3 worst D-Mannose mistakes you want to avoid. D-Mannose dose for UTI. How to take D-Mannose


D-Mannose helps prevent and treat UTIs caused by E. coli bacteria. Keep in mind, E. coli are responsible for 90% of all urinary tract infections. Sounds great! But what’s D-Mannose? And what D-Mannose dose is good for treatment and prevention of UTI?

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What is D-Mannose?

D-Mannose is actually a type of sugar. But not your regular sugar (glucose), which goes with your coffee (this type would actually make your symptoms worse).

Your body does not metabolize D-Mannose like other sugars. That’s why D-Mannose does not affect the blood sugar levels, and therefore is safe for the diabetics. This is also why once you intake D-Mannose it is quickly expelled from your body in urine.

High concentration of D-Mannose in urine is the main reason why it works against E. coli bacteria in your bladder.

Learn how D-Mannose worksLearn How D-Mannose interacts with E. coli in your bladder 

3 mistakes you want to avoid when using D-Mannose

#1 Common mistake: drinking your first dose of D-Mannose with a lot of water

If you just took D-Mannose, pause and wait before drinking a lot of water. If you are drinking too much water right away, you are diluting the concentration of D-Mannose in your bladder.

Here is how you do it:

  • Take your dose with no more than half of a glass of water.
  • Then wait for about 45 mins to an hour.
  • After that drink plenty of water in order to get rid of harmful bacteria.

This way concentrated D-Mannose has more time to bind with E. coli bacteria before you flush them with water.

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#2 Pricey mistake: buying D-Mannose in capsules

Do not over pay for buying capsules.

You can measure D-Mannose powder with a tea spoon: don’t worry, you do not have to be precise. The powder has pleasant sweet taste and when you add D-Mannose to water it dissolves easily.

If you buy D-Mannose in capsules, you are not only wasting your money but also ingesting all extra ingredients that are required for processing the powder into capsules (for example: rice flour, stearic acid, magnesium stearate and silica).

#3 Dangerous mistake: waiting too long before seeing a doctor

If you decided to treat your UTI with D-Mannose you are assuming certain health risks.

Therefore, if your symptoms have not diminished or completely disappeared after 1-2 days, do not wait any longer and go to the doctor! Remember, D-Mannose only works for UTIs caused by E. coli bacteria, and if you let your infection go untreated you are at risk of developing a kidney infection, or even a deadly sepsis.

D-Mannose has certain side effects

Learn about 5 D-Mannose side effects and how to avoid them

D-Mannose dose for an acute infection

Consider this when trying to supplement your UTI treatment with D-mannose:

  1. Try the typical D-Mannose dose for UTI treatment:  15002000 mg (capsule form) or one-half to one teaspoon (powder) in a half glass of water every two to three hours for five days.
  2. Drink plenty of water in between D-Mannose doses.
  3. Remember that nobody have yet clinically tested and established the exact quantity and frequency of D-Mannose for UTI treatment.
  4. Different people will react differently to the same D-Mannose dose (depending on their age, weight, overall health).
  5. Quality and purity of D-Mannose could vary from one manufacturing company to another, and even from one batch to another!
  6.  D-Mannose has certain side-effects. They are not dangerous but it’s important to know about them.
  7. Once you have started taking D-Mannose, UTI symptoms should significantly diminish within the first 48 hours, but keep it up for 2-3 more days. Make sure to watch for any flank pain or worsening of your symptoms, that would indicate that you need to see a doctor immediately.
  8. Normally, one 50g dose (2-3 ounces) of D-Mannose is sufficient (normally that much you’d have in one package) for one course.
  9. Some find it beneficial to follow up an acute episode of a UTI with a month of preventive D-Mannose dose taken daily.
  10. Consult with your physician on how to supplement your UTI treatment with D-Mannose.

Infographic: how to take D-Mannose

D-Mannose dose for UTI prevention

I take D-Mannose after certain trigger events that could cause my UTIs. Consider this when adding D-Mannose to your UTI prevention strategy:

  1. For UTI prevention take 1500-2000 mg (or one-half teaspoon) once or twice a day.
  2. You can take “preventive” dose safely for as long as you want.
  3. Take D-Mannose every time you think your vaginal flora is compromised (with the first signs of yeast infection, when consuming a lot of sugar, during stressful times, after sex, etc.). If you keep getting yeast infections, here are Top 3 remedies to try.
  4. In general, try to maintain:
  • A healthy vaginal flora
  • Lifestyle to prevent UTI
  • UTI prevention diet.

Is D-Mannose suitable for children?

Well, it is only sugar! At the same time, the doses should be adapted according to age and weight.

Moreover, kids normally get UTIs because of urine retention or backward urine flow. It is important to diagnose them for the underlying issues causing the infection instead of trying to self-treat.

Definitely do not use D-Mannose instead of antibiotics if kids are too young to report their symptoms. It is better to not experiment with any natural supplements and follow your doctor’s advice.

If your kid is already taking an antibiotic, you can try to supplement it with D-Mannose. Be extra careful with the dose to not cause a diarrhea.

Is D-Mannose suitable for diabetics?

Yes, D-Mannose is also suitable for diabetics. Since only very small amounts of D-Mannose are metabolized by the body it won’t typically raise your sugar level.

Nonetheless, sugar levels in the blood should be monitored regularly.

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How soon to expect a relief with D-Mannose?

To conclude, it is said that D-Mannose typically eliminates UTIs caused by E. coli in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Moreover, D-Mannose supplements can also be taken for UTI prevention without damaging your natural digestive and vaginal flora, a benefit that antibiotics cannot provide.

However, if you do not notice an improvement in your symptoms, make sure to let your physician know.

D-Mannose products: best value for the buck

The more volume you buy, the less you pay!

Compare to:

I’ve recently posted a review of popular D-Mannose supplements that allows you to compare brands to understand which D-Mannose will last longer if you are taking it for prevention.

Improve your chances to get rid of recurrent UTI

If you truly want to stop UTIs forever, there are other important preventive steps you can take besides D-Mannose:


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D-Mannose and FDA: important disclaimer

D-Mannose is a popular supplement among UTI sufferers who are looking for a natural solution to prevent and treat urinary tract infections (just scroll down the page to read comments from the readers like you!). Anecdotal evidence is growing and contributing to the Internet hype about D-Mannose products, since we all want to find a cure from UTI.

However, D-Mannose is a food supplement and FDA does not regulate it. A dietary supplement product does not “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease,” because only a drug can legally make such a claim. There is not enough scientific evidence that D-Mannose can treat a UTI, therefore, try it at your own risk and closely monitor your symptoms.

Leave me a quaetion about UTI

Let me know!

Did you try D-Mannose yourself? Please share your experience in the comments below. I always reply and love hearing from you. Thanks for dropping a line and I hope you feel better soon. Please note, that you assume responsibility for the information you share online. It is a good practice to use a nickname and do not use your last name when discussing any health related issues on public forums to preserve anonymity.


  1. I have been using D-Mannose to treat UTI’s the last few months, after almost a year of recurring UTI’s. I try to treat the problem at the first sign, and continue until symptoms are gone (a few days). I have not used antibiotics since I started doing this. I also drink frequent liquids and urinate frequently as part of the regimen.

    • Hi Joan,
      Thank you for sharing about your experience with D-mannose! I’m super happy to hear this is working for you! Have you tried also adding special probiotics to your regimen?
      Wish you all the best

      • Hi dear I have resistant E. coli u t I. I was given tinum injections as ecoli was sensitive to it but it didn’t go .again got my culture done and it showed sensitivity to nitrofurantine so doctor put me on it .i am on nitro since two months but I still have pain in the bladder sort of discomfort which shows I haven’t cleared up .culture comes negative as I am on antibiotics.i started taking dmannose too like 500 mg cap three times daily for one and a half month but no results .please help me I am very upset .May be I didnot follow the right way of taking dmannose like for two days every two to three hours a spoon full .i don’t know what to do please help me guide me ,I use one bottle of now and half bottle of nutracraft d mannose .waiting for ur reply

        • Hi Tania, so sorry about your struggles. If the culture comes negative and E. coli is not detected why do you think that your discomfort comes from UTI? Check out this post about IC. What does your doctor say? Unfortunately I do not think that D-Mannose will do much difference if you are testing negative on E. coli.
          How about trying some probiotics for bladder health? There are several studies that established positive influence of certain strains of probiotics on bladder health. Try to find probiotics that include E. faecium strain, L. casei ss. casei, and L. casei ss. rhamnosus strains that have demonstrated ability to inhibit growth of E. coli and it’s ability to adhere to bladder cells. L. acidophilus, L. fermentum, and L. delburekii were also researched and show promise in preventing UTIs.
          Here are couple options:
          1) http://amzn.to/2fOXUmX
          2) http://amzn.to/2fsLLQB
          Try to use less bladder irritants such as coffee and decrease sugars in your diet!

          • I use D-Mannose for UTIs It always cures them with in 24 hours but only if I use KAL loose poder D-Maqnnose. Thge other brands and other forms do not work I have tried every brand and nothing works asa well as KAL D-mannos powder.

        • Hi there. You may have IC. Consider stopping the antibiotics. This is killing your gut flora and is not helping you. Please email me if youd like to talk. I can share my story with you. I know how painful and scary this is as Ive gone through it. There is hope. Feel free to reach out. God has helped me heal so much, its only right that I share what I know.

      • Hi there
        I just purchased my d Mannose powder. I have resistant Ecoli. The monster bug. No antibiotics help cure it all the way. Been suffering since September. Too many antibiotics and no relief. So this is my last hope. Hoping to get my life back. I just got it now and it’s 5pm. I’m eating dinner now so should I start this right after I eat? Thank you!

        • Hi Tara,
          Sorry to hear! Sure, start it anytime. Just don’t drink too much water right away.
          I’m writing up a series of interviews with healthcare practitioners (will be posting 3 more in a few days, so check back) but maybe this can help you to find an alternative solution. Just don’t give up!
          Also make sure to buy potent probiotics, so you do not keep reinfecting yourself and build up your natural defense. And since you are eating dinner, check out this post too

  2. I’ve been taking 2000 MG of D-Mannose every 3 hours for the past 4 days to treat mine. I’m feeling way better now, but what’s the next step? Do I step down the dosage or go straight to a preventative dose of 1000 MG once a day? I want to be sure that this infection has cleared.

    • Hi Clare,
      How are your symptoms? Do you have any pain urinating or any flank pain?
      1) First you need to confirm that there is no more infection. If you have an option to do a urine test at a doctor’s office, that would be the best to determine if you have cleared the UTI. AZO Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips is a good option for at home testing to declare your win in case if you do not have access to healthcare. They claim that this is the same test that the doctor would use anyway..
      2) Once you know that you are completely healthy, switch to a preventive dose. I would not worry to drink it daily. Just have it handy for the situations that you know could provoke a UTI.
      3) Get some good probiotics! Strengthen your natural defenses and this will help you to reduce the $$$ you spend on D-mannose 🙂

      • I have been taking d-mannose as a preventive and was doing well until I broke my elbow. Got a UTI on Sunday and started upping my dosage. Used a strip today and it is gone!!!!!! So one more day of mega dose correct? Then back to taking twice a day?

        • Hi Marilyn,
          Hope your elbow is healing! Out of curiosity: how do you think are the two events connected?
          Yes, keep it up till all symptoms are gone! Glad that the infection is not detectable with a strip. 🙂

  3. Hi my d mannose says 1 tsp is 2,000mg so should I be taking a 1/4 tsp every 3 hours for UTI or do I take more I’m confused 🙁

    • Hi Angela,
      You are right, different sources vary on the doses. Which brand of D-Mannose are you using? Perhaps this is for a heaped spoon?
      I suggest to quit counting grams and follow a “full spoon/heaped spoon” regime:

      Immediately: 1 heaped teaspoonful with a glass of water. Wait for an hour to drink more water.
      After 1 hour: Another heaped teaspoonful in a glass of water.
      2 to 3 hours later: Level teaspoonful.
      Every 3 hours for first 2 days: Level teaspoonful.
      Day 3 assuming symptoms have lessen, level teaspoonful every 6 hours.
      Day 4 onward, reduce to 1 or two level teaspoonfuls until you have finished the 50g pack.

      Watch your symptoms, obviously and if no positive progress or new symptoms by the end of the second day – go to your doc!

  4. hi, thank you for very useful info. yet, i am a bit confused please, let me know do i wait an hour after taking only the firs dose, or do i wait after every dose i take? thank you for answer, i just took my first dose, not sure what to do the next dose.

    • Hello Kveta!

      The logic for waiting to pee and/or drink more water right after taking a dose of D-Mannose is to create a higher concentration of D-Mannose in your bladder.
      Once you took it, give it some time to absorb and reach your bladder.
      So, from this perspective you can wait after taking every dose.
      Hope this helps!

      Make sure to watch your symptoms and go to a doctor if no improvement!

    • Hi Sandra,

      Yes, it is easier to take it if you add D-Mannose to water. It probably doesn’t matter if you just sip the water afterwards but might feel a bit too sweet (I assume you are using D-Mannose powder?).

      Best wishes

  5. hello anastasia, thank you for your helpful answer, and you right, as i was thinking more into what you said, i could see the logic into it and so, i decided to not to drink after every dose.

    • Hi Kveta,

      How are you feeling? Would appreciate if you could share your results! Hopefully it’s working!
      Stay healthy,

  6. Hi everyone

    doubt I can contribute much I too am new to dosage and timing but I had twinge achey pain before bed last night by 2am full blown attack I was in agony I remembered I had D-Mannose but where? I found them and immediately took 3 capsules as directions on bottle don’t say what to do for prevention or full on UTI. I now know not to take lot of water (you learn a lot in twelve hours) and let the e-coli attach to the D-Mannose then flush out with water and I’m blindly taking one capsule every two hours with minimal water then hour later lot of water and its working well the pain and agony gone slight dull ache in lower stomach but only 12 hours so not bad at all. I must re-order more now and also look for dosage but have learnt a lot from this site so thank you to everyone for all the posts and stick with it. I have had UTI’s for nearly twenty years and always usually report to Doctor and have to have antibiotics but I was determined to find another way this is amazing product and best thing its natural. I’m still learning but happy and wish everyone good results!

    • Hi Joanne,
      Thanks so much for sharing! How’s your progress? Please watch out for any flank pain and all the UTI symptoms. They should disappear on day 2 and your urine tests should not have any E. coli detected to declare complete victory. I hope you feel better soon!
      Remember to take a round of probiotics. With D-Mannose you can start on them right away but if you’ll need antibiotics, then wait 12 hrs after the last dose (hope you won’t!). Please keep us posted about your results.

  7. Hi.
    My husband has BPH caused by stones in the prostate but we also believed he had a problem with URINARY/Bladder infections which his dr’s have been kind of ignoring trying to lead us to believe he only has BPH and none of his other symptoms are related.
    After doing some research we just tried D Mannose to see if it would help and it has helped greatly along with a switch to a high quality saw palmetto product.
    It’s been almost 60 days and his frequency and pain has dropped significantly but we truly don’t understand why this natural protocol works in this situation.
    Can you offer any advice as to what could be happening to improve his situation.
    He uses 1 teaspoon daily 2 hrs prior to bedtime

    • Hi Lisa,
      Can’t offer a medical advice, but let’s brainstorm together.
      Option 1: I agree with you, it is logical to assume that he could have both – BPH and a UTI, that’s why D-Mannose could be helping.
      The prostate gland is underneath the bladder. When it gets bigger, it can block the flow of urine and lead to chronic retention (bladder doesn’t get emptied completely and some urine remains in the bladder at all times) thereby allowing bacteria to multiply. By consuming D-Mannose regularly you help to keep e.coli at bay eliminating UTI symptoms.
      Option 2: At the same time, if he had a true UTI then the physician would see this in his urine test results (which I assume was ordered?). Also, if left untreated, a UTI could pretty quickly spread to the kidneys. Neither is true in your case – no sign of infection in urine, no sign of kidney infection (flank pain), right? So an alternative assumption could be a placebo effect 🙂
      In either case I’m glad the natural treatment seem to be working for you since his condition improved!
      Increasing water intake and keeping up with D-Mannose routine wouldn’t hurt. See if you can use a half of the dose so you don’t need to buy it too often and stick to the same brand that worked for you,

  8. Hello!

    I suffer from chronic UTIS (which always start 24-48 hours after sexual activity). I just started reading about D-Mannose and have bought 500 mg capsules from Now health. My symptoms started yesterday, and I began taking 1 capsule every 2 hours, but after waking up with worsened symptoms and reading more, I’m changing my regimen. What do you suggest? I also want to ensure that the capsules are a viable option.

