D-mannose prevents UTI as good as antibiotics!

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Hurray! Finally, D-Mannose had a chance to make its way out of the woods of “anecdotal evidence” into the spotlight of “randomized clinical study”. A randomized clinical trial proves that D-mannose prevents UTI. Maybe now doctors would be more eager to prescribe D-mannose to the patients?

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I came across this article, published just couple months ago, the title is “D-mannose powder for prophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections in women: a randomized clinical trial.” The name doesn’t sound appealing to a layman, but physicians love this type of stuff.

Randomized clinical trials are the gold standard of scientific experiments to prove that a treatment works. In this particular case, the experiment was conducted with a group of 308 women with a history of recurrent UTI. The participants were randomly broken down into three groups. One group was receiving D-Mannose daily. Another group was given an antibiotic, also daily. And the third group (control group) just went on with their lives without any preventive methods.

After 6 months the results for all groups were compared and this is what the article states: “Overall 98 patients (31.8%) had recurrent UTI: 15 (14.6) in the D-mannose group, 21 (20.4) in Nitrofurantoin group, and 62 (60.8) in no prophylaxis group”. So as you can see, the girls who were on D-mannose were better off!

Imagine taking Nitrofurantoin (for example, Macrobid) for six months. Every day! According to the study, some women reported mild side effects, while being on the drug.  Read about less lucky patients taking Macrobid on (not so mild side effects list).

In case you are wondering, the preventive dosage of D-Mannose, used for the experiment was 2gm of D-mannose powder in 200 ml, daily. You can order the powder on Amazon.

Would you rather drink an antibiotic daily or take a natural supplement?

I did my layman “experiment” and looked up D-mannose reviews and compared them with the reviews on Macrobid on

Here are the results (as of 04/12/2014):


134 total reviews.


432 total reviews.

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