Instantly turn toilet paper into prebiotic wet wipes

Most hygiene products work by removing bacteria – both the harmful and the helpful ones.

Instead, WIPEGEL reinforces the beneficial bacteria that naturally protect you from opportunistic bacteria such as E.coli.

And, of course, WIPEGEL helps you clean better. Because dry toilet paper just doesn’t clean well.

Why a healthy microbiome matters

An ecosystem in balance,

a healthy state.

bacteria in balance
The beneficial bacteria on your skin help protect you from opportunistic organisms.

After using soaps
& disinfectants.

Strong preservatives and antibiotics disrupt the natural balance of your microbiome.

Several hours later:

opportunistic bacteria grows faster
Opportunistic bacteria adapt faster than beneficial ones, causing bad smell, irritation, and even infections.


Supports healthy microbiome

Prebiotics support healthy bacteria that in turn suppress the growth of opportunistic bacteria.

Soothes with witch hazel

30% of WIPEGEL is pure witch hazel extract. Grown in the USA, this native North American plant is great for soothing irritated anorectal skin.

Contains none of these

Alcohol, Parabens, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), or Diethanolamine (DEA)

Only Six Ingredients

  • Water
  • Witch hazel (30%, preserved with benzoic acid)
  • Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide & Inulin (prebiotic blend)
  • Fragrance (a vegetable based natural preservative with a pleasant almond scent)
  • Carbomer (gelling agent)
  • 0.01% Sodium hydroxide to start the gelling reaction with the carbomer.

Easy to use

Wipegel how to
  • Add a drop to your toilet paper
  • Use as a wet wipe
  • Pat dry if needed


Will this prevent my UTIs?

No, our products are not made to treat or prevent UTIs. 

The best thing for UTI prevention is to address the core imbalance in your body that makes you UTI-prone. However, if you use a lot of wet-wipes, this could be a great alternative.

Why does it say "hemorrhoidal"?

Witch hazel contains tannins that help heal your skin by relieving inflammation. The FDA approves using witch hazel in anorectal products for hemorrhoids and requires manufacturers to provide this information.

WIPEGEL is an FDA-registered OTC product manufactured in the USA by an FDA-certified manufacturer.

How long does WIPEGEL last?

One 8 oz. bottle of WIPEGEL is enough for about 400 wipes, which should last 2-3 months.

Where do you ship?


How does it smell?

We use a natural preservative that smells lightly of almonds.

Return policy?

No-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Anytime. Just send an email to

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