    I keep reading about D-Mannose’s miraculous properties, and I’m so hoping that it saves me. What should I do?

    • Hello!
      So sorry to hear you are going through this. I do hope that by the time you are reading this your symptoms improved. I’m not a physician, so can only give a personal “peer to peer” advice. MOST IMPORTANT: Please be careful and watch your symptoms! If you not noticing any improvement by the end of the second day, go to your physician and ask for an antibiotic. Kidney infection is a big concern, so please be careful and watch out for any flank pain. If you feel no improvement, get the infection cleared with antibiotics, get yourself some potent probiotics and use D-Mannose for prevention. It is hard to say why for some it works better than for others, but as with any natural supplement there is no guarantee. We are all experimenting here, but the more it is concentrated, the better. On top of that, the brand of D-Mannose (and even the batch) could have different potency. If it won’t cure your symptoms, don’t feel defeated and try D-Mannose for prevention. Let’s focus on how to prevent this from happening ever again!
      Yes, capsules should work same way as the powder, there is really no difference and 1 capsule is a pretty low dose in your case.
      Hope to hear about your experience.
      Feel better,

  9. I have been suffering from UTIs for 39 years (since I was 17). Then, about 15 years ago, a friend suggested that drinking a glass of red wine every night might help. And to my surprise, it worked!

    However, I recently started getting them again. I’ve already had three this year. It appears that I may have a cysticele. I’ll be going to an OBGYN in a couple of days for further testing.

    In the meantime, my sister-in-law told me about D-Mannose. I started taking it two days ago and I am amazed at how well it works. It truly feels like a miracle!

    I’m nervous, though, because I’ve read that some women say it stops working for them after using it for a while. I don’t know how that’s possible unless they are getting a different bacteria, but it still worries me.

    I’m currently taking three 500mg capsules of the “Now” brand about three times a day. Do you have any suggestions on which is the best brand to use?


    • Hi Prisca,
      Glad it’s working for you! I don’t really see how it could stop working. Do you mind sharing a source? Antibiotics can stop working because if they didn’t kill the bacteria completely the remainder will adapt and become resistant. D-Mannose doesn’t kill e.coli, just helps it to get flushed since it attaches itself to D-Mannose sugars instead of the ones in the bladder lining. So you are right, unless it’s a different infection, there is no reason why it’s efficiency would decrease with use.
      I’ll spend more time researching on brands this weekend and will post something soon.
      Stay healthy and thanks for leaving the message 🙂

  10. My 14month old has gotten e-coli Uti’s in the past few months, I found out during an antibiotic treatment of amoxicillin that she’s allergic to it and was given something else, she broke out in a bad blustery diaper rash while on the last antibiotic. Well she has one again and they think the other antibiotics didn’t flush it out completely so I was wanting to try D-mannose to see if that’d help since the antibiotics are so harsh on her and give her other side affects. What amount would be recommended for her age? I can’t seem to find dosing recommendations anywhere for children.

    • Oh wow, so sorry to hear! Poor baby…
      Mistie, I’m not a doctor, and would be reluctant to provide an advice especially since she can’t tell you if her symptoms are getting better or worse! Too much risk. I’d stick to a different antibiotic per your MD. and give D-mannose at the same time to hopefully speed up the recovery. Definitely try it later as a preventive measure along with good probiotics.
      In terms of doses – yep, not much on this for babies. Easiest way would be probably diluting a tea spoon in a glass of water but give her 1/3 of the water at a time and watch for the side effects (stomach ache, diarrhea). But again, she can’t really explain how she feels 🙁 On top of it if she gets diarrhea this would decrease the efficacy of the antibiotics, so perhaps it is better to wait for the complete recovery and experiment with D-Mannose as a preventive treatment.
      UTIs could get dangerous very quickly, I hope antibiotics work this time and hope this is you last UTI ever!

  11. Hi, I’ve taking D-Mannose for about a year it seems to help with my UTI infections but I am a little concerned because I just developed a glossy eye and it seems irritated, my concern is the side effects! do you think D-Mannose might be affecting my sight! also, am I at risk to develope diabetis? since is a sugar pill? I’ve heard that D-Mannose is not that safe! Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you

    • Hi Irma,

      Glad it’s working! When you take D-mannose, most of it exerts from your body with urine. Since your body does not metabolize this sugar it won’t raise blood glucose levels. The amount of regular sugar that an average person consumes through eating processed food and sugary drinks is truly astonishing and is not even close in comparison of the impact of a single preventive dose of D-Mannose. There are two types of diabetes (type 1 and type 2). Type 1 is strictly genetic and you can’t really prevent it. And the biggest risk factor for type 2 diabetes is being overweight.
      So far among known preventive methods you can try improving your vaginal flora with probiotics (completely safe, pick the right ones: ) and if D-Mannose working, I’d stay with it. Multiple studies have proved it’s safety and efficacy. It is definitely less harmful than antibiotics!
      I’m sure throughout a year you are exposed to many factors that could have caused eye irritation. I’m not a physician, but I would not connect your symptoms with D-Mannose side effects.
      Stay healthy, glad it has been working for you,

  12. I’ve been suffering from UTIs almost every two weeks for the last 5 months. I recently read about D-mannose powder and started taking it twice daily since Saturday. I also had another infection last Thursday which was treated with nitro twice a day for 5 days. By the end of the fourth day I felt better, but I’m now experiencing bloating similar to when I get infections, some bladder irritation and urgency to pee (mostly at night.) Today I took an azo UTI test and both the nitrites and leukocyte count came up negative. Could this be caused by the powder? I have been on every antibiotic for UTIs within the last 5 months and I no longer want to rely on them. In addition I take two cranberry pills three times daily as directed on the bottle. What do you suggest?

    • Hi Sara, sounds like you had your share of UTIs this year! Sorry to hear about your struggle 🙁
      Okay, I’m not a doctor, but let’s think about your case together.
      1) You had an infection (day 0)
      2) Started on nitro (day 1)
      3) Started on D-Mannose and cranberry pills(?) (day 2)
      4) Felt better (day 4)
      5) Started feeling bloating, bladder irritation and urgency (day 5)
      4) Tested on UTI and the test is negative (day 6)
      Here is what I would do if this was my experience.
      1) Stop taking cranberry pills. They are acidic and can cause bladder irritation. If you are taking D-Mannose there is no need to take cranberry supplements. You might feel better next day!
      2) Drink plenty of water.
      3) Adjust your diet: no spicy food, less sugar, reduce meat, acidic fruits or juices, soda, no coffee, and no alcohol for about 7-10 days to see how you feel.
      4) Watch out for your symptoms. If you taken all antibiotic pills already, start on probiotics. Give yourself couple weeks before exposing yourself to any risk factors if you can and double down on prevention measures to avoid re-infection.
      5) I would continue with D-Mannose, just reduce the dose to a preventive 500mg/day
      Do another test and let your physician know if the symptoms persist or get worse.
      Best of luck! Hope you feel better soon,

  13. I have been taking prophylactic nitrofurantoin for 2 years due to recurrent UTIs since I was 19 (I am now 28). I’ve been researching D- Mannose as I’m (literally!) sick of the side effects that long term antibiotic usage comes with ( previous to my prophylaxis I was on an average of 5 courses of antibiotics a year for acute flare ups). I’m not really sure how much I should start taking though… do I go straight in with a preventative dose?

    Help please!

    • Hi Lauren,
      Sorry just getting back to you: I was off the grid so to speak for two week, just made it back home.
      Your story is heartbreaking!!! This is really, really sucks that you have to take antibiotics for many years in the row!
      Do you know if your UTIs were caused by E.Coli? Do symptoms appear after sex?
      I’m not a physician, but if I were in your shoes, I would start taking the preventive dose and also start on probiotics. There are plenty of other things you could do to help with prevention as well (tea tree oil wash, diet with less sugars and processed food, vitamin C supplements…). Check with your MD if he approves for you to stop antibiotics for a months and try it out with D-Mannose. If your MD is not sure what D-Mannose is (welcome to the club) – ask him/her to check info about it on PubMed. There are dozens of the research papers there on this topic!
      Hope this helps!

  14. Dear Anastasia, I found your blog on Friday evening with the occasion of a new UTI. I was looking how to take D-Mannose. I bought a bottle of powder I think more then a year ago but I never had the courage to give up to the antibiotics in favor of only D-Mannose or any other natural treatements.
    I can say that UTI is the desease of my life since we first met when I was a small child. I had many UTI per year especially in the winter and I have always been treated with antibiotics. When I started my sexual life, I was having more and more frequent UTI episodes, until these have transformed in interstitial cystitis. I have this IC for almost 20 years but 13 years back I discovered the homeopatic treatment. I have never stoped since then taking homeopatic remedies under a homeopatic doctor supervision. After many years of treatment, my interstitial cystitis is almost gone, I only have very small symptomes when I’m very stressed and also my UTI’s are not so strong anymore and not so often, an average of two episodes per year (after sex, of course). Reading and reading about it, I started to be more carefull with the intimate hygiene, especially with the back part of my lower body :). The pain and the suffer is not so bad anymore, only the fear from my had because of so many years of pain. This time I had the courage to only try D-Mannose and some urinary disinfectant and it seems to work. It would be the first time for me ever when the UTI would go away without antibiotics. But I need to wait one or two days to make sure that it did really worked although I do not have symptomes anymore. I wrote you to thank you for the information you are sharing here ( I did not know about how useful the probiotics could be but I will start taking them), to share my story with others, maybe it helps and I also have two questions: you are saying that one should take D-Mannose every 2 or 3 hours in the first 5 days. Does this refers to nights as well? 🙂 And the second one: on Thursday when I got my first symptoms of UTI, I only took the disinfectant but the UTI disaperead anyhow very fast, I think before even the disinfectant get to the bladder. Then I was ok from Thursday afternoon untill Friday evening. When I was hoping that the UTI just said hello to me and disaperead, she stroke again on Friday evening. That was the moment I started to take D-Mannose and of course I continued with the disinfectant. My question here is: what happend on Friday? How it was possible to not have any symptomes from Thursday until Friday evening? What e coli did in this period? I must confes though that on Friday I did not drank too much water and I only get to pee three times during the day as I did not feel the urge to do so. It might be the reason why e coli came back? Thank you again for your help and advice and sorry for my long story.

    • Hi Adri,
      Thank you so-so much for your post! I’m super happy for every note here and the longer – the better 🙂 The more we share, the better (hopefully) we can defend ourselves (from e.coli as well as from medical ignorance). Every time I read about somebody taking antibiotics for a long stretches of time I almost feel like crying!
      I’m glad you are starting to look at the problem holistically and sure that probiotics will help you to never worry about UTI again. Our bodies are designed to function well, it is a shame our medicine accepts the status quo for diseases that are not inherently chronic. I’m happy to hear you are giving a try to D-Mannose. Please monitor the symptoms carefully and you can also buy Azo test strips (On Amazon or at any drug store) or these ones that are cheaper to see if the infection has been cleared up. The symptoms that you need to be watching for: any flank pain, fever, weakness and worsening of the regular UTI symptoms.
      The recommendations that I found on D-Mannose all have in common frequent intake of the powder (every 2-3 hours) and additional recommendation is to not drink right after you take it (for about an hour) to preserve it’s concentration in one’s urine. I actually put an alarm on and woke up in the middle of the night to drink it and to pee to flush it out! That’s definitely a minus when comparing to antibiotics that last for 12 hrs 🙂 Let’s see if other women share their approach.
      In terms of the second question – I would agree with your theory. Which disinfectant did you use? How did you use it? Some (including myself) try applications or baths with diluted tea tree oil. I found some mild relief from it, but then again my symptoms always were horrendous right from the start. The disinfectant can potentially affect the e. coli that is hanging out near the urethra opening and therefore lessen the symptoms. But most of it would still make their way up into the bladder and it is a matter of time you’ll develop the symptoms again. Or did you take the oral disinfectant similar to Azo Defense? This type of drugs won’t really cure the infection, but would decrease the symptoms. This is still an antibiotic though, just not as strong as normally prescribed. Drinking less would obviously worsen the chances to recover. So these are my guesses.
      Please come back to tell if D-Mannose worked for you this time. In any case, I would also recommend taking it as a preventative after sex (you might need to start buying it in bulk :)) while taking probiotics and restoring your normal vaginal flora.
      Stay healthy and thank you for sharing your story!

  15. After five or six UTIs and no relief from antibiotics, I discovered D-Mannose powder which I buy online. I swear by it and have been UTI free ever since incorporating it into my daily routine. But I’ve been mixing a teaspoon with a shot glass of raw organic cranberry juice…and I see that you don’t recommend the use of cranberry as the dissolving juice. Can you let me know what the problem is with that? I’m happy to stop using it – it costs me $11 a jar! – if it’s not necessary. Thanks!

    • Hi Bunny,
      The active ingredient in cranberries is called A-type proanthocyanidins (PACs) but it is found only in cranberry capsules, not in cranberry juice. So juice is mostly placebo or needs to be consumed in very large amounts in order to be helpful 🙂 I’d go with D-Mannose in water. Capsules are better, but could irritate your bladder.
      Better spend this money on good probiotics!
      All the best!

  16. Hello Anastasia,
    I waited to give you an answer until today as I wanted to see my urine test results which arrived today and it is Negative!!! Everything was negative, just the following comment at the end:
    rarely isolated leukocytes
    rare flat epithelium
    microbial flora present. But I think rare means no worry, I hope 🙂
    Since last Saturday one day after I started to take d-mannose, I did not have any symptomes, I took d-mannose in the begining every two hours and then since Wednesday every three or fours hours and starting today 4 times per day. I will continue like this until I have the bootle finished. I just ordered another one so I have it next to me and I will take it every time I will have sex.
    I continue to take the disinfectant which is something local (from Romania) and it contains bear’s grapes leaves and Blue Methylene, one in the morning and one in the evening. I think though that with only the disinfectant I would still have the UTI or already taken antibiotics. I also take one probiotic per day which contains Lactobacilus acidophilus and bifidobacterium infantis. Regarding the probiotic, how long should I take it?
    So, to sum up, this is the first time ever when my UTI goes away without antibiotic and I’m very happy. I have an issue though with my mind. Because my mind knows from the past that UTI goes away with antibiotic only, now I’m still afraid that UTI will come back as I did not took antibiotics. I’m still using an electric pilllow at home, as during the evening the mental feeling that UTI will be back is stronger. I have more time to think of it then I have in the morning when I’m in the office. This is the only problem that I’m dealing with right now 🙂 but if UTI does not come back in one week, I hope that the fear will dissapear.
    Thanks again and hope that others will benefit from taking d-mannose.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Adri! Super happy to hear from you and congrats on being in the clear!!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY! Your body is meant to be UTI free, it’s just our modern medicine sometimes hurts more than it cures. Antibiotics create a vicious cycle by killing all good bacteria that you need to protect yourself. D-Mannose eliminates bacteria safely and without killing E. coli, this safeguards you from developing an antibiotic resistance and helps you to get rid of the infection naturally. There are even stories of patients overcoming chronic kidney infections with help of D-Mannose (that I don’t recommend!). It’s okay to feel worried but you have your lab results and according to them you are healthy 🙂 so let’s just focus on building up your natural defense system to keep you healthy onward.
      You will need special type of probiotics (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 strains) such as Rephersh Pro-b (http://amzn.to/2aBSASV) or you can try to find another brand in Europe just verify the strains. These strains were tested to help restore vaginal flora and make it more resistant to E.coli.
      In terms of how long – it will depend on other factors: stress, diet, any other chemicals and medications you might be introducing in your life. I’d say 2-3 months should be a good start and then just try at least one month per year to maintain.
      Please stay healthy and very best to you!

    • Hi Vicky,
      If you are asking about D-mannose capsules – yes, absolutely. Personally, I don’t even understand why capsules are as popular as they are – it is relatively easy to portion the powder and it tastes sweet! So yes, go ahead and take them apart and going forward just purchase the powder (it is going to be cheaper too).

  17. I was recommended to take d mannose for a uti. I bought the Vibrant Health brand called UT Vibrance. Each scoop is 5 grams of d mannose. I’ve taken it for 2 days, 1 scoop every 3 hrs. My symptoms are much better, however, I am having excessive gas and bloating. I’m almost done with the container, so I bought NOW d mannose, recommended dose is 2x per day, 2 gram doses. I need a break due to side effects so I won’t be taking any for the evening. I’d like to continue tomorrow with the NOW formula but don’t want the side effects. Suggestions?

