, some women reported mild side effects, while being on the drug.  Read about less lucky patients taking Macrobid on www.askapatient.com (not so mild side effects list).

In case you are wondering, the preventive dosage of D-Mannose, used for the experiment was 2gm of D-mannose powder in 200 ml, daily. You can order the powder on Amazon.

Would you rather drink an antibiotic daily or take a natural supplement?

I did my layman “experiment” and looked up D-mannose reviews and compared them with the reviews on Macrobid on WebMd.com.

Here are the results (as of 04/12/2014):


134 total reviews.


432 total reviews.

You can order D-mannose on Amazon or buy it at Whole Foods Market or a similar store. Here are the most popular brands of D-mannose online:

10 thoughts on “D-mannose prevents UTI as good as antibiotics!”

  1. I have been going through this painful experience since last three years making my life miserable with every passing day. I have been using Nitrofurantoin, Disodium Hydrogen Citrate and have recently started using D-Mannose . And even that is not working for me. I wonder if this would ever be cured. My urologists are diagnosing at times UTI, cystitis and uretary stricture (it might be the reason for recurrent UTI). But i feel like completely helpless with urinary incontinence and burning sensation a normal thing for me, ending up with avoiding ppl and places.

    looking forward for any positive suggestions

        1. I have also been suffering with cronic UTI’s. It is a terrible thing. I started using Probiotics recently everytime I have sex or any time I start to feel any sort of symptoms. It’s worked the majority of the time. However, I still get UTIs. That’s why I’m on this thread. I found a supplement called Harmony that combines D-Mannose and Hibiscus tea. I haven’t started using it but I did today start using D-Mannose. I’m hopeful because I feel like i do not have this simple sugar in my flora. If I had it then the E.Coli wouldn’t be able to latch as often. So it can’t be bad. Best wishes to you, gal. You are not alone.

          Check this supplement out: https://amzn.to/2UMoT3X

          It’s the one I said I’m starting soon.

    1. Hi Ida,
      Check out this post, it should help to understand the mechanics. It seems that this sugar will not affect the glucose levels because it is mostly exerted with urine. I advise to consult with your primary physician.

  2. I’m battling a UTI which I am convinced has returned despite a long round of Nitrofurantoin two weeks ago. I am taking a lot of D-mannose daily in capsule form but can’t find any info on how to take it as a prophylactic? Can the oral tablets be taken that way? I could order it in powder form but have no idea how to make that into a capsule of any kind. Any advice gratefully received.
    I am also looking into e-drops by a Canadian company called Nano, as I think antibiotics are a bit of a dead end, and I don’t want to add to the resistance which the bacteria already seem to have. Apparently these drops create a longer-lasting biofilm than D-mannose. I guess trial and error will tell!

    1. Hi Michal,
      Sorry to hear! Hope you can break the cycle with D-mannose.
      D-mannose could be taken as a powder or in a capsule – form doesn’t really matter. You really do not need the capsule, since the powder is just a little sweet and easy to take if you add it in water, it dissolves quickly. So this means you do not have to make it into a capsule at all!
      For UTI prevention, a daily dose of 500 mg (or one-half teaspoon twice a day). Check on your bottle how much d-mannose is there per pill, but I would suspect 2 pills per day should do it. Also, remember that D-mannose is only working against e. coli bacteria. So it would make sense for you to check in with a lab to identify which bacteria caused your infection.
      Let me research the e-drops that you are mentioning, I have not heard about this product myself.
      Best of luck!

  3. Hello! My 23 month old daughter has had recurrent UTI’s as well as kidney infections as a result due to her diagnosis of kidney reflux. She is on her second trial of daily preventative antibiotics due to having breakthrough infections on the first trial. Our naturopathic DR has suggested daily d-mannose for prevention. We’ve been having a hard time finding exact dosing because she is so small (22lbs.). I want to make sure I give her enough to be helpful but also not too much. Any ideas?? Thanks!

    1. Hey Kim! Sorry to hear your little daughter is suffering. I did not come across info on this topic (d-mannose for babies), I’m not sure if this type of study even exists. Did you try asking your doctor?
      Good thing is that d-mannose is a simple sugar and the worst overdose side effect that could happen (to my non medical point of view) is a diarrhea. But again, I’m not a physician and I only know how it works on adults based on my own experience and research studies. Perhaps you start with a small dose, watch out for diarrhea and increase it little by little every day?
      Sorry you are left to experiment on your own, I wish I could help better.

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