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D-Mannose helps prevent and treat UTIs caused by E. coli bacteria. Keep in mind, E. coli are responsible for 90% of all urinary tract infections. Sounds great! But what’s D-Mannose? And what D-Mannose dose is good for treatment and prevention of UTI?

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What is D-Mannose?

D-Mannose is actually a type of sugar. But not your regular sugar (glucose), which goes with your coffee (this type would actually make your symptoms worse).

Your body does not metabolize D-Mannose like other sugars. That’s why D-Mannose does not affect the blood sugar levels, and therefore is safe for the diabetics. This is also why once you intake D-Mannose it is quickly expelled from your body in urine.

High concentration of D-Mannose in urine is the main reason why it works against E. coli bacteria in your bladder.

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3 mistakes you want to avoid when using D-Mannose

#1 Common mistake: drinking your first dose of D-Mannose with a lot of water

If you just took D-Mannose, pause and wait before drinking a lot of water. If you are drinking too much water right away, you are diluting the concentration of D-Mannose in your bladder.

Here is how you do it:

  • Take your dose with no more than half of a glass of water.
  • Then wait for about 45 mins to an hour.
  • After that drink plenty of water in order to get rid of harmful bacteria.

This way concentrated D-Mannose has more time to bind to E. coli bacteria before you flush them with water.

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#2 Pricey mistake: buying D-Mannose in capsules

Do not overpay for buying capsules.

You can measure D-Mannose powder with a teaspoon: don’t worry, you do not have to be precise. The powder has pleasant sweet taste and when you add D-Mannose to water it dissolves easily.

If you buy D-Mannose in capsules, you are not only wasting your money but also ingesting all extra ingredients that are required for processing the powder into capsules (for example rice flour, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and silica).

#3 Dangerous mistake: waiting too long before seeing a doctor

If you decided to treat your UTI with D-Mannose you are assuming certain health risks.

Therefore, if your symptoms have not diminished or completely disappeared after 1-2 days, do not wait any longer and go to the doctor! Remember, D-Mannose only works for UTIs caused by E. coli bacteria, and if you let your infection go untreated you are at risk of developing a kidney infection, or even a deadly sepsis.

D-Mannose has certain side effects

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D-Mannose dose for an acute infection

Consider this when trying to supplement your UTI treatment with D-mannose:

  1. Try the typical D-Mannose dose for UTI treatment:  15002000 mg (capsule form) or one-half to one teaspoon (powder) in a half glass of water every two to three hours for five days.
  2. Drink plenty of water in between D-Mannose doses.
  3. Remember that nobody has yet clinically tested and established the exact quantity and frequency of D-Mannose for UTI treatment.
  4. Different people will react differently to the same D-Mannose dose (depending on their age, weight, overall health).
  5. Quality and purity of D-Mannose could vary from one manufacturing company to another, and even from one batch to another!
  6.  D-Mannose has certain side-effects and it’s important to weigh all pros and cons before you try it.
  7. Once you have started taking D-Mannose, UTI symptoms should significantly diminish within the first 48 hours, but keep it up for 2-3 more days. Make sure to watch for any flank pain or worsening of your symptoms, that would indicate that you need to see a doctor immediately.
  8. Normally, one 50g dose (2-3 ounces) of D-Mannose is sufficient (normally that much you’d have in one package) for one course.
  9. Some find it beneficial to follow up an acute episode of a UTI with a month of preventive D-Mannose dose taken daily.
  10. Consult with your physician on how to supplement your UTI treatment with D-Mannose.

Infographic: how to take D-Mannose

D-Mannose dose for UTI prevention

I take D-Mannose after certain trigger events that could cause my UTIs. Consider this when adding D-Mannose to your UTI prevention strategy:

  1. For UTI prevention take 1500-2000 mg (or one-half teaspoon) once or twice a day.
  2. You can take “preventive” dose safely for as long as you want.
  3. Take D-Mannose every time you think your vaginal flora is compromised (with the first signs of yeast infection, when consuming a lot of sugar, during stressful times, after sex, etc.). If you keep getting yeast infections, here are Top 3 remedies to try.
  4. In general, try to maintain:
  • A healthy vaginal flora
  • Lifestyle to prevent UTI
  • UTI prevention diet.

Is D-Mannose suitable for children?

Well, it is only sugar! At the same time, the doses should be adapted according to age and weight. However, there is a rare genetic disease that messes up how mannose is produced and absorbed by your body. Make sure to educate yourself about it before treating yourself or your child.

Moreover, kids normally get UTIs because of urine retention or backward urine flow. It is important to diagnose them for the underlying issues causing the infection instead of trying to self-treat.

Definitely, do not use D-Mannose instead of antibiotics if kids are too young to report their symptoms. It is better to not experiment with any natural supplements and follow your doctor’s advice.

If your kid is already taking an antibiotic, you can try to supplement it with D-Mannose. Be extra careful with the dose to not cause diarrhea.

Is D-Mannose suitable for diabetics?

D-Mannose is most likely suitable for diabetics. Since only very small amounts of D-Mannose are metabolized by the body it won’t typically raise your sugar level.

Nonetheless, sugar levels in the blood should be monitored regularly. We still don’t know much about mannose metabolism and you should exercise caution.

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How soon to expect a relief with D-Mannose?

To conclude, it is said that D-Mannose typically eliminates UTIs caused by E. coli in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Moreover, D-Mannose supplements can also be taken for UTI prevention without damaging your natural digestive and vaginal flora, a benefit that antibiotics cannot provide.

However, if you do not notice an improvement in your symptoms, make sure to let your physician know.

D-Mannose products: best value for the buck

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Improve your chances to get rid of recurrent UTI

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D-Mannose and FDA: important disclaimer

D-Mannose is a popular supplement among UTI sufferers who are looking for a natural solution to prevent and treat urinary tract infections (just scroll down the page to read comments from the readers like you!). Anecdotal evidence is growing and contributing to the Internet hype about D-Mannose products since we all want to find a cure from UTI.

However, D-Mannose is a food supplement and FDA does not regulate it. A dietary supplement product does not “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,” because only a drug can legally make such a claim. There is not enough scientific evidence that D-Mannose can treat a UTI, therefore, try it at your own risk and closely monitor your symptoms.

Leave me a quaetion about UTI

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Did you try D-Mannose yourself? Please share your experience in the comments below. I always reply and love hearing from you. Thanks for dropping a line and I hope you feel better soon. Please note, that you assume responsibility for the information you share online. It is a good practice to use a nickname and do not use your last name when discussing any health-related issues on public forums to preserve anonymity.


  1. I have an E. coli infection. I did cranberry juice for several weeks and maybe o I have E. coli infection. I did cranberry juice for several weeks and it went away. It came back again so I took the medication the doctor prescribed an antibiotic. Three hours after taking I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move any part of my body from my eyes to my toes. When I was finally able to move again I called my Doctor Who said antibiotics don’t work for E. coli symptoms. But, here’s another antibiotic to try. When I looked up the first anabiotic it’s said do not use this for E. coli infections. So, I purchased a d-mannose. Within a couple days the symptoms have gone away. Any thoughts on antibiotics And e coli infections?


    • Hi Roger,
      Sorry to hear about your troubles. Do you remember the name of the antibiotic you tried and that caused such bad side-effects?
      Most of UTIs are caused by E.coli and are successfully treated with an antibiotic, there is a range of drugs that could be used. Perhaps, he ran a lab test to establish the sensitivity of your particular strain of bacteria to that particular type of antibiotic and it was resistant? That would be my only explanation.


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