    • Hello Victoria, glad to hear your symptoms are improving! Well, it sounds like you are going to be decreasing the dose and will be taking twice less D-mannose than before, this on it’s own should help with the symptoms. Finding accurate doses for natural supplements is always more art than science and some people are more sensitive that others. Sorry I do not have a better answer for you, but reducing the dose and keeping an eye on the symptoms seems like the right way to go. Good thing to remember that the symptoms you are experiencing will go away once you are done with the treatment and there are no long term side effects known, so even though uncomfortable, these side effects are still much better than the side effects from antibiotics. Hope that new powder worked for you and you are feeling better!

  18. I am 72 years old and have had UTI’s on and off since in my 20’s. The last few years I have had them more often. For the last 3 months I have been fighting a UTI and been on 3 different antibiotics and no cure. Today I started taking the D-Mannose capsules but there is cranactin in them. I hope this is ok. Symptoms are getting better just 8 hours later. The question I have is…Are you supposed to take the capsules every 3 hours through the night or just during the day?

    • Hi Diane,
      Sorry to hear about your experience! This is quite a long time to suffer from UTIs! Cranatin won’t hurt 🙂
      It’s up to you, but if you can make yourself to wake up and take the supplement once during the night it should help. Unlike antibiotics that are active for 12 hours after you take them, D-mannose is only working while present in your urine, so the more often you take it the better. Keep an eye on your symptoms, and if you don’t feel better make sure to go see a doctor. I hope the UTI you are treating is caused by E. coli and you can flush it out quickly with D-mannose.
      Please buy the special probiotics that have beneficial strains to help you to prevent UTIs in the future and keep using D-mannose as a preventive supplement.
      Best of luck and please post an update one you are out of the woods!
      Here are couple other posts that could be relevant in UTI prevention:

          • I caught it in time…had no pain, just yukky urine. It’s almost clear but I probably should do a total of 5 days. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful support to women and to me. I appreciate you!

  19. OMG…Want to shout it from mountain tops…I’m clear. It’s been 3 days and everything looks good. Should I keep taking D-Mannose or can I stop now?

    • So happy to hear!!! 🙂 Congrats! And thank you so much for sharing!
      Did you do a lab test or just judging by the symptoms?
      Yes, keep on taking it for couple more days. It is good that you have started as soon as you noticed the very first symptoms, that definitely made it easier.
      Couple more days and then I’d switch to a preventive dose once a day.

  20. I have been suffering from recurring UTIs for about 15 years and have become more frequent in the last five or so. I have had terrible experiences from use of antibiotics and definitely want an alternative. I just bought my first bottle today of NOW D Mannose, 500 mg. I am very anxious and hopeful that this will help me. I took the first three capsules a couple of hours ago. I am currently on Cipro and it is not alleviating my symptoms. I am on the fifth day of the seven. The bottle of D Mannose only says three capsules one to three times daily. I am undecided on when to take the next dose, quantity and so on.

    • Hi Pam! Sorry to hear 🙁 this must be devastating. Cipro is such a strong drug, too! I’m not surprise you feel anxious.
      To your questions: the typical dose of D-Mannose recommended by most manufacturers for UTI treatment is 500 mg taken with a half glass of water every two to three hours for five days. You might run out of your bottle pretty quickly. You can buy D-mannose in bulk: http://amzn.to/2bbscx0 to last you longer for the same money.
      Once taken the dose, give some time for it to absorb (about an hour) and then drink plenty of water till your next dose. Also, this is obviously not vetted by any clinical trials, has not been approved by FDA, and I’m not a physician to recommend a treatment 🙂 Since you are already taking Cipro, make sure to keep taking the antibiotic till you finish all pills, otherwise you are running a risk producing antibiotic resistant E. coli.
      Once done with the last dose of Cipro, start on the right probiotics!
      Hope you’ll feel better soon 🙂 You can break the cycle, I believe you can! Let’s not accept UTI as a chronic issue. I’m sure we can win!

      • Thank you for your thoughtful response! I am taking a probiotic (just bought my first bottle yesterday) with the cipro. I read that this would be advantageous. I plan to continue to take both the D Mannose every day at 500 mg along with the probiotic once I feel the infection has cleared for preventative measures. I am also considering continuing the D Mannose 500 mg every 2-3 hours for five days just to be sure the infection has cleared from my system, even after the Cipro treatment. The Cipro was supposed to be a three day treatment but today is the sixth day and some minor symptoms are still there. My health care provider wrote the script to allow for extras for maintenance so I will continue until the seventh day.

        • Also, this bottle of NOW brand states to take three capsules of 500 mg one to three times a day. I took three at 6 am, then one at 9 am, it is now noon and I decided to take the three. I am planning to take three more later today.

          • Hi Pam,
            Great to hear that symptoms decreasing! Hurray!
            Here are couple things to consider: if you are feeling better, D-mannose 3 times a day should be enough. If you are just starting to treat the infection, it is important to support high concentration of D-mannose in your urine and drinking it every 2-3 hours should do it (so in total comes up to 5-6 times a day).
            If you are on Cipro it makes sense to wait till you are done with the antibiotic (12 hours after the last pill) before starting the probiotic. You’ll get better “bang for your buck” if you don’t kill the friendly bacteria right upon entry with Cipro 🙂
            Hope you’ll never need to get back to the antibiotics!
            Wish you the best and please post again when you have any updates.

  21. Update: Yesterday (Sunday, Aug 21st) was my fifth day of taking the capsules (I did three times a day, three 500 mg capsules a day) and all symptoms are gone! I am planning today being the last day of the large doses and tomorrow will start a preventive dose of one capsule twice a day. I also received three bottles of the NOW pure powder that I will utilize after my capsules are gone. I have been so pleased with D Mannose that I am hopeful I can stop this cycle of infections and antibiotics! I am so glad that I discovered it and your oh so helpful blogs and information! You Rock!!!

    • Just to clarify, I did three 500 mg capsules, three times a day, for a total of nine capsules a day, this is my sixth day. Tomorrow I will start one capsule, twice a day!

    • Hi Pam 🙂
      Thanks so much 🙂 Your message made my day! So-so happy to hear! Thank you again for coming back and letting me know you feel better. Keep it up! I’m glad it’s working for you. If you have an access to a doctor, make sure to run tests and confirm that you are “in the clear”. I truly hope you’ll never again have to go back on antibiotics. Best wishes,

      • Anastasia, I have been taking the D Mannose since my first post (August 2016). For preventative, I take two capsules twice a day. I have had two UTIs since August, 🙁 I read on one of your blogs about Tea Tree Oil as a feminine wash after sex but I cant seem to find that post from one of your readers. I ordered some and I was wondering if you recommend this and if so how to dilute it for this purpose. I am still sold on the D Mannose and have not had to resort back to antibiotics, so far I have been able to increase the D Mannose when needed to treat the infections. Thanks for your blog, I read them often!

        • Hi Pam!
          Sorry to hear 🙁 Is this more than you would normally get per year or less? I hope it at least helped you to decrease the number of UTI recurrences per year!
          I think this is the post you mean: Use Tea tree oil wash after sex.
          Couple more questions for you:
          1) Did you try probiotics?
          2) What did culture for the UTIs show in those two cases? E. coli or a combination of different types of bacteria?
          3) Have you heard of NAC? This is my newly discovered obsession when it comes to recurrent UTI treatment. Read about this supplement here and here and make sure to supplement your antibiotic treatment with it as well.
          Best of luck!

          • Thank you for your most thoughtful response! I did try a pro-biotic for a short time and honestly I can’t remember why I stopped taking it, possibly it wasn’t one that you recommended. This is less UTIs that I was experiencing previously and I did not get a culture. I haven’t liked the treatment recommendations (antibiotics). Not to go into a lot of specifics but I had a health scare three years ago due to complications from taking macrobid as a preventative measure for UTIs. Please tell me your best recommendation for a probiotic. Also, are there home culture tests that I can purchase? Thank you again for your blogs!!!

          • 🙂 of course!
            1) This post on probiotics has couple recommendations. You can find them on Amazon or even in your local CVS. Make sure to change your diet as well. You need to strive for two things: alkalize your urine and increase amount of various fiber sources to help your newly “adopted” probiotics colonize your intestines (sounds scary, but these are your friendly bacteria and you want to feed them right to give them chance to grow).
            2) No, this is a lab test and unfortunately even culture tests are only accurate in 80-85% of cases.
            Antibiotics are sometimes a necessary evil, unfortunately. I’m glad you were able to combat your UTI without them.
            Best wishes,

  22. Hello Anastasia,
    I’m happy to let you know that I’m UTI free since beggining of August and this was only due to d-mannose. I’m waiting for another bottle of powder so I can relax and just enjoy sex without worries. 🙂
    Regarding probiotics that I should take, the best I could find in Europe is JARRO-DOPHILUS EPS® which contains:
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus R0011
    Pediococcus acidilactici R1001
    Bifidobacterium longum BB536 (Morinaga)
    Bifidobacterium breve R0070
    Lactobacillus acidophilus (helveticus) R0052
    Lactobacillus casei R0215
    Lactobacillus plantarum R1012
    Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis R1058
    Should I order this one or still go for Rephersh Pro-b from Amazon or eBay?
    Super thanks!!!

    • Hi Adri! Congrats!!!
      Great news! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Very happy for you and excited you can relax now!
      You can start with the ones you already bought, but you really do need Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14. Jarrow actually has the right ones (http://amzn.to/2bIWJAk), so should also be available in Europe. Think of probiotic strains as of different dog breeds: they could be drastically different. And that’s what the number at the end stands for. The blend you are considering is targeting gut health, which is always useful but not exactly what you need.
      Only Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 have been extensively clinically tested for restoring vaginal flora. Just order a value pack of Rephersh (http://amzn.to/2bd4GPT). These are shelf-stable so should be OK to mail.

      • I wanted to note that Garden of Life Once Daily Women’s probiotic also has Reuteri and Rhanosus. Along with all the other beneficial gut strains. It’s great.

        • But I did have one question… I’m not sure if d-mannose binds to both good and bad bacteria? So how far apart from each other should I be taking probiotics and d-mannose?

  23. Thank you Anastasia. I will buy then the once indicated by you from Amazon or e Bay. Until they arrive, I will get a normal probiotic.
    Again many thanks for everything you do 🙂

  24. Hello Anastasia
    Im grateful to have found your site. Im currently dealing with my first UTI. Im shocked at how painful and uncomfortable this is. I had a friend pick me up D-Mannose powder, Im praying it helps me.
    I took my first dose and plan on setting my alarm to continue it during the night.
    Thanks to you and all of the others for sharing your experiences.
    Be Well

    • Hi Dani!
      Hope you are feeling better! Yes, the symptoms could be quite nasty, sorry to hear that you are suffering 🙁
      If this is your first UTI and the symptoms have not yet improved, make sure to check in with a physician to establish what kind of bacteria is causing the problem and double check if this is indeed a UTI. If you are to proceed with antibiotics, read about the options here().
      Please let me know how are you. I wish you a speedy recovery and to never enter the “UTI frequent flyer” program 🙂

  25. Hello Anastasia! Have you or anyone on here or anyone you know ever tried the D-Mannose powder by Bulk Supplements? This is my first time every trying D-Mannose powder and the package says to take 2,000 mg, which is one level teaspoon daily. I don’t know if I’ve had IC or a constant UTI for the last four years, but I’m ready to finally get rid of it. I started taking 2000 mg daily on Saturday until today, which is Friday. I keep seeing people saying they take the powder every few hours, do you think that can be done with this brand of D-Mannose powder?

    • Hi Denise! I have not tried it personally, but it has plenty of good reviews on Amazon (http://amzn.to/2ci5QbX) so it should work just fine! Have you noticed any improvement in your symptoms? It would be great if you could get a precise diagnose for your symptoms though, D-Mannose would only work if this is a UTI cause by E.coli. Are you feeling any better?

  26. Hi,
    I hope you are still reading the comments on this thread and responding because I have a quick question 😀 I have just finished my first day and night, taking it every 3 hours and following it exactly how you have outlined it. My question is, when starting my second day, am I also doing a second night also? Last night I set my alarm and did it every three hours, do I do that again for the second night? Thank you in advance for you help and guidance.

    • Hello Caoimhe! If I were you, I’d keep the same routine for the first 48-60 hours. If you are not experiencing any side-effects such as diarrhea or upset stomach you can keep up with the same schedule as long as the symptoms are getting better till you are fully recovered and tests confirm that. Unfortunately there is very little science behind the natural options and we are all kind of experimenting here. If you see no progress in the first two days or experience any flank pain make sure to go see a physician.
      Are you feeling better? Is this your first UTI? Please share your story!
      Wish you all the best and the fastest recovery!

      • Thank you so much for your response. I am feeling so much better today! Sadly I am not knew to UTI’s and kidney infections. I have had this particular one for about 4-ish months and they keep putting me on antibiotics and it doesn’t go away. At this point because my latest one came back positive they want to put an IV in for IV antibiotics and I’m just not wanting to do that. I was referred out to an infectious disease specialist and she said that I haven’t been given the right antibiotics for the right amount of time and it’s never really resolved itself. I also was born with a congenital defect called a duplicate collecting system which makes me prone to infections. I’m want to have another child but I need to get these infections under control and I would prefer a natural and safe solution. I’m wanting to wait and get another Urine culture done but I’m also afraid in case it comes back or it’s only masked it or kept it at bay and completely resolved. I did the first 48 hours as you recommended and today I dropped down to the 3 times a day for the next three days for a total of 5 days. I’m going to talk to my Dr. tomorrow and she what she advises. Thank you again.

          • Caoimhe, thank you for sharing your story! Sounds like you have been through a lot in the recent months! Sorry!
            I’m happy to hear that you are feeling better, I’m also happy you are going to see your MD and do another test. If the symptoms are gone, then you can re-test. Doesn’t matter when you test: even if you have some traces of E. coli in your new test, the physician would be able to recognize the difference between your original test (when the infection started and they suggested an IV) and your current test. If the test shows that you still have the infection but you have no symptoms your choice would be either to risk and continue with D-mannose (but closely watch the symptoms especially given your history of kidney infection) or try the antibiotics. Don’t be surprised if your doctor never heard of D-mannose. If they end up convincing you to take one more course of antibiotics make sure to take probiotics afterwards to get back to normal. Please do share the results of your visit! Best of luck and I hope that regardless of how you get to the resolution, you now armed with plenty information on how to prevent D-mannose and can continue with family planning! 🙂

  27. Hi,
    I will definitely let you know the results of my repeat test. I am excited and anxious all at the same time as I am hoping I have found a resolution to my problem. I am very appreciative of your advice and guidance and I am so relieved to have found your blog/website, thank you! In the event that I have to move forward with the IV antibiotic, do you recommend I take the antibiotic while receiving the antibiotic, or wait until I have completed the treatment? Also, do you have a probiotic that you recommend? I am currently taking one daily called Renew Life Women’s Vaginal Ultimate Flora Probiotic with 50 billion live cultures.

    • Hi Caoimhe, I recommend RepHresh Pro-B (http://amzn.to/2cbK8JI) this is why:
      Your blend looks pretty good! One would imagine, they probably included Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 but I do not see the strain number and they also do not have Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 on the list.
      Definitely wait till you are done with antibiotics if ended up taking them before starting on probiotocs, this will ensure you get the most out of probiotics! Best of luck and hopefully D-mannose worked!!

      • Hi Anastasia, well I am sad and disappointed to report that my infection is still there. My Dr. got the labs back today and it’s still there. So it looks like I will have to go on the IV antibiotic for at least 14 days. Hopefully this will get rid of it and then I can just work on preventing them. I already drink between 80-90 oz of water a day and I ordered the probiotic that you recommended so I’m hoping that will help. Any other advice or tips that you might have for preventing them would be greatly appreciated, Thank you again 🙂

        • Hi Caoimhe, sorry to hear you have to go with the IV antibiotic! IV antibiotic for 14 days sounds pretty serious. Since you were sent to infectious disease specialist, as you mentioned above, they probably diagnosed you with an infection caused by an antibiotic resistant bacteria? Do you have more information about your test results? Type of bacteria found? How much? Do you have the results of your first test and the last one to compare? Do you know which antibiotic they prescribed you? Best of luck with the treatment plan!
          Yes, let’s just focus on prevention once you are out of the woods. Main task for you will be restoring your friendly bacteria for the first couple months, focus on diet that is low on sugar and potentially D-mannose prophylaxis if the offending bacteria happens to be E.coli.
          Here are couple posts to get you started:
          Prevention after sex
          General tips for UTI prevention
          Looking forward to hear more details about your condition. Stay strong!

