4 important insights: homeopathy treatment for UTI

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Kathleen’s youngest son’s hearing was getting worse after having persistent ear infections for several years, and he was also starting to experience symptoms of asthma and eczema. Her oldest son had chronic headaches (after recovering from viral meningitis) to the point that he was no longer at school and was taking large doses of Ibuprofen and Tylenol daily.

Amazing turnaround

Searching for a cure and feeling let down by Western medicine practitioners, Kathleen decided to try a homeopathic treatment with both kids. The results were mind-blowing and life-changing for the whole family.

First, Kathleen’s youngest son felt better on all fronts: his ears healed, his asthma and eczema were disappearing. Then her older son experienced even more dramatic turnaround: one homeopathic treatment brought immediate relief and in three days after the first dose he was back to school after 6 months of not being able to function.

In turn, Kathleen decided to learn more about homeopathy. While working as an engineer in Silicon Valley she attended homeopathic training and eventually was awarded the highest available certification for homeopaths in the U.S. Nowadays, Kathleen Scheible has her private practice in San Francisco.

#1 Homeopathy vs. Western medicine approach

Western medicine focuses on the physical symptoms, while homeopaths believe that the root of the problem is multifaceted and often there is an emotional component that contributes to problems on a physical level. For example, you can develop emotional blocks that after some time manifest themselves as an illness.

Homeopathic remedy affects your energetic misalignment and therefore brings relief to your physical as well as emotional resilience.

Remedies need to be matched to a person, not a symptom

In other words, homeopathy treats an individual, not a symptom. A correctly chosen homeopathic remedy can have a profound effect on your emotional state and your physical condition. This is also why two different people with a UTI can end up getting different remedies.

You will be surprised, but homeopathic doctors look down on “one size fits all” remedies sold at a drugstore. “Remedies need to be matched to a person, not a symptom and that’s why over the counter homeopathic solutions won’t work half of the time”, says Kathleen.

#2 How homeopathy works

Homeopathy has been called “energy medicine”, “nanomedicine” and recently “quantum medicine” but how remedies work is still unknown. All research implies that somehow the microdoses of substances that are used to create a remedy become more potent during the process of dilution and shaking when the medicine is prepared.

As a result of vague explanations, some believe that homeopathy is just a placebo effect. However, Kathleen’s cure rate for various conditions is consistently hovering over 80%. Moreover, Homeopathy is also used on animals, babies, and kids who do not have any preconceived notion about a sugar pill that they are taking.

Regardless of how it works, homeopathy proves effective, very safe and is included in the national health system in many countries in the world (Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland, United Kingdom).

#3 “Everyone’s UTI is different”

If you are a chronic UTI sufferer, you can expect that the first conversation with a homeopath is going to take about 1.5 hours. During the intake session, she or he will ask you about your health history, specific acute symptoms, and will also try to assess your personality type and how you react to stress.

When it comes to the symptoms of your illness, a homeopath is looking for what makes your case unique. They will be asking what worsens your UTI, what causes it, and any other particularities that you have observed about the way you experience the illness.

Another experienced homeopath, Lisette Narragon lists the following questions that she frequently uses as guidance for an interview during an intake visit:

  • Who is my patient?
  • How do they respond to stress?
  • What were the important events in their life?
  • How these events affected them?
  • How they interact with other people?
  • Personal and family medical history
  • Menstrual cycle characteristics …etc.

Based on all assessments, symptoms and your unique personality, you will receive one remedy to balance it all out. “In some cases, it’s enough to take one remedy for just one time to realize the benefits of the treatment. And for others especially if you’ve had chronic susceptibility for many years, it can take multiple months and multiple remedies.  But in 1 week you will definitely know if you are on the path to restoring health.”, says Kathleen.

#4 When to use homeopathy

It’s important to note, that homeopathy works best when there is a functional disorder that hasn’t progressed to a critical phase so don’t wait too long to give it a try.

Since homeopathy is a holistic medicine, a good remedy not only frees you from physical symptoms but also makes a difference in how you experience your emotions. “If you are clearing up the symptoms but, for example, your depression gets worse, it’s not the right treatment”, says Kathleen.

Lisette Narragon also advises that pregnancy is an ideal time to try homeopathy: it is gentle and safe and benefits both pregnant women and their unborn babies. Pregnancy is also the state that increases any misalignments that a mother might be experiencing and the symptoms could be easier to recognize.

There is no better time than now to give homeopathy a try. If you’d like to join millions of people around the world who are using it to resolve their health issues, you can search for a homeopath nearby or even schedule a Skype interview remotely and receive your remedy directly in your mailbox!

To learn more about homeopathy treatment for UTI you can visit the National Center for Homeopathy website.

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