Myths and facts: prevent UTI naturally

It is better to prevent urinary tract infection (UTI) naturally rather than treat it later with antibiotics. Who could argue? Let’s take a look at five easy ways to prevent UTI naturally, without antibiotics.


Many women believe that taking cranberry pills and peeing after sex are the only methods available. However, there has been more research, recently, on the lack of effectiveness of cranberry. Besides, if you drink cranberry juice instead of taking cranberry pills, you are consuming a lot of sugar, which is not good for you.

Pee after sex?

Peeing after sex is, theoretically, a good idea. A urine stream flushes out bacteria which might have been introduced in your urethra opening (pee hole) during sex, therefore peeing mechanically prevents UTI. There are a couple of things to consider about this method:

  1. You have to pee as soon as possible, E. coli grows quickly! After it enters your bladder, peeing will not help. Therefore, if you are having a “sex marathon”, by the time you get to the bathroom it might be already too late.
  2. You have to produce a powerful stream of urine (think, your brother’s water gun, rather than a dripping faucet) in order to flush out the germs. So if you did not drink enough water before sex or sweated it out during sex, it might not be an effective method.

I have extensively researched the topic of how to prevent UTI naturally and these are the steps I chose and do myself:

Use a tea tree oil wash!

I buy a very mild face wash with tea tree oil at Trader Joe’s and add couple more drops of pure tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is potent against E. coli and if used after sex, it can help to prevent UTI.

True: Take Probiotics!

Drinking special probiotics (such as RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement, 30-Count Capsules) as well as adding more probiotics in your diet will help you to create a natural defense against UTIs by supporting your vaginal flora. The vagina is like Independence rock for immigrants of the 19th century, who were traveling across USA and stopping mid-way in Wyoming to take a break. In the same way E. coli travels from your bottom up to your urethra with a quick stop in your vagina. If your vaginal flora is disturbed, E. coli might grow faster. This could happen if you were taking antibiotics to fight a sickness, but ended up killing all bacteria, including the beneficial ones, which constitute the healthy vaginal flora. Probiotics will help you to restore the balance and to prevent UTI naturally.

Swap your thongs for cotton panties!

For me this was the best part: I went shopping to prevent UTI naturally! What a great excuse to buy yourself more underwear. This recommendation has not been scientifically proved, but it does make sense if you think about it. Thongs fit right in between your butt cheeks and if you are moving around there is a higher chance that the piece of fabric will move too, dragging the germs toward your vagina. If you decide to try this, buy only cotton underwear!

One out of five women has suffered a UTI at least once in her lifetime. Share these simple tips to help your female friends prevent those nasty UTI symptoms naturally!



  1. I’ve just found your website! It’s extremely useful for every woman! I started suffering from uti since I was 15 (five years now) And I was taking antibiotics for several years, because here, in Russia, doctors don’t now any other treatment of uti! And it didn’t help me, uti happened again and again and then I realized I need to cure myself. D mannose helped me and of course methods of preventing. And you know, there is no much info on Russian websites, so my English made a great job! Actually uti disturbs me even now sometimes, but I now what to do, not to damage my Heath and flora! And now I know even more, thanks to your amazing website!

    • Hi Inna 🙂

      Thank you so-so much for leaving this comment 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that you found this information helpful!

      As you can tell from my name I’m Russian as well. Glad to be of service!
      Happy “Old-New” year and stay healthy,

      • Happy old new year to u too!!! It haven’t come to me that you are Russian But u live in America, don’t you? For how long? From your articles I can say that you are a native speaker , I mean such a perfect English ))

        • Hi Inna,

          Sorry, just noticed this. I have been in USA for over 8 years. Actually my grammar sucks but writing here helped to improve it. When I read my older posts I constantly have to go back and edit errors 🙂
          Thank you for the compliment though, I’m really trying!

  2. This is a great website! Recurrent UTIs is a funny old game. You generally don’t get a lot of sympathy or understanding from doctors or other women (maybe because a milder form is quite prevalent, and the assumption that it’s really just a sex thing and that you’re secretly a dirty sex fiend.) And other women’s websites peddle the age-old drink 40 pints of water a day thing (which i get, but when you’re actively fearing going to pee at work because you know you’ll be in pain for the next hour is not that helpful)

    • Kate, thank you for your message! I am glad you found the website helpful. I feel like chronic patients become the best doctors for themselves because they are so motivated to find a solution. Best of luck and please share any useful tips you have to help fighting UTI.


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