  28. Hello, I have been taking AZO cranberry for the last few years and as long as I don’t have sex while I am on my period, I stay clear of UTI’s. Although, yesterday out of the blue, the urgency and pain during urination started. I was confused and upset with why this was happening. I have been on a plant based diet for a month now and haven’t had any alcohol. My husband and I had a fun evening of a couple beers and then a soak in the tub. The very next day is when my symptoms started. About two weeks I suffered from a yeast infection, which I normally only get once a year, but after reading this post, I am beginning to wonder if the AZO cranberry I have become immune too. I am going to buy some D- Mannose and begin taking daily to replace the AZO. In addition, I take a Probiotic with 10 Billion in it, but wondering if that too needs to be replaced. I will look into the RepHresh Pro -B. I am just searching because like all of you, having yeast and bladder infections is not something we look forward too. I would like to rid them from my life for good, so I am looking into new preventive options. Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

    • Whoops, should of mentioned that I had an extra bottle of Cipro 500 mg twice a day for 10 days. The bottle is a year old, but from what I understand, is good for about 3 years. I also started taking uricalm. The urgency has stopped, but still burns. I am wondering though, once I stop the uricalm tomorrow, will the urgency come back. I plan on taking all the Cipro and hopefully the infection will be gone by then. My luck, will get another yeast infection then.

      • Hi Jennifer,
        Yes, I agree we all would be much happier without the yeast and urinary infections!
        Sounds like you are going through rough times, I hope you feel better soon. I’m not a big fan of Cipro for a non-complicated UTI but since you have already started on the antibiotic make sure to complete all pills (I would imagine you have at least 10 of them stashed?). Sorry the fun night turned into a UTI! None of your described activities should cause an infection if you are a generally healthy woman.
        Regular Azo Cranberry have only Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride as an active component, it does not have anti-bacterial properties and only serves as a painkiller to mask the symptoms, so I do not think that you have developed the resistance due to taking Azo. New Azo product can help to fight the infection, and I doubt you used this one since it was just recently released.
        Just finish up your treatment, check in with a physician to make sure it was indeed a UTI and double down on prevention with the right probiotics!
        Please update on your progress, wish you a fast recovery.

        • Hi Anastasia,
          Thanks for the reply. I ended the 2 day uricalm pills and of course the urgency to urinate has come back. I thought about calling the doctor for an appointment, but since I am taking the Cipro, thought I just need to wait and see what happens. From what I remember last year when I had a UTI, after several days of antibiotics, I started having no more pain. I am going to order the D Mannose powder and take for preventive. Do I finish my Cipro, then start with the D-Mannose? Also, should I stop the Azo cranberry? Do you think it is a waste because like you mentioned there is no anti- bacterial properties? Thanks for you time.

          • Hi Jennifer,
            You can take AZO to help you to tolerate the symptoms till you fully recover, it is basically a painkiller so from that perspective it is not a waste if it makes you feel better. And you can start on D-mannose as soon as you get it while still continuing the antibiotic (unfortunately when you start on an antibiotic you have to finish all prescribed pills). Make sure to order probiotics (read this post) once you completed your treatment. Sorry you have to use Cipro! It’s a super hardcore drug.
            Best wishes!

  29. I have encountered quite a bit of blood in my urine. I have been on d-Mannos for months now. It was suggested by my urologist. I take 1 rounded teaspoon, twice a day. It has worked soo far, and prevents the use of antibiotics. Just the last two days, I have had bleeding in my urine.
    Can I overdose and cause this? I will continue the regimin and see what happens.
    Thanks, Anastasia

    • Hi Victor, sorry to hear! Also, thank you for sharing your experience with D-mannose.
      Blood in your urine sounds like a serious symptom that you should definitely discuss with your urologist. This could be due to various reasons but my guess is that D-mannose is probably not one of them. Overdose on D-mannose can cause loose stools and bloating, but it should not theoretically cause any damage to your kidneys or bladder. Are you experiencing any other symptoms? Why did you start on D-mannose to begin with?
      Wish you a quick recovery!

  30. Hi Anastasia,
    Been reading the posts on your site very helpful. I am 62 yo and not had a UTI in over five years. I use to get them a few times a year until I started taking Femdophylus.Out of the blue I got a UTI on Sept 7th. I really did not wish to take CIpro as it is powerful antibiotic and I am allergic to all sulfa drugs. So I started the D-mannose in pill form every three hours three pills. I however did not take it accurate as I was taking with too much water and not taking it at night time. Last week I started to take it the right way with the new D-mannose I ordered on Amazon called Bulk supplements D-mannose. I have re- tested a few times and whiile the nitrates are clear the leukocytes are still present at the high level. I do take at night but only one dose as I am up and down way too often and cannot flush with water an hour later as I am needing sleep. My logic is it must be E-coli if that is cleared up. Also I have been diagnosed in the past with atrophic vaginitis common in women over 50. If that was flaring up could it cause leukocytes in the urine. I do not wish to have a kidney infection. I do not know if I should try to up the dose of D-mannose or up the dose of my probiotic. I noticed that Femdophlus is lower in dosage that the one you suggested. I realize this will not cure a UTI but I want to get going with the proper dose. Is it ok to continue on the D-mannose and wait a bit longer since the nitrates are gone? Also I have heard you say to do probiotics after antibiotics. I have read that you can do them two hours after an antibiotic. What do you think is best as I value your opinion. Thank you so much for your help. I am not wanting to go on antibiotics but will if I need to. I have also been doing one dose of Apple cider vinegar daily. Is this helpful or not? Thank you so very much.

    • Hi Janet,
      Sorry to hear you are experiencing this right now! First of all, please go to a doctor and let them look at your urine sample. If you have experienced your first symptoms 20 days ago, and you are still feeling the urgency you should see a physician. The fact that you have leukocytes in your urine is a sign of a possible inflammation or infection. You are right, when you have leukocytes in urine but no nitrates, it may also indicate a urinary tract infection as well as nitrates alone. If the infection is not clearing up and you are still experiencing the symptoms it might be some other bacteria (not E. coli) that is causing it. If your doctor can do a culture test and see what kind of bacteria is causing the trouble, you’ll be better armed with the right prevention tactics. After all, D-mannose is not cheap!
      In terms of antibiotics – I hope you won’t need Cipro. First of all, it is now against FDA guidelines to prescribe it for uncomplicated UTIs. There are plenty safer alternatives!
      In terms of when to take probiotics, if you can afford it, then taking them during (2 hours after the pill as you suggested is ideal) a course of antibiotics will be beneficial. In this case probiotics will not get a chance to colonize in your body but will still reduce the side effects of probiotics while passing through your system. You will still need a course right after finishing the probiotics to replenish the gut microbiota with the good bacteria. Bottom line, if you can afford it – take it during and after the treatment!
      Wish you best of luck and please let me know how you feel!

  31. Hello
    Found your page all the way from Sweden! I’m taking a dmannose brand from UK, and they suggest 2×1000 mg every second hour first few days and then slowly step it down! I wonder why the dosage are so different? I’ve experiencing my first UTI for 1,5 year. Had a lot of difficulty 3 years ago and found dmannose I also had an inflammation of my urethra! But haven’t felt anything of it for the last 2 years! My UTI started last Friday, started directly with the tablets and got emidiately better, had a few glas of wine on Saturday and it came right back on the Sunday, even if I took the tablets. Been taking them since then and still feel the urge to pee during night, sore bladder and tingling! When would I expect al symptoms to be gone? I’m sure it’s E. Coli, never had any other bacteria. I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow to be sure, just curious to know when should al symptoms be gone if I follow the right guidance? Thank you for your page, it’s so needed to spread the word how we can help ourselves!!

    • Hi Johanna, thank you for stopping by! Sorry to hear about your troubles!
      2×1000 mg every two hours is twice more than most manufacturers recommend but guess what: if it works for your body and doesn’t cause upset stomach or other GI side effects – just take it! I would be curious to learn about your experience. Since D-mannose is not considered a medicine but rather a supplement, there were never clinical studies or trials to estimate the correct dosage. It sounds like the symptoms have been present for a while, so you should see the doctor. Normally the symptoms could be expected to clear up withing the first 2-3 days. Also, the fact that you always used to have a UTI caused by E. coli doesn’t mean that this is the same bacteria this time around. Feel better and let me know what your urine test will show!

  32. thank you! Seen my doctor today and there was e coli bacteria, since I have been taken the full dose, for more that a week, I’m now taking the antibiotic. i wrote to the mannose company and they said that sometimes it can take longer to rid the urin. I worried that the bacteria has gotten immune to the sugar, if it gets immune to antibitoca i guess i could get resisted to dmannose? I¨v been taken it now on and off for 3 years, this has happened for me once before aswell. Hope that they still will help me preventively. I read your page and have now bought the probiotics you recommended, hope that this will help, keeping them off. Haven’t had an UTI for 1.5 years and don’t wan’t them back in my life. Will follow your after sex routine aswell, i always get them from that, i wonder why God placed the playfair so close to the waste disposal site ( swedish saying) : )

    • Johanna, sorry to hear D-mannose didn’t work! Which antibiotics dis you start? Yes, I hope too you won’t experience another UTI ever again. As to resistance, I don’t think it works the same way: D-mannose does not kill E. coli, therefore won’t create the resistance. But there is still a lot to be researched on this topic and the fact that D-mannose is not a regulated substance doesn’t help – nobody can sure about the quality of the product we end up using, unfortunately.
      Yes, I know the saying 😉 Feel better!

  33. Hi. Just checking to say that after 10 days of cipro, bladder infection is gone. I did start taking the D- Mannose powder 1g in the morning and 1 g in the evening. Can I just take the powder and not have to wait the one hour before drinking lots of water for the preventative stage? I was looking for a product that contained D mannose with Pacran, but I am taking the azo cranberry daily, which has 500 mg of Pacran in it. The NOW product online had 900 mg of D Mannose and 500 mg Pacran in one pill. I don’t know if 900mg of D Mannose is enough for a preventive measure. I am also taking the Rephresh Probiotic B you suggested, in addition to a Live 10 strain probiotic. I am attempting to test my urine every morning, but no matter what I do, it reads acidic every day. Thanks for the help.

    • Hi Jen, glad to hear that the infection is gone!
      Have you supplements with Pacran before? Did it seem to work?
      The preventive dose of 500 mg should be fine! Yes, just take it with water and drink according to your normal schedule, you should be fine! Pacran will definitely make your urine acid :)) try to drink more water and take it easy with Azo, you really do not need it at this point 🙂
      Best of luck!

  34. Hi, I was in severe pain and high fever for 4 days until I was diagnosed to have UTI (nitrite positive) and was given a course of antibiotics to last for 10days. I am currently on my 3rd day of taking the antibiotic but I couldn’t take it anymore due to vomiting and headache – do you think it is possible for me to stop taking the antibiotics and start using D Mannose from GNC? Thank you for making this article. It’s really healpful especially to those who are sick of taking medications.

    • Hi Trish, I would not recommend stopping the antibiotic, but if you are vomiting right after taking the pill you should let your physician know as soon as possible. I can’t unfortunately advise you about this. Your symptoms indicate a potential kidney infection, no wonder you have been prescribe the 10-day course. Please consult with your doc.
      As to D-mannose, you can take it along with the antibiotics to speed up the recovery process. Sorry I can’t help with a more satisfying answer 🙁

      • I see. I am actually feeling better now as I took 2 caps of D Mannose again this morning. I am not sure if the vomiting was associated with the fever and headaches that I have but I am hoping that it is not too serious. I will continue and finish my course of antibiotics but how about the D Mannose? In the GNC label that I have it suggests to take 2 caps daily. I did it yesterday afternoon and this morning and I am more relieved of the symptoms I had. Is there a good time to take D Mannose? Thank you so much for your response and all the best to you!

        • Hi Trish,
          Glad to hear you are feeling better!
          You can take D-Mannose alongside with your antibiotics and then decrease the dose and continue it as a preventive supplement after your full recovery.The typical dose recommended for UTI treatment is 500 mg (capsule form) or one-half to one teaspoon (powder) taken in a half glass of water every two to three hours for five days. In your case you can probably lower the dose since you are using antibiotics and perhaps take it 3-5 times a day to speed up the recovery.
          Make sure to start on probiotics after you complete your antibiotics course!
          Best of luck!

  35. Hi Anastasia
    I was only antibiotics (alprim) for two days and they have made me very sick with an upset stomach. I’m hoping it’s just a bad reaction and not damage to my colon which can happen. Due to this I’ve stopped the antibiotics yesterday and have switched to d-manosse today. I’ve had two glasses of it today. Because I’ve already taken two antibiotics, how much d-manosse do you recommend? Thank you!

    • Hi Sabrina,
      Sorry to hear about the side-effects! Hope it is just a mild issue!
      I am a strong proponent of following antibiotic regimen once started. Please call your MD and consult about possible course of actions, but it is imperative that you do not stop mid-way with antibiotics. Here is a video I posted recently about how super-bugs are created. Trust me, you don’t want to give your E. Coli a chance to turn into a super bug. Try taking the pill after a meal and discuss the symptoms with your physician. You can supplement your antibiotic regimen with regular treatment doses of D-Mannose and then use it for prevention later.
      Best of luck!

  36. Hello Anastasia,

    I am a 48 year old woman. I had partial hysterectomy two and a half years ago. The doctor couldn’t remove my cervix because it is stuck to my bladder. During the surgery my bladder was perforated and needed repair reason why I ended up with a catheter for two weeks. Of course, because of the catheter I got infected with E-coli and since then, for more than two years I’ve been having recurrent UTI’s. I took antibiotics again and again until I could’t stop anymore. I was sick and tired of antibiotics. I started searching online about other options and I discovered D-Mannose. It was the biggest discovery I could have made. It changed my life. My last round of antibiotics was almost two months ago. Since then I’ve been taking D-Mannose and I feel much better. I am still paranoid about not getting an UTI again so I am testing myself with urine strips everyday. The Leukocytes are finally Negative, but I still have some Proteins and the PH is pretty acid usually. I have no more pain and I wake up only one time a night comparative to every 2 hours before. Sincerelly I am so scared of not getting a UTI again that I am afraid of stopping the D-Mannose. I used to take 2 grames 4 times a day = 8 g/day (pills of 500 mg). Now I am down to 1.5 grames only 2 times a day = 3 g/day. I don’t have the courage to go lower. In November I will finally have my appointment with the Urologist. I would like to be totally healthy until I will see him because I am trying to avoid having the cystoscopy. I am afraid of getting infected with E-coli again. No more tubes in my bladder!!!
    In conclusion, I am very happy with D-Mannose!

    • Dear Daniela,

      Thank you for sharing your story, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through! Two years of antibiotics sounds horrifying, so sorry this was your experience.
      It is okay to feel scared, I would probably be scared as well if I were in your shoes. The fact is – D-mannose is working for you, it has worked for many women, there are clinical studies that prove D-mannose efficiency is better than antibiotics so it is time for you to believe that everything is going to be ok! You are helping your body to restore it’s natural defenses to never experience a UTI again.
      I’m also glad that you are tolerating D-mannose well. I’m sure you’ll be able to decrease the dose even further, just make sure to take right probiotics, use tea tree oil for extra prevention support, eat less sugar and processes foods and you will soon feel certain that you are back to normal. Sending you positive thoughts, best of luck with your healing process.

  37. I have been battling a uti for 5 weeks tried 3 different antibiotics starts to go away and comes back. Tried ACV made it way worse also tried d mannose 500mg capsules after second day made me dizzy and itchy I read now brand is more pure went and bought the powder 2g took 1 teaspoon full and 45 min later had the worst diarrhea and felt like I was spinning took another dose a few hours later same thing can I take 1/4 teaspoon every few hours I feel taking 2g is to much for me ?

    • Hi Brandy,
      This is horrible! What kind of antibiotics have you been using? Are you taking them now? Are you sure you have E. Coli or maybe this is some other bacteria? If D-mannose is not working out for you maybe try it for prevention instead and definitely make sure to take probiotics to restore your flora. At the end, you can always try the smaller dose, just watch out for your symptoms not getting worse.

  38. Thanks so much for such an insightful blog. I am a male in 30s who’s had terrible UTI caused by bacterial prostatitis (e coli) and I am on my 3rd round of antibiotics. I am starting d mannose tomorrow and will report back if I notice any improvements however have you had any feedback from men using d mannose? Also, are there any absorption issues with taking d mannose after a meal?

    • Hi Bob,
      Sounds pretty bad! No, haven’t heard from men, but your experience should be no different. Men get UTIs less frequently then women! Good news is that your bladder and your E. coli are the same, so go ahead add d-mannose to your protocol and let me know how you feel! I did not come across any recommendations on the timing of D-Mannsose in regards to food intake, but I bet it would absorb faster if you take it on an empty stomach. Best of luck!

