UTIs after Sex?

Actionable step-by-step guide to stop UTI forever

I am a former UTI patient, turned UTI-nerd.

My blog www.stopUTIforever.com has over a million readers yearly and plenty of free information about urinary tract infections based on my conversations with UTI researchers and doctors.

In fact, there is so much information, that I decided to create this guide so you can stop reading and start acting!

This is not a self-help book, chronic UTIs CAN NOT be treated online, you have to see a doctor. 

But this guide will save you money and time and will give you the necessary knowledge to navigate your health journey successfully.

This is no-fluff, min theory, max action guide! Ready to roll?

topics Covered

Choose A Doctor

What's best: urologist, gynecologist, urogynecologist, infectious disease, naturopathic, homeopathic or even a phage center.

Manage Visits

When to schedule, how to prep, what to bring, what to do before, and during the visit, what to expect from a great visit.

Diagnostic Options

Which tests you need, where to get them, prices and options, how to discuss advanced diagnostic tests.

Enhance Antibiotic Treatment

Which urine pH for your antibiotic, how to manage it, what else you can try to improve the effect of antibiotics, and other treatment types to discuss with your doc.

"Unknown" UTI theory

Quick explanation of what you could be facing and why.

Reimbursement for Alternative Medicine

How to afford alternative medicine options.

Printouts For Your Doctor

Key research papers that you can send to your doctor to discuss the safety of alternative options .

Review Of Antibiotics

Broad-spectrum, narrow spectrum, generations and how different types affect your microbiome.

Read On Any Device

  • Mac
  • Windows computer
  • iPhone
  • Google phone


“This was very useful and I am super thankful that you put this together! In the past, I’ve been to a urologist and gynecologist who didn’t seem bothered by the fact that my UTI keeps coming back. I felt alone dealing with this chronic issue but this guide made me feel a lot better. I will use some of the techniques provided in the guide to kick these infections for good!”

“Fantastic way to educate and arm yourself with valuable information if you’ve been suffering from recurrent UTIs and on the antibiotic roller coaster. Full of medical studies and valuable links to resources in an organized fashion. Short read but chock full of information.”

“If you have been struggling with UTI’s for a short period or many years this is the book for you. It offers an excellent explanation of UTI’s, alternative strategies, and even printouts for your Western medicine practitioners. Do yourself a favor and read this. Your health depends on it.”

UTIs after Sex?

Actionable step-by-step guide to stop UTIs forever

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