      • Hi Anastasia. A super quick update. I am on my 4th week of cipro and 3rd week of d-mannose. D-mannose made me feel better after 1 painful week however since then I reduced the dose to half of tablespoon per day and the pain have come back. I am doing another urine test soon and seeing a urologist in December as I likely have prostatitis caused by e coli so obviously worried this infection is not going away. Any thoughts on increasing d-mannose dose back to 2 full teaspoons per day? I am a little worried taking it every day as I don’t know much about it and feel it’s not killing the infection but temporarily making the symptoms subside. Any thoughts? Again, thanks for such a helpful blog and for answering questions based on your experience.

        • Hi Bob,
          I’m still puzzled about how e. coli that causes prostate inflammation can be affected by D-mannose but if you came across about some testimonials, then there should be no harm to try. You can increase the dose as long as you are not having diarrhea or other GI symptoms that so far has been the only main side-effects from D-mannose that many others reported.
          D-mannose is a simple sugar that is not fully absorbed and most of it just goes out with your urine. You can read about some commonly reported symptoms here. Based on what I understand about D-mannose, you should be fine consuming 2 teaspoons per day. Definitely add some probiotics as well!
          Hope you’ll heal soon. Best of luck with the doctor visit.

  39. Thanks Anastasia, i have just started my course which arrived today, i will let you know how i get on in a few days as i have a Cronic UTI,And i have just finished my second course of antibiotics and i am still suffering,like most people my urine sample came back clear from the doctors,

    Thanks again John

    • John,
      If your urine sample is clear, than D-Mannose won’t help! Nonetheless, drinking more water when treating the infection makes sense, as well as good hydration is an important prevention factor.
      What kind of symptoms do you still have?

  40. Hi,Anastasia, been to the doctors this morning and he reckons i have prostatitis, he has given me 4 weeks course of doxycycline,i still have severe burning feelings on the rear and front,i dont seem to be getting any better and it is getting me down , i read on the net that someone said d- mannose helped and cured the prostatitis ,i guess i will have to carry on with the antibiotics

    • John,
      Sorry to hear 🙁 sounds painful.
      This is the first time I hear about D-mannose being advised for prostatitis. News to me! Here is an interesting theory that might help you to connect urethral to prostatitis making more sense for D-mannose recommendation that you came across. Have you tested your urine? What does the results say?
      D-Mannose won’t hurt anyways. Try the probiotics as well to keep your gut and bladder healthy. Best of luck!

  41. My daughter bought me D-Mannose 1000mg. Didn’t feel well after taking it, full of wind, several trips to the toilet, also nausea and headache.
    Is there any thing else you can recommend to prevent UTI from returning ? Had so many infections in the last four years. Been back and forth to the doctor so often with this problem

  42. I’ve been taking Dmannose for about 9 hours & all my uti symptoms are gone. I began having gas earlier, then loose stools & it has developed into diarrhea. Would you suggest that I cut back on the tsp every 3 hours? Thank you.

    • Hi Debbie,
      See if reducing the dose does it (perhaps 1/2 of tsp instead). Make sure to do a test to confirm your results and watch your symptoms carefully!

  43. I am 59 and began having frequent UTI’s over the last 2 yrs. Every 3 months or so. My Dr recommended D mannose. I had been using the powder and when I was running low I decided to order the brand with Cranactin. It has magnesium in it and it does a number on my intestines! Lots of bloating and loose stools. Is there any way to counteract that side effect? My dr wanted me to take the regular powder every 8 hrs. Now I have these bottles of capsules w Cranactin that aren’t agreeing with me! No UTI’s but I’m not very comfortable. I’m taking one in the morning and 1 at night with meals. Should I just go back to the regular powder?

    • Hi Renee,
      Thank you so much for posting this. Do you mind sharing the brand names of both powders? D-mannose is not FDA regulated and the quality might vary. I don’t think there is solution that would not interfere with the absorption of D-mannose. Can you return your purchase and buy the brand that worked for you?

  44. I am 85 years of age and have had bladder infections, ecoli, since 2001 almost every month. Many prescriptions of antibiotics. I have now started on D mannose 665 mg., as I now have another infection, burning etc., I had a cancerous kidney removed in 2015 and a mysectomy also in 2015. Dr told me yesterday that I should only be taking 2 mg of D mannose. Is there one that is only 2 mg.?

    • Hi Margaret,
      655 mg is just 1/10th of a teaspoon? How often?
      2 mg sounds like an error, I can’t imagine how that would be helpful. Maybe he meant 2 grams (half of a spoon)? That’s sounds like a normal dose to take daily.
      I wouldn’t worry about being precise with D-mannose, it is just sugar. If you experience bloating or diarrhea just reduce the dose!
      Best of luck,

  45. PS – made a mistake with the Bell D mannose mg – it is 655. I’m in reasonably good health all except these on going urine infections – I am so tired of them and hoping D mannose is going to help me

  46. Anastásia, tenho tido infecções urinárias recorrentes, e tomado antibióticos sempre. Não aguento mais sofrer com esse problema. Agora mesmo estou fazendo uso de levofloxacino 750. Li sobre D’mannose e fiz o pedido um frasco em pó. Gostaria de saber como começar a usar D’mannose e como manter usando. Pergunto a você se D’mannose em cápsulas dá o mesmo resultado que em pó. Por favor, me ajude me dizendo como devo começar a tomar e continuar tomando no dia a dia D’mannose. Muito obrigada!

  47. I am currently being treated for uti. Was already on one round of antibiotics that didn’t work. I was prescribed a second kind but they are not working either. I want to get rid of it naturally. Do you think I could stop taking the antibiotics and start the Dmannose? I was trying to use Dmannose after first round, and though symptoms were lessened quite a bit, it didn’t go away completely. But I think I needed a higher dose.

    • Hi Beth!
      I’m a big proponent of finishing the antibiotics once started and just taking D-mannose at the same time. How long have you been taking the second round of antibiotics? Did your physician do a culture test to see which type of antibiotics your bacteria is susceptible to?

  48. I have been a victim of recurring UTI’s for 5 years now after my complete hysterectomy. I am just starting a new round of discomfort. I am going to start the D-Mannose tonight and hopefully this will work as I am done with antibiotics. My question is since the minute I noticed the tell-tale burning I took two of the AZO Urinary pain medicines. Can I still take the D-Mannose after I have taken these?

  49. I just want to thank all of you for your help and suggestions. My first experience with D-Mannose was a very positive one. I took a heaping teaspoon 3times a day for 2 days and had no side affects. My burning disappeared and I now have renewed hope for the future episodes. Just to mention I used the NOW brand powder. Would highly recommend it. Thank you again.

  50. I use D-Mannose for UTIs It always cures them with in 24 hours but only if I use KAL loose powder D-Maqnnose. The other brands and other forms do not work. I have tried every brand and nothing works as well as KAL D-mannos powder. Do not take it with juice , only water. Iwon’t drink any juice at all untill after myUTI is totally gone. Since using KAL D-Mannose to cure my UTIs, the UTIs are much less frequent. About 1 UTI every 4 years after d-mannose down from 1 UTI every 2 months before d-mannose ( w/ antibiotics) .

  51. I have been doing some research and found helpful information regarding ecoli and an acidic diet. Apparently ecoli thrive in an acid environment. I know this first hand as I just got over another UtI using D-Mannose. Went back to my usual routine of a glass of orange juice every morning and bam! UTI came right back. Now I’m back on D-Mannose and have switched to an alkaline diet including alkaline water. Symptoms are gone. I highly recommend my fellow sufferes to print out a list of acid vs alkaline foods and really try to follow this.

    • Hi Georgiann,
      This is a great point. I also want to point out that sugar and sugary drinks (as in any fruit juice) will contribute to e.coli growth. Please do share the links! I’ll research this topic as well and put together a post on this topic. Diet is very important!

  52. I definitely recommend using a good quality brand of d mannose. I just this week used a new and cheaper version and suffered severe stomach pain, bloating and diahorreah. As well as hugely increased bladder pain! Switched back to my superior brand and immediate relief. I am concerned that some may think that it does not work for them due to the brand they try. For me it is a miracle and has saved much suffering and medication. I also follow a plant based diet with as much raw as I can manage and this makes for a healthy body where nasties find it hard to thrive.

  53. Hi Anastasia 🙂
    I’m in desperate need of dosage help for preventing UTIs with D-Mannose before/after sexual activity. After discovering your blog and purchasing D-Mannose 500mg tablets, I was so exciting to start using them as I get a UTI virtually every time after my partner and I have sex. So I started by taking 2 tablets every morning for the last 2 weeks ( I didn’t have sex during that time) but when I did have sex yesterday (and it was the first time testing out the tablets) I took 1 tablet that morning and then 2 tablets after sex which wasn’t until about 530pm that night. Unfortunately by about midnight when I peed before going to bed, I saw that my urine was cloudy. So I immediately took 3 tablets with some water and went to sleep. I woke up at about 430am and peed again (it smelt really bad but no cloudiness) and took another 3 tablets and repeated that when I woke up about 830am. I’ll now take only 1 tablet every 2 hours and try to hold my pee for an hour after taking the tablet. I’ll continue this for maybe 5 days? I’m just so disappointed that I couldn’t just prevent the UTI from happening with D-Mannose as I’d been so excited to do.. but I’m thinking that I just don’t have the dosage right around having sex? Could you please help me with this? Thanks so so much.

    • Hi Chantelle,
      Sorry to hear about your struggles, sounds painfully familiar. Let’s see what we can do together.
      D-Mannose works great for some, but it is not a guarantee. Let’s makes sure this is not a brand/manufacturing hiccup first, so try another brand.
      Here are my suggestions (I’m not a doctor, so take it with a grain of salt and at your own risk):
      1) Try another brand of D-mannose just to be sure. It is also cheaper to buy it in powder form.
      2) Definitely start on probiotics. Read this post and get yourself enough for 3 months supply. Let’s make sure your vaginal flora is restored. Give yourself couple days to start on them before having sex again.
      3) Help your body to restore the microbiome balance by keeping the right diet at least for couple weeks while starting on probiotics.
      4) Use tea tree oil wash afterwards if possible.
      With powder, 1/2 of a teaspoon is good enough for prevention. 3 capsules would do the same.
      How are you feeling now? Do you have any other symptoms? Did you notice that this is happening with all partners or only with your current one?
      All the best to you guys. Hope it helps,

      • Hi again Anastasia,
        Thanks so much for your quick reply. So here’s what I already currently do as part of my everyday routine:
        1) Shower with frangrance free body wash with tea tree oil in it
        2) take a strong probiotic every morning
        3) eat reasonably well – not a strict diet but plenty of veges and natural things
        4) pee straight after sex
        5) drink about 2 litres of water per day
        I know that all of these things help me but it’s still not enough and that’s why I’ve been taking antibiotics for years because my routine isn’t quite enough for my body to stop it occurring on it’s own. But I want to stop antibiotics all together before I ruin my body and become resistant to them.. since taking the D-mannose for a day (1 tablet every 2 hours) then 2 tablets every 4 hours throughout today, the symptoms have completely gone and actually cleared up by that next morning after taking them on the night I saw that my urine was cloudy. The brand I’m using is the NOW 500mg vege tablets. Do you think reducing my daily dose to 1 tablet per day when not having sex and then increasingly my dose to 2 every 4 hours on a day when I do have sex might do the trick? I just really have no clue about my dosage amount. I’m just hoping to be able to prevent it instead of treat it 🙂 thanks again!!

        • Goodness girl! You are a champion of prevention! Go you!
          Well, first of all super happy to hear that the symptoms have cleared up. Congrats!!!
          In terms of exact dose for prevention: it’s more art then science. IMHO 1 tablet a day and just 3 after sex (or 1/2 a spoon) should work. What you are describing sounds more like a treatment plan. But guess what, if it worked then just keep this schedule. Fact is, there is no harm from more D-mannose and just going to be a bit more expensive (and if you overdose you might have a diarrhea, but then you can always cut back). Let’s keep fingers crossed. Again: I’m not a physician, this is just my personal opinion.
          Since you’ll run out of the pills very soon, get the powder next time (in bulk). It is much cheaper this way. D-mannose is barely sweet, so there is no need for taking it in a pill, it is easy to take it as powder with water. Yesterday I saw couple brands at Wholefoods market but it is twice more expensive there, so order online.
          Which probiotics are you taking currently?
          Are you taking a preventive dose of antibiotics every time after sex?
          Did you replace the dose with D-mannose last time? If so, take it easy and double down on good probiotics. You can even try making your own vaginal suppositories with the probiotics from the pills to speed up the delivery. I plan to post about this soon.
          Keep it up! Start thinking about yourself as a healthy person 🙂

          • Oh! And to add: I do not even take D-mannose unless I suspect that there were too many risk factors involved. If I feel particularly insecure I’d just take a 1/2 spoon once right after sex and stop worrying about it. I also do take probiotics for a month every quarter. But everybody is different. If you are just stopping your preventive antibiotics it makes sense to keep the intake a bit higher and drink it everyday.

          • Thank you SO much again for your support and guidance. It’s so comforting to speak to someone who’s been through the same thing and someone I can talk it through with 🙂 I’m going to try cutting down the dosage to 1 tablet per day and then an additional 3 tablets after sex or 1/2 teaspoon of powder (once I run out of the tablets) and just stick to my normal prevention routine and see how that goes. I’m currently taking 1 tablet of 50 billion CFU – Bioglan brand. Would you suggest doubling that? I’ll look forward to your article on using them to make your own suppositories! For the last few months I had been taking 1 tablet of a low dose antibiotic after sex.. which worked most of the time but not always.. I’ve sinced replaced that with the d-mannose, but I guess the 2 tablets I took afterwards wasn’t enough, hence me trying your suggestion of 3 tablets afterwards 🙂 I’m hoping that I’ll be able to eventually only need to take the d-mannose after sex and not every day like you now do, but for now I might keep it at the more regular doses. Either way, I’ll keep you posted on my progress after testing it out over the next few months. Can’t thank you enough again!! Xox

          • Chantelle, I’m truly happy to help! Thank you for your kind words!
            These are the strains you need: Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14 that have been clinically tested to improve vaginal flora.

            I looked up your probiotic, this is the formulation:
            Each capsule contains:
            – Bifidobacterium lactis (Bl-04)
            10 Billion CFU
            – Bifidobacterium lactis (HN019)
            10 Billion CFU
            – Lactobacillus acidophilus (La-14)
            10 Billion CFU
            – Lactobacillus casei (Lc-11)
            5 billion CFU
            – Lactobacillus paracasei (Lpc-37)
            5 Billion CFU
            – Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp-115)
            5 Billion CFU
            – Lactobacillus rhamnosus (Lr-32)
            5 Billion CFU
            – Total probiotic 50 Billion CFU

            Sooo…. 🙂 It might be a little thing, but I suggest you to shop for the strains that target your vaginal health. There are thousands of probiotics strains out there and every one of them has it’s own purpose (or multiple purposes). This looks like an Australian brand so if you live in Australia and ordering on Amazon is too expensive, just go to a pharmacy/nutrition shop locally and search specifically for a probiotic with Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14. If in doubt, write the manufacturer and ask! You need these strains the most!
            Best of luck 🙂

  54. I could not recommend D-Mannose enough!!! I’m 26 and have been getting recurring UTI’s ever since I had my first one about three years ago. I was so tired of getting on antibiotics to clear them up, only to have them keep come back again worse each time. My last UTI was absolutely unbearable and the worst one I ever had. It came on so quickly in the middle of the night. I had to take the day off of work because I was sick to my stomach and anything but getting out of bed with miserable. I was in the fetal position, writhing, just waiting for urgent care to open so I could get the antibiotics. I was miserable. That cleared up after I took the antibiotics but I hate relying on them. I felt another one start to come one two days ago and I feverishly ran to the computer for home remedies and I found an article about D-Mannose. I thought why not, I’ll try anything at this point! I immediately ran to the store, bought some and took 1000mg in my car before even leaving the store parking lot. Honestly not even an hour later I felt SO much better, i couldn’t believe it. I still can’t believe it. I really thought i was just going to have to deal with these forever.
    I will say that I went out and bought it within an hour of my first symptoms so I probably caught it early, so that might not be the case if you wait too long. I will continue taking 1000mg 2x daily for 3 days along with drinking tons of water and hopefully I’ll be out of the woods by then. I will definitely be taking it daily from now on. i am so thankful I found this.

    • Suzanna, happy to hear! Welcome to the club of healthy ladies 🙂
      Make sure to double down on prevention once you are out of the woods. And since this is the first UTI that you are treating with D-mannose makes sure to carefully watch your symptoms and do a lab test to make sure you have cleared up your infection completely. Best wishes!

  55. I would like to tell you my experience. I’ve been getting UTIs since I was about 2 years old (I’ll be 40 next week) I do remember as an adolescent “holding it” because either it was an inconvenient time to go (class time) or I was out and about with my mom doing errands and wasn’t able to go. Fast forward to motherhood, 3 children later and an unstable bladder, 2 bladder meshes placed and removed, and 8 bladder surgeries later (complications from mesh). Since 2012, I have had FREQUENT UTIs. I can no longer take baths, get in a public pool, jacuzzi, I use a special soap, have been on countless antibiotics, have had to self catherize (longest period was about 4 months) cringe when my husband wants to be intimate, know that when I have a glass of wine it’s to my detriment (but hey, I can’t give up all that I’ve loved in my life can I?!) my last surgery was in September (they cut my urethra in the hopes that it would open up a bit so I wouldn’t be retaining urine like they fear I’ve been doing due to my frequent UTIs) I have felt no improvement, in fact my infections have increased (if that’s possible) I even developed a kidney infection. I don’t believe I’ve been infection free since my surgery. I compiled all my labs (2014-2016) and the majority of the culprit was staphylococcus group B, sometimes group A. Of course it showed E. coli as well. I am going to see an infectious disease doctor on Friday the 27th. I am ALWAYS symptomatic and am wondering if I will EVER feel better or “normal”. I’ve been on Cipro, Levaquin, Macrobid (been on that one for almost a year!) Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Bactrim, name it, I’ve taken it. Not sure what else I can take or do. Any suggestions? Anyone?

    • Monica, thank you for sharing your experience, it sounds very troubling. So sorry you had to go through all this. I definitely would recommend to start with right probiotics and better diet.. D-mannose doesn’t hurt, at least it would help you to hopefully prevent UTIs caused by E.coli.
      I would recommend focusing on bladder and vaginal microbiome as a way to improve your defense mechanism.
      Wish you all the best. Hope others will post as well.

    • Hi Monica,

      Was looking for something and came across your comment again. Wanted to follow up and see how are you doing. Have you tried any new preventive strategies yet? Were you able to start on probiotics?
      Keep this in mind:
      1) Every surgical intervention and use of catheters change your bladder flora
      2) Every time you have an infection, your bladder’s lining is compromised (easier for bacteria to stay there hiding and wait for a perfect moment to grow again).

      In respect to the risk factors mentioned above, here are couple things that I thought would be beneficial for you to discuss with your MD as possible options:

      1) Some studies showed good effect of Ibuprofen on controlling the inflammation and helping your bladder to restore it’s natural defenses. It’s important to note that if you have an ongoing infection taking anti-inflammatories might increase your risk for kidney infection. Also you should be careful if you have any heart or stomach conditions. Talk to your MD, this could make a difference.
      2) Restore bladder flora with special probiotics (This probiotic has some bladder specific strains)
      3) Definitely try a bladder friendly diet, at least for a while
      4) Get some vaginal probiotics if you haven’t yet (this one has just dropped the price)
      5) Try some garlic pill supplements (~ 3capsules per day) if you have no issues with garlic.

      All the best! Hope you are getting healthier every day 🙂

  56. I have suffered with cystitis from I was a teenager. Sometimes I could manage it myself but simply drinking water, others I would need an antibiotic to feel better. Since meeting my partner 7 years ago I have had more regular bouts – sex related. Last Christmas (2016) I fell sick again however I couldn’t cure it myself and neither did the first antibiotic. After several negative urine results and my Doctor saying I had no infection, I began testing my own urine until I eventually found one showing nitrates and brought it in to be tested. I was prescribed 2 other antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin and nitrofurantoin) however after each one it came back, something that had never happened before. I then found out I am resistant to almost everything. I was prescribed a 4th antibiotic which I was reluctant to take and searched the Internet to find information on D Mannose. Since taking it over a week ago, my symptoms have virtually gone (I do have the odd moments but then it goes) My infection is ‘pure e. coli’ and I’ve had it checked twice. Sometimes when I test my urine nitrates are present, other times not. My Doctor wants me to take the antibiotic but I really want to get better naturally. D Mannose has definitely improved my symptons – most days I feel great now. My questions are…should I continue to work with d mannose? How can I feel OK but still have nitrates and the occasional flare? Is it because deeply embedded bacteria are surfacing each time or should I have been able to clear the infection fully within a few days? I had the infection for 4 weeks before starting d mannose and believe it was quite bad. I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing. My Doctor and pharmacist had never heard of it. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. If I know I’m doing the right thing and that I will win this battle I will fight it out with D mannose.
    Thanking you,
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Lynn,
      Painful story, sorry for all you went through. Unfortunate truth about E.coli is that they could become dormant and just “sleep” in your bladder lining cells. And in this condition E. coli will not be affected by the treatment. It also could be that you are re-infecting yourself.
      Yes, I know, my MD and nurses never heard of D-mannose either. Good thing that mannosides are actually well researched and labs are working on creating commercial drugs that would work the same way as D-mannose, just stronger.
      Another option, you could be also having ‘false positive results’ due to vaginal contamination of the urine sample and when the dipstick used to test for nitrites is exposed to air. If you are taking Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Morphine, Aspirin, etc… this could also lead to false positive.
      Which antibiotic did they prescribe you?

  57. I have a UTI everytime I have sex. Can D mannose really cure it? I am very depressed. I have ordered a bottle of D mannose for myself. I really hope it works 🙁

  58. Re: Monica… I sympathize with Monica because I too , struggle with UTIs . I have adopted a regiment that I will share. First, past menopause we loose good bacteria in the vaginal area that would fight off the bad bacteria so we have to be really clean. Bacteria hangs around the anus so I use feminine wipes sprayed with Apple cider vinegar EVERY time I use the bathroom. Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria. I clean the toilet seat every day or more if I think it’s needed. I pour a little bleach in the toilet after a BM. I wear panty liners that I cut to about 5 inches so it only lines the front. It seems like a lot but it’s worth not getting an infection. One last thing…if you have to take an antibiotic, make sure to read the instructions. Bactrum never worked for me and then I discovered you can not drink caffeine. I don’t know if that’s why it didn’t work but this last time I gave up coffee and Bactrum worked.

    • Diane,
      Thank you so much for posting! All are great points. Especially agree on the importance of hygiene after BM and probiotics. Good point on Bactrum too. Worth researching further. Thanks for taking time to post and share your tips,

  59. Hi I’ve been suffering from uti for the past 2 years since getting with my new partner. Never had these before with any other partner. I only get uti after sexual intercourse. Been given antibiotics and lived by them. And now the e.coli is multi resistant. The doctor told me try D mannose. I am very healthy and only suffer from uti after sex. I have bought 500mg capsules and i was just wondering when and how much I should take if it’s only due to sex? Should I start of with 1 a day and then when I have sex have 1 before and then 1 after? Just really confused on how to take these. Thanks

    • Hi Tee,
      Gosh, sorry to hear! Taking 500 mg after sex is a good place to start. I would also highly recommend to take probiotics that can help you to imptove your vaginal microbiome and strengthen your natural “defense system”. Read more here
      Best of luck!

        • Hi Tee,
          I personally always take one after sex. However if you are just coming out of a UTI battle you can keep a maintenance D-Mannose dose for a month or so and take 1 pill daily. There is not much clinical evidence so we all just experiment and hope for the better. In terms of probiotics here are couple that you can buy on Amazon or in your drugstore. These are manufactured specifically to improve your vaginal flora:
          1) Option 1
          2) Option 2
          Also try using tea tree oil wash after sex. While probiotics take time to start working and D-Mannose may or may not work for you, tea tree oil could be a good addition to your prevention tactics.

          • hi just a quick one. i forgot to mention when we use condom or we both was and use lube i dont get the uti but if we dont use a condom and just a quick sex i will get it? it makes no sense to me cause i researched that normally women get it from using a condom. so im just left baffled and so are all my doctors 🙁


  60. Hi Anastasia,
    I miraculously stumbled upon your site today, and have not even purchased any D-Mannose, but from what I’ve read, I feel sure it will work! I am on my second round of antibiotics (the keflex didn’t work) and UTIs are my only reason left that I can’t break free of doctors!! I get them once a year, but now they seem to be on the increase. I’ve found solutions for nearly all of my other health problems with alternative methods, and felt sure there had to be something out there besides the standard advice! I might mention for those who also have IC, rice and chicken is loaded with arsenic and i feel they were responsible for my IC, because once I eliminated them from my diet, I had no more problems with IC. I prefer fermented cod liver oil to probiotics. I’ve also read that pomegranate juice is more potent than cranberry juice for UTIs. Anyway, I had to thank you, because I am following your advice and will supplement with D-Mannose indefinitely now and see what happens. I am 63 years old and haven’t EVEN considered being sexually active because of the UTI problem and because I have a prolapsed bladder. Interestingly, the prolapsed bladder gets better after I’ve taken a course of antibiotics, so I suspect that my bladder may be swollen because it is so inflamed from UTIs. After a course of antibiotics I’ve also found that it’s easier to urinate, which I think is probably for the same reason. I did hospice for awhile and have watched in horror as women struggle to void their bladder and soon die! Now with your help, I can feel more certain that this will never happen to me! I’m very grateful for your sharing this remedy!

    • Hi Kim, sorry to hear. Most certainly!
      Make sure to take all pills and focus on prevention later. Do you know why your doc put you on cipro? It’s a pretty strong antibiotic.
      Best wishes,

  61. Hi. I’m new to taking D-mannose but have definitely found it helpful. I never suffered from UTIs until last November when I had one that didn’t clear up with Trimethoprim (3 day course) and I developed sepsis. I spent 3 days in hospital due to this…intravenous antibiotics cleared the UTI. Then in January it came back and I’ve had 3 courses of different antibiotics since then. I’ve only had a maximum of 2 weeks at a time without UTI. Very fed up with this as you can imagine. My symptoms came back at the beginning of this week and because I didn’t want another antibiotic, I decided to research more natural ways of dealing with the infection. I ordered D-mannose tablets on Tuesday and started taking them on Wednesday. I can’t believe how quickly they eased they symptoms! I’m still getting a slight urgency but no burning which is such a relief. I’ll take the D-mannose for another few days and see how it goes. I’m taking D-Mannose 1000mg 30 Tablets
    Sold by: Blue Herbs three times a day. I’m drinking lots of water but the instructions on the pack say to drink 500mls of water WITH the tablet. I notice that you recommend not drinking so much until the tablet has been in the system for a while. This seems to make more sense to me so will try that. Thank you for your advice and I hope that I don’t need to go back to the doc! I’m waiting for an appointment with Urology to investigate the reason for recurrent UTIs.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Sorry your first infection was so horrible, it serves as a good reminder to all of us: UTIs is a serious disease and should not be taken lightly. Quick question: when your infection did not clear up the first time after Trimethoprim, did you still have UTI symptoms? If you don’t mind sharing, do you have any other health issues that could have speeded up the progression of the infection into sepsis so quickly?
      I’m happy you came across D-Mannose. Make sure to also read about probiotics.
      Obviously, given your first experience with UTI, I would be very cautious about your health status. I’d suggest you still pay a visit to a physician and just make sure they closely monitor the number of bacteria in your urine if you want to stick to D-Mannose.
      Best wishes and please post an update. Cheering for you,

  62. Hi. The Trimethroprim I was prescribed didn’t have any effect at all on the UTI. I discovered later that the infection was resistant to it. I had no other health issues, in fact thought I was pretty healthy! The symptoms reduced very slightly but after the standard 3 day course I was in quite a lot of pain. I made an appointment with the nurse again two days after finishing the course and by that time I was extremely dehydrated and wasn’t able to produce more than a few mls of urine, which was mahogany coloured! When the nurse saw this and did the stick test, she told me to go straight to the hospital, gave me a letter for them and told me they would be admitting me. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was actually beginning to be slightly confused which was due to the sepsis. My son phoned just as I arrived back home, I had driven myself to the nurse, and I had to tell him I couldn’t speak to him as I couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying! My husband took me directly to the hospital where I was immediately admitted, hooked up to intravenous antibiotics and a saline drip. My temperature kept spiking to 39 degrees so I was also given paracetamol by mouth and had a fan on me through the night. Very uncomfortable and a bit scary! I went through the end of November, December and got to mid January before I had another UTI. I’ve since had one each month which is a bit concerning so my G.P. has referred me to the hospital for tests. I think I’m retaining urine therefore allowing bacteria to thrive. After my last antibiotic I was very disappointed to feel a slight burning 2 weeks after finishing the course. That’s when I tried D-mannose. I took it for 3 days and I have to say that the burning and discomfort have gone! However I do feel slightly bloated at times which I think is down to the D-mannose but it’s a small price to pay for the relief. I was given Cipro (2nd antibiotic) and then Nitrofurantoin which I thought had worked – sadly not. My infection showed sensitivity to both of these but they didn’t kill the infection. I’ve stopped the D-mannose to see what happens over the next few days and will get a test done at the G.P. surgery to check if the infection has actually gone. I’m so glad I discovered your website even if the relief is only temporary and gives me a little while without antibiotics. It’s very scary that a ‘simple’ UTI can result in sepsis and I would caution everyone not to take UTIs lightly. I think that my urethra is possibly still recovering from the awful infection I had in November as they say it can take 3 months to recover from sepsis.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you so much for sharing the details of your story. You’ve been through a lot! I’m very happy to hear that D-Mannose showed some promise in your case. Don’t stop taking a preventive dose if it doesn’t cause much trouble, especially if you think that you are retaining the urine.
      If you are going to talk to your physician, see what he can prescribe you to help your bladder heal and to reduce the inflammation caused by repeated infections. Definitely ask him about probiotics to restore bladder microbiota. If your physician agrees to try to decrease bladder inflammation with NSAIDs make sure to watch kidney infection symptoms.
      I would also highly recommend to see if you could (at least for one month) try alkalizing diet and exclude drinks and foods that irritate the bladder. It needs all help you can give to it to heal the inflammation and restore the good bacteria!
      Best wishes and hope you will break the cycle!

  63. Hi. I’ve taken your advice and today started taking acidophilus which was recommended by an advisor in the health food shop. Hopefully this will help restore friendly flora in my system! Fingers crossed. By the way, I said I was prescribed Cipro but I checked with my health centre and it was Co-amoxiclav I had…didn’t work!

  64. I’m at the end of my rope. I’ve been battling a UTI from resistant Ecoli since September! Been on different antibiotics. No help. My Drs want to just label me with IC and not even check urine. Crazy I know. So I need to get my life back. This burning in my urethra is beyond unbearable. It’s not in my kidneys. But I don’t want it ending up there. So I read some really great stories about D Mannose and it’s worth a shot. I’m trying to buy it now. You think powder is best and what Mgs? 500? I pray this helps. I don’t see a new Urologist until 5/22 but I’m in too much pain to go on like this daily. It’s been a long rough road. I’ll let you know how I make out. Thank you!

    • Oh dear! This sounds terrible!
      Yes, supplementing with D-Mannose is worth a try. Start with 1/2 of a teaspoon 3 times a day and see how you tolerate it. Here is a new post that might help you to find an alternative solution . Do you have a homeopathic specialist in town? Maybe worth a try as well. Just had two interviews with homeopaths and learned a ton about how they approach UTI treatment (will be publishing soon). There are still plenty of solutions even when traditional medicine gives up on you, so stay strong. And stay in touch! Best wishes,

  65. Thank you for the wonderful post! I am still up because I can’t sleep due to this UTI pain. I literally ran to my cabinet and took 2 cranberry pills and drank tons of water. I know it won’t help right away. But interested in taking the powder for future maintenance. What brand do you suggest?

  66. I am a 68 yr old female who has never been troubled by UTI frequency, having probably only had 6 or so during my lifetime until the last couple of months. Since January 2017 I have had 3 – the last starting just a few days ago. I read your article about D-Mannose and really support the idea of being antibiotic free so purchased the NOW powder and began a regimen as you suggest of 1 teaspoon every 3 hours, even getting up to an alarm every 3 hours overnight. Yesterday afternoon I completed a 48 hour cycle and thought everything was working well – major reduction in all symptoms, then last night the urgency and burning returned like a freight train. This morning after continuing to follow the regimen overnight everything has calmed down to almost no symptoms. Is this par for the course until I complete a full 5 days? What do you advise?

    • Hi Gayle,
      Sorry to hear you are going through all this. As you know, I am not a doctor, just a former patient sharing my experience and thoughts, so take it all with a grain of salt. Here is what I think: The fact that symptoms returned is not normal (if D-Mannose is working), especially if you have been taking so much of it. Unfortunately, repeated infections in many cases are caused by multiple pathogens at the same time, one of them could be E. coli, while other could be Klebsiella or S. saprophyticus. These bacteria do not react to D-Mannose. What can happened (I am just speculating) that you either:
      1) got rid of E. coli (that’s why symptoms subsided), but then the other type of bacteria “picked up”
      2) or you had non E.coli infection to begin with and were just decreasing the symptoms due to heavy water intake
      3) or you have an E. coli infection but for some reason D-Mannose doesn’t work for your and again, the decrease of symptoms is due to a lot of water passing through.
      In any case, it is wise to get a culture test from your doc and go from there.
      Most likely if this is the third day of treatment and symptoms are back you probably will need antibiotics. Check out your options here.
      If you do go with antibiotics, don’t get discouraged and make sure to take right probiotics afterwards.
      Also, check out this interview with a naturopathic doctor about hormones and UTI.
      Hope this helps and feel better!
      Coe back to share your experience and what worked for you. Best of luck,

  67. Been suffering for many years with constant burning find it difficult when I walk
    Antibiotics don’t help as it returns within a few days
    I have started on d mannose and probiotics from the health store
    Teaspoon a a day for about 10 days now
    Less burning but still aware that it’ss still very uncomfortable
    I am thinking I should increase the dosage
    How much do u recommend?
    I sure would appreciate your advise
    Just found your blog today

    • Hi Edna,
      Sorry to hear! Are you sure you have an infection? How often does your physician perform a culture test when you notice those burning symptoms?
      Check out this post about chronic UTIs.
      If you are supplementing the treatment of an acute infection with D-Mannose, D-Mannose manufacturers normally recommend to take it every three hours.
      Do you have any other symptoms besides burning? It could be something else, not necessary a UTI.
      My advise is to talk to an alternative medicine doctor, talk to a urologist, talk to a homeopath and try something besides antibiotics and D-Mannose to heal your bladder lining and improve your health. Best of luck!

  68. Hi there. First off thank you for your site, what a great wealth of information! I have been using Dmannose for a 2-3 years now with great success…..until the last 2. The first of which persisted for 3+ weeks, taking dmannose at first every 2-3 hours. I think I was drinking too much water and that probably slowed the progress. I was eventually clear for about a month and am now about a week in to the 2nd infection. I am taking it every 2 hours, waiting an hour before then consuming lots of fresh water and repeating….I have to wake up and do this through the night as well. I’m exhausted from the interrupted sleep and every time I think I’m clear for 48 hours it flares up again suddenly. I currently have blood in my urine and am waiting to see my GP today. My question is….can the bacteria (waiting to ask GP if it is infact only e-coli) become resistant to dmannose over time? I used to be able to take it only 3 or 4 times a day and not have to wake up to take it. I have steadily had to increase the dose frequency (1 tsp every 1-3 hours wait an hour….drink lots of water) and if I don’t wake up 3-4 times a night it will guarantee be worse in the morning. Interested to hear your thoughts, thanks so much

    • Thanks Nicole 🙂 Glad you found it helpful!

      Added a post about D-Mannose not working

      …For example, repeated infections are known to be complicated due to two issues: bladder lining becomes “eroded” with inflammation and provides easier place for bacteria to “hide”. And other pathogenic bacteria besides E. coli join in to cause UTIs (and D-Mannose is useless in this case).
      This is why it is important to focus on lifestyle changes together with supplements to heal the bladder and decrease urine pH.

      Hope this helps!
      As much as we would all hope that D-Mannose would be a final answer to our problems, it seems we need to keep our options open. I would definitely recommend to keep up with D-Mannose but also consider including other therapies in your routine and aim for improving general health (better diet, supplements with anti-inflammatory properties, probiotics for bladder and vaginal health etc.).
      Let me know what your lab results show and best of luck,

  69. Hi there! Question for you – I just read that you shouldn’t take a dose with lots of water. I am almost always drinking water all day long, so I’m trying to figure out the best timing for me to do this. I usually make a shake (so lots of liquid content) first thing when I wake up, and can’t imagine waiting 45 mins to do that as I’m starving when I awaken! But I’m not sure what other time of day would be appropriate as I’m drinking water all day! Any advice? Thanks so much for all of this info! I just started on the D-Mannose and am REALLY hoping it solves my (lately) frequent UTIs!

    • Hi Raena,
      Are you taking D-Mannose to supplement your prevention I guess?
      How about taking it before your go to sleep and then drink plenty of water in the morning?
      Make sure to read about probiotics and diet to help you stay healthy.
      Best wishes,

      • Yes, I’m using it as preventive right now and just ordered the probiotics today! I will start them tomorrow. Maybe before bed is a good way to go, I will try that. Thank you again for all this info! I so want to solve this problem naturally!

        • No reason why not 🙂 our bodies are made to be healthy, sometime just need a little help.
          Let us know how it goes!

  70. I have been taking D-Mannose for three weeks. I just take a teaspoon right out of the container, and don’t mix it with water. My Urologist said to take it that way. Am I supposed to be mixing it?

    • Hi Linda,
      Frankly, it doesn’t matter. There are even chewable tablets made of D-Mannose. It’s a matter of personal preference.
      Best wishes,

  71. D-Mannose is simply extracted from the cranberry. It is the ‘part’ of the cranberry which allows the e-coli to adhere to it’s particles, as when drinking unsweetened cranberry juice. It’s then flushed out of the body just as with cranberry juice, except without the calories and, as you wrote, you can keep it in your bladder a bit longer before flushing it out.

  72. I have been using a probiotic for the past 1.5 years for recurring UTI and lower abdominal pain. I was recently suggested to include D Mannose to my regimen to flush out bad bacteria because it adheres to the D Mannose but I was wondering if i have to stop the probiotics while taking the D-Mannose for fear the D Mannose would just flush out the good bacteria. Should I be taking them together or alternate?

  73. Thank you so much Anastasia ! Your information is so helpful, as there is not much reliable info out there on UTI’s or could be I don’t know where to look.
    Since menopause started I have had more UTI’s than ever before, especially after sex. Your explanation of causes was very informative. Any info on menopause and its effects regarding frequent UTI’s?
    Also I started a few days ago with symptoms of UTI and came across your info so am now taking D-mannose and did pick up the probiotic Jarro-dophilus probiotic for women, 5 billion per enteric coated capsule. Unfortunately it has only 1 strain of the ones you mentioned. It is the lactobacillus rhamnosus, the other 3 are Lactobacillus crispatus, lactobacillus jensenii, lactobacillus gasseri. Is this product just as good with only 1 strain you mentioned? And should I start taking the probiotic while I am doing the D-mannose treatment? Thank you in advance for your help

    • Hi Dawn,
      Glad to help 🙂
      Yes, for starters here are two posts that could be useful: estrogen & UTI and more about hormones here.
      There are several strains that have shown positive impact on vaginal flora, some are just more researched than others. Jarro-dophilus formula will work great. Start taking them now and even if you need to take antibiotics make sure to continue (just wait 2-4 hours after taking an antibiotic). As to D-Mannose, it does not interfere with probiotics, take them at your convenience.
      Best wishes,

  74. Hi Anastasia. Thank you so much for your website… it has changed the lives of many… including me! I am one of the rare male UTI sufferers. I had been put through exhaustive testing which found nothing and was suffering from the aftereffects of having to take up to 3 courses of antiobiotics to clear each infection. In despair I searched the internet and found you!
    I am aware of your advice to take D- Mannose with very little water and have noted that some are taking it with no water at all. I am currently trying some 1000mg tablets which are highly rated. The instructions say to take 2 tablets with 500ml of water every 2 hours… I have queried this with the manufacturer but not yet received a reply. I was wondering what your thoughts would be? Many thanks!

    • Hi Steve,
      Thank you for your kind words. Very happy to help, even if it is just an encouragement!:)
      I spoke about your questions with a researcher from Washington Medical School, who’s lab is working on the next generation of D-Mannose alternative. He seems to think that amount of water would not affect the efficacy of the treatment, but they did not test this assumption.
      My personal belief is to take it with a small amount of water first (two glasses of water ~500 ml~ is still a relatively small amount!) and then wait an hour or so before drinking even more. With UTI the more water (in reasonable quantities and in regards to your kidney condition) you drink, the better. 4-6 glasses of water per hour is normally a safe dose for an otherwise healthy adult (in my non doctor opinion). So if the instructions suggest 2 glasses of water (especially since these are tablets), definitely go for it.
      Also check out this post in case if you missed it and this one to keep your urine pH low.
      Best of luck!

  75. I also think its important to note that people might hah to try different brand and forms of d-mannose. NOW foods d-mannose powder has ALWAYS made my uti and intersistial cystitis symptoms worse.

    On the other hand, I’ve had the most success with clear tract capsules. I’ve found ive had to take dosages much more frequently than is stated to get rid of an infection. Everyone’s body is dfferent so it might take a bit of trial and error. My point is just that if you feel your symptoms getting worse after starting a certain type of d-mannose, find another type ASAP! This is not a “it gets worse before it gets better” health situation in my opinion.

    I still have health problems from antibiotics I used years ago and can’t afford to get on them right now. Thanks for this very informative website!

    • Hi Josie,
      Yes, you can mix it ahead. Here is a water based solution that I wrote about. However, I’m not sure how stable the mixture would be if you make it at home so make sure to shake it well before consuming if separation occurs. Most likely though the separation though would be caused by additional ingredients that manufacturers use to prevent caking (magnesium stearate for example) so probably not a big deal.

  76. Hi Anastasia, thank you so much for your article. So, let me tell you a little bit about what has been going on. I had a bening polyp removed from my Uterus back in January 2015. After that, whenever I had to pee it was burning. I went to the gynecologist and he gave me antibiotics but they didn’t work. He said that maybe I needed surgery. After that I moved, so I couldn’t do anything else until a couple of months ago. I have been peeing with this burning sensation since January 2015. So, 2 years and 7 months. I am living in South Korea and it has been extremely difficult for the doctors to find what I really have. Pap smear shows that my bladder has an inflammation so the results say cervicitis. Urologist found ureaplasma. I took antibiotics (3 times) and the bacteria disappear but not the burning sensation. I have been to 3 hospitals and 1 specialist and the results have been different everywhere. Cervicitis, Cystitis, Dysuria. I went to a herb store (oriental medicine) and they said, I could have an overactive bladder. I started taking d mannose, cranberry and drinking water with sea salt 10 days ago. I also stopped drinking coffee. So, it has been 10 days and I noticed that my symptoms were diminishing!! I still feel burning but less times and less painful. Does this means that I had the E.coli all of this time? What would you recommend? Any specific test that I should ask for? I would really appreciate your comment on this. Thank you

    • Hello Ann Marie,
      Sorry to hear you have been looking for an answer for so long! This must be very annoying to experience burning every time you pee 🙁
      Just to remind you, I’m not a doctor and everything I say here are just my thoughts on the subject. I can help you to brainstorm as a friend would do, not as a medical professional.
      Well, quite frankly I don’t think this is E. coli (which would be your “cystitis” diagnosis), since I can’t imagine that you would have burning with urination as your only symptom for over two years.
      The fact that you feel the symptoms while peeing, not the urgency make me believe it is not an overactive bladder either.
      Pap smear is taken from your cervix, so it would not show what’s going on in your bladder. But it will show STDs and in some cases ureoplasma can cause inflammation of a urethra. However, you say that you are clear on that front but the symptoms remained.

      Many urine tests are unreliable, but I would imagine they at least took your urine sample for a urine culture test? That’s the one that they give you results in 2-3 days after trying to grow whatever bacteria are present in your urine sample. Did you have that one done? Check your papers from the hospital that diagnosed you with Cystitis. What was the treatment?
      Dysuria is just a medical term for your symptoms, not a diagnosis.
      Were you catheterized during or after the procedure? How quickly the symptoms appear after the surgery? Is your pelvic area and urethra are tender to touch when then examine you? It could be a traumatic urethritis (again, not trying to diagnose, just thinking out loud -check with your MD). What about white blood cell count test to check for inflammation? Did they try that? Along with a culture test it should give you some clues.
      I would recommend to skip the cranberry juice and further adjust your diet to exclude irritant and to make your urine more alkaline, then see what happens. Check out this post For more ideas.
      I don’t think you even need D-Mannose, it can be an irritant on its own.
      Best wishes and speedy recovery!

  77. I use d-mannose for a couple of years now. I recently had an UTI after 21 months without it.
    The pain was so severe that I took an antibiotic (Monuril/fosfomucine). I Always have an antibiotic in case I have an UTI. Because it happend during the night and it was so painful, I decided to take the Monuril instead of d-mannose.
    D-mannose had always helped me very much. When I have the first symptomes I take a dosage of 2 grams with a small amount of water. I take it on an empty stomach and empty bladder. After 1 hour I urinate and take again a dosage of 2 grams. After that I take every 2 hours 2 grams of d-mannose. Always on an empty stomage and empty bladder (about half an hour before taking it and after taking it, I don’t drink and eat).
    Depending on how things are going, I take 2 grams every 3 hours and continue to do so for about 5 days.
    I also take a cranberry capsule twice a day.
    In the Netherlands were I life, d-mannose powder is more expensive than the capsules.
    I take capsules when I am out of my home.
    I use NOW d-mannose and on the bottle of the powder they advise to take 2 grams.
    But on the bottle of the capsules (also from NOW) they advise 3 capsules of 500 gram= 1,5 gram
    So I don’t understand why there is a difference in the amount you have to take.
    I also wonder if the powder works better than the capsules. Could there be a difference?
    My urologist advised not to take d-mannose on a daily basis, but only to use it when I have an UTI.
    I think she’s afraid that it won’t work anymore when you take is to often. But I don’t know if that’s the case as I read that a lot of women are taking it to prevent having an UTI.
    I also have pain in my bladder when the bladder is to empty. When I urinate and don’t drink enough I have a pain in my bladder and it feels like I am having an UTI. But when I drink enough the pain will go away after some time. So this is a bit confusing.
    For women who are taking antibiotics it is important not to drink to much. When you drink to much water, the antibiotics will delute (I hope this is the right word for it) to much.
    My urologist advised me to drink no more then 1,5 to 2 liters a day. I also have a problem that I have to urinate to much and the amounts of urine are to small. So my bladder is very senistive. I have medication for that Vesicare.

    • Hi Karijn,

      Sorry to hear you are having a UTI again.
      In terms of capsules/powder: there is really no difference. However, when a supplements company develops a product, they prefer to have at least 20 servings of a product per bottle, otherwise it will look too expensive and there is only so much powder you can fit in a capsule. Since there is no clinically recommended dose, there is really no risk for them to advise one way or another. I believe this is where the discrepancy is originated.
      You can not become resistant to D-Mannose.
      Many women who have chronic UTI have overall problems with their bladder stemming from recurrent inflammation. Check out this post about chronic UTI here.
      Oral antibiotics are delivered through your blood as well as through your urine. I would suggest to avoid dairy and calcium supplements but drink at least a glass of water every time you take an antibiotic. (I’m not a doctor, this is my personal opinion, advise with your MD).
      Do you have any kidney scarring or any other kidney issues? Normally a recommendation to limit water intake makes sense if you have some kind of problems with kidneys.
      Hope you feel well soon!

      • Hi Anastasia,

        Thanks for the article resistant to D-Mannose, very interesting.

        I do not have kidney issues. My bladder is over active, because of that I have a constant urge to urinate. I take Vesicare and it helps for these symptoms.
        Because of this my urologist advised to drink 250 ml after going to the toilet, every 3 hours. And not to go any sooner then after 3 hours.
        When I drink to much I keep going to the toilet.

        In September I start a treatment called PTNS. More info on this subject can be found at http://www.uroplasty.com urgent pc.
        Once a week I have to go to the hospital for this treatment, 12 weeks.
        If it helps, I can quit taking the medication.

        Do you know the antibiotic Monuril/fosfomucine? You only have to take one dosage. It is strong and I was afraid of the side effects because I never used it before. But everything went well. 2 days after this antibiotic I started to take the d-mannose to make sure all bacteries were gone.

        Thank you!

        Kind regards

        • Hi Karijn,
          Vesicare is an anticholinergic medication, it basically blocks a certain neurotransmitter and therefore does not allow the impulses from your bladder muscles to get to you brain. In my humble non medical opinion, this is just masking the problem rather than solving it.
          PTNS is an relatively novel treatment with pretty high success rates for overactive bladder and has little side effects. You can also try diet to see if excluding irritants help to improve your condition.
          Fosfomycin is an antibiotic developed in 1970s, primarily used for UTI but tends to contribute to developing resistant bacteria, so it is not used often. Glad you feel better! Take some good probiotics now 🙂

    • Karina, it depends on what are you trying to do.
      If you are taking them for prevention, then it also depends on what triggers your UTIs. If it’s sex, I would personally take it every time after sex while replenishing good vaginal bacteria. For example, if you just finished a course of antibiotics and started on probitoics, I would take D-Mannose every time after sex for about 1-2 months while drinking probiotics, prebiotics and eating right.

  78. I just started taking Solaray D-mannose 1,000 mg with 400 mg Cranactin. I have read how many take as preventative as well as treatment for uti. I have suffered with uti for many years and always used antibiotic as method to rid the infection. My problem is it seems the d-mannose is irritating my bladder. Any suggestions?

  79. Hi Everyone,
    here is my question. I have had UTI symptoms of severe peri -Anal burning for about three weeks. However I suffer from a disorder called Pelvic Floor dysfunction.
    This can also cause symptoms like this, but rarely this intense in my experience.
    I saw both my urologist and my primary care doctor.
    each prescribed antibiotics after finding a small amount of E. coli in my test. (The usual office test you described)
    I tried amoxicillin and also Macrobid. Each one was given a trial of about 4 to 5 doses.
    each time my condition got much worse!
    So my urologist felt that it was my pelvic floor dysfunction causing my problems and he said The antibiotics ‘ confused my system” causing my urge to Pee and burning to be more intense. We stopped the antibiotics. I am still suffering just as much.
    I also tried “Now “d-mannose. I had a couple days when the burning was less, but it was hard to know why.
    I took the d-mannose again this week .
    my symptoms were extremely intense
    it did nothing. I only took it a couple times tho.
    Years back I was mistakenly diagnosed with interstitial cystitis. After seeing many docs and physical therapists I was finally diagnosed correctly with very tight pelvic floor muscles,. I finally realized my bladder was not the problem but instead the muscles as mentioned.
    That is pelvic floor dysfunction.
    But over the years I gave up all acidic foods and then gradually returned to them when I realized I did not have interstitial cystitis.
    I gained healthy weight
    but still had minor urinary Issues With no burning!!
    Until this past three weeks!
    my pelvic floor area has been on fire !
    Not sure what to do!
    I have been wary of D mannose because even though I don’t have Interstitial cystitis I avoid foods that are very acidic just to be safe , such as cranberry or lime etc.
    Now that I am three weeks in awful burning pain and I’ve called my doc several times,
    I am at a loss as to what to do.
    It feels like a bad infection,! yet the burning is the only symptom I have along with some urinary frequency. Please any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks very much
    Kathy D

    • Hi Kathy,
      Sorry to hear that you are in pain. To my understanding, some exercises could help? I’m sure you have researched this topic by now.
      D-Mannose could only help if what you are experiencing is indeed an infection caused by E.Coli. Here is a list of other supplements you could explore with your doctor. But if your pain is muscle related I’m afraid there is little help.
      Speaking of acidity: lime, for example, wouldn’t be acidic for your bladder, instead lime and lemons are alkalizing. Juices of fruits and vegetables that are acidic to taste are not necessary lowering your urine pH. Just saying 🙂
      Best wishes.

  80. I was told by my Ob-Gyn I had to take an antibiotic for my UTI and the side effects were staggering so I am using D-Mannose for the e-coli that was found in my urine. I am so glad I read your article because I was taking D-Mannose and wasn’t taking it the correct way. Nowhere on the instructions do they give the info I just learned on your page. It’s been two days and no symptoms except a slight ache in my lower back on the left side even taking it incorrectly, but I am sure once I take this the right way I will feel better. Thank you and hoping I can take care of this unpleasant “friend” I need to rid myself of asap. ..we shall see…

    • Hi Helene, I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. However I’m very worried about your lower back pain, it could indicate that kidneys have been infected. Please go see your physician and do another urine test at the clinic. As much as I hate antibiotics myself, sometimes it is a necessary evil. Please see your doctor ASAP.

  81. Hi Anastasia,
    My daughter is 19 and just started college, 3 hours away from me (her mom). After 1 week of being at college, she came down with her first UTI. She admits that she did not drink enough water that week AND also had sex with her boyfriend the night she came down with the UTI symptoms. They used some brand of condom for contraception. I drove 3 hours and took her to the school clinic. She was put on Macrobid for 7 days. Today is day 7 of Macrobid.

    So to prevent further UTI infections (& others), my questions for your are:

    1) I sent her 2 types of D-Mannose powders. Solaray D-mannose with Cranactin & Clear Tract pure D-mannose. Which would you recommend now that she is finishing the Macrobid? And dosage? Or should she just use before &/or after sex?
    2) Last month she had BV and a yeast infection (from wet clothing & sexual activity) and was put on Metronidazole. At that time I put her on Nature’s Way Primadophilus Optima Womens 90 Billion, during and after the Metronidazole. She claims she has taken this probiotic almost every day while at college. Yet she still came down with this UTI. Should I change the probiotic to Represh or Femdophilus?
    3) What brand of condoms are best to detour these UTI’s, BV, and yeast? And do they use absolutely no lubricants of any sort on condoms or otherwise?
    4) I have also armed her with Vitamin D, multivitamin, cranberry capsules, the probiotics, the D-Mannose….what might I urge her to take daily as a preventive regimen?
    5) She is supposed to start a birth control pill after her next menstrual cycle? Do you know if the pill may render some benefit for UTI, BV, and yeast?

    I know that I went through viscous cycles of these 3 vaginal woes during my early 20’s, in my sexually active years. I am really trying to nip this before it might become a recurring problem for her. Antibiotics scare me, and she has been on 2 in the last month!

    Thank you so much in advance for any light you can shed.

    • Hi Nicolette, sorry to hear about the troubles with your daughter’s health.
      Let’s get to my non-MD opinion on the topics you raised.
      1) Which brand and when. The first doesn’t matter. Just take a look at the ingredients list, you want her to take ~500mg per dose. Some of the supplements have other ingredients in them and reduced amount of D-Mannose. Other than that – not much difference, just personal preference and price per unit. She can start taking D-Mannose while she is finishing her antibiotic. They do not interact. Also NAC would help to help break down bacterial biofilms. If her UTIs are connected to sex, than just tell her to take a dose (500 mg) after sex. That should do it.
      2) Check out this post about BV & Yeast remedy . Rephresh is a brand I personally trust, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is type and viability of probiotics (read here what to look for). It can take a while, and she needs to make sure to eat healthy to feed the bacteria in order for them to colonize her gut and consequently descend into her vagina and it takes time. Every time she is stressed, eats too much of sugar, not enough fiber etc.. her good bacteria could suffer.
      3) Any brand that has no spermicide would do. Definitely avoid warming, tingling, cooling or has any other bells and whistles like added flavor. There are non lubricated once (Trojan ENZ Non-Lubricated, for example). They can shop for a better lube in a health store to go with it.
      4) Good job! Add something for bladder health. Here is a list
      5) This is actually a tricky question. It surely can help, or it could make it worse. Till she tries you can’t know for sure. Best of luck with that!

  82. I have a rather complicated situation, but have found your blog to be extremely helpful. I had a hysterectomy at 39, about 28 years ago. A careless snip from the surgeon on a primary nerve left me unable to urinate on my own since then. I have to catheterize every time I pee. Urge is still there, just need to empty my bladder with my “Pee tube”. Had no problems for many years with this method. Then, two years ago, diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. Long story short, I’m on an estrogen blocker for 5 years, which causes extremely dry female parts. That, compounded with post menopause symptoms, not easy to have/enjoy sex with my husband once a week. But we manage. Only thing that makes it somewhat more comfortable is coconut oil, but that’s another story. Unfortunately, with all this going on, I started getting UTIs a year ago, and had one after the other until about a month ago when I read your blog. It had gotten to the point that I was on a prophylactic antibiotic, Macrobid, every night. Of course, this causes the vicious cycle of UTIs, relief, yeast infections, etc. Pretty miserable. So, when I read your blog for the first time I had decided to stop the craziness of taking antibiotics and was clear of an acute UTI that day. I was looking for a more holistic/natural solution to the problem I was having every time we had sex. I took your advice, all of it, and began a new regime. Cut down my sugar intake, and started on a probiotic that you recommended. Additionally, first thing in the morning, I drink 8 ounces of warmish water with 1 to 2 teaspoons of ACV with a packet of Stevia or a half a teaspoon of raw honey (recommended by Dr. Josh Axe). Then I take 1 Ultra Strength Cranberry, 500 MG (Target brand), 1 Vitamin C 1000 MG, 1 Vit D 5000 UI. At noon I take my probiotic with a bit of Greek yogurt. Before bed, D-Mannose 500 MG in a bit of water.
    This seems to have done the trick. I have been UTI free for over a month, and it feels like my vaginal flora is healthy again. No more pain, burning, back discomfort. From what I understand, a UTI will usually start within 24 to 48 hours of sex. I’m thrilled, so far, with results that I’m getting with this new “diet” of natural supplements. If for some reason this changes, I will update my post.
    Thank you for your blog. I am very grateful for all the great information that you’ve shared. I have in turn, shared it with many of my girlfriends who seem to experience similar issues.

    • Hi Katrina,
      Thank you so much for taking time to write about your experience. It sounds like you have been through a lot.
      I’m very glad to hear that you found a protocol for UTI prevention that is working for you, and happy to hear that information on this blog was helpful.
      Here is a fresh post about bladder supplements, maybe you find some of the supplements useful in your case.
      Stay strong 🙂
      Best wishes and a hug,

  83. Hi Anastasia V,
    I’m a 39 yr. old quadriplegic with a superapubic catheter. I constantly battle getting UTI’s so I thought I would try the D Mannose powder you suggested. I tend to have a lot of mucus in my urine. I drink water all day long, so my fluid intake is good. I do drink sweet tea twice a day though. I currently take cranberry pills and a probiotic. Do you have any suggestions that I could try to use to help me out. to prevent the UTI’s. How should I go about taking the D Mannose?

    • Hi Jeff, got ya. Here are my thoughts (I’m not a medical professional, please consult with your physician if you decide to try any of the following).
      -D-Mannose once a day sounds like a good idea. Start with half of a tea spoon, see how you tolerate it the first day.
      -Garlic pills (2-3 per day, equal to 2000-2500 mg fresh garlic) together with NAC to fight the bacteria and bacterial biofilms.
      Supplements to restore bladder lining
      -Any kind of potent probiotic would be good. Make sure to eat a variety of veggies or supplement with prebiotic to help good bacteria to thrive in your body.
      Best wishes,

      • That’s good! If you try to eat healthy diet, low pH is expected. pH is a side effect of the diet and it changes every time you eat or drink something. Most importantly are all other components of fruits, veggies, and herbs that help you to resist the infection.

    • Hi Jeff!
      1) Doesn’t matter! We will need to read the description on the back of garlic capsules. The concentration varies from brand to bran, so just adjust the dose accordingly, you need about 2-3 garlic gloves per day or equivalent of that in supplements. Looks like if you go with NOW brand you’ll need about 6 capsules per day.
      2) I’m not familiar with the brand, but according to CFU/tablet you’ll need at least 2 tablets per day (you’d want minimum 10 billion CFUs per dose). Warning sign is that they say 6 billion CFUs at the time of manufacture, and 2 billion by expiration day so it’s not clear how many alive bacteria are there now, you want them to guarantee the number of CFUs up to the expiration date. You can test the quality by adding it to room temperature milk, leave it overnight and see next day if it soured 🙂 But then it only tells you if there are any live bacteria not how many. There are plenty of good brand on the market, here are general guidelines how to choose a good probiotic supplement.
      3. Food is the best. Prebiotic powder is expensive! If you eat plenty of vegetables and follow the seasons, your bacteria should have enough food to keep them happy.
      Best wishes!

  84. Sorry to bother just trying to get best option and you’ve gave me a lot of help I can’t get. Here is 2 types of pills or should just go with cheapest option.


    On probiotics:
    I’ve read that article but would those probiotics be right for me since I’m a guy? I’ve read so many articles on probiotics my heads spinning. Plus there are a million to choose from. Some say you need 5 strains some say more. Some say you need 50 billion CFUs per dose some say that’s way too much. I’m just trying to get the best guideline as to what I need in a probiotic.
    1. How many stains are bests?
    2. So I need at least 10 billion CFUs?
    3. I know NOTHING compared to you on these matters, so If I were to ask you which one would you buy?
    4. Would you get any of the Aloe pills that one article I read said would help.

    I’m just trying to get the best method to fight these UTI’s and stay out of hospital. Again thanks for your time.

    • Hi Jeff, happy to share my thoughts.
      1) Puritan brand seem to be better bang for the buck, since you’ll need only one capsule (it is more concentrated from what I can see)
      2) Really depends. Finish your current product, then check online for independent lab results review of probiotics (for example https://labdoor.com). Majority of brands will have the following:
      Lactobacillus species:
      L. acidophilus, L. casei, L. fermentum, L. gasseri, L. johnsonii, L. lactis, L. paracasei, L. plantarum, L. reuteri, L. rhamnosus, L. salivarius

      Bifidobacterium species:
      B. bifidum, B. breve, B. lactis, B. longum.

      Streptococcus species:
      S. thermophilus

      Just look for diversity and you can rotate products to expose yourself to a variety of strains. The jury is till out when it comes to precise probiotic science! 10 billion CFUs is the min from what I’ve heard so far.
      More potent probiotic can “upset” your stomach for a little while but this is the only side effect and you might not even experience it.
      Aloe pills would not hurt 🙂 Given that you had multiple infections, your bladder lining would hopefully benefit from that. Look into teas with corn silk and marshmallow root as well.
      Best method is unknown 🙁 but if you combine antimicrobial supplements with probiotics, right diet, D-Mannose I really hope you’ll experience a relief. Make sure to check in with your doc!
      Best wishes

      • OK Here is my plan. I read the Ultimate Review of Bladder Health Supplements, 2017 again so I thought about ordering all of those powders you recommended for each supplement. Quercitin, Marshmallow Root, Aloe Vera Juice, Chondroitin sulfate, Hyaluronic acid Berberine, Uva Ursi along with the garlic pills to start out. Does this seem good or is this overkill. I know when I drink the D Mannose I’m not supposed to drink anything for an hour. Can I combine some of these together or how should I go about it. Or would pills be better? My doctor is no help that’s why I’m asking you all these questions. He’s useless.

        • Hi Jeff,
          Overkill 🙂
          Given that UTI prevention is a life long journey, it is better to single out what’s working and what’s not. IMHO it is better to start with selected few, give it 1-3 months and then swap/cancel out one by one if noticing adverse reactions or no results.
          Re: doctor – I can relate, however I need to remind readers frequently that I’m not a medical professional and all of this is just my personal opinion and it is better to consult with a licensed physician when starting supplements.

  85. My mother is taking the D-Mannose to keep from getting UTI’s. She is taking D-Mannose as you stated, but she is wondering what you call plenty of water that is needed after 45 minutes. Right now she is drinking about a glass and a half 45 minutes after taking D-Mannose, but she feels bloated and full right afterwards, and she doesn’t feel good. She is 90 years old. Would a glass of water be enough? or should she continue to take a glass and a half all at once. Thanks.

  86. Hello!
    I am in my late-40s and had to have a sub-total hysterectomy about 8 years. I went from having maybe 2 UTIs per year up to having 10 UTIs during the year of 2016, kind of out of the blue!! I was put on just about every antibiotic out there (sometimes 2 rounds) and the UTIs kept coming back (and honestly I never think they fully went away, even though my follow-up urinalysis would come back negative). I finally did some research on my own and discovered D-Mannose. I have been taking it as prevention for 9 months now and it has been life changing for me!! I just recently got my first UTI after 9 months being UTI free and feeling great. I discovered this blog and found out some mistakes I was making with taking D-Mannose and also learned about staying away from caffeine, sugar & chocolate. I am confident with these extra steps and staying true to my D-Mannose prevention routine that I can remain UTI free. Thank you, thank you, thank for your blog and the extra information!! Forever grateful for D-Mannose and I would recommend it (and your blog) to anyone I come across that has this problem.
    Susan C

    • Hi Susan,
      I’m so happy to hear that you have been UTI-free for 9 months! This is great news!
      In case if you missed, here is a new post about bladder supplements to help you with your efforts. Also, check out a post about hormones and I hope you are taking probiotics as well.
      Very happy for your result and thank you so much for taking time to share your success story, nothing makes me happier than hear good news from fellow UTI fighters. Best wishes!

  87. Hello! I recently found this site after hearing about D-mannose for the first time. I am 33 years old & have been having trouble with utis over the last year. Ive been on antibiotics probably 7-8 times in the last year & a half. Everytime my Dr sends off a urine culture it comes back with no growth even though the strip test done in office shows moderate to large bacteria & blood. I recently purchased a bottle of the cranberry with d-mannose but have not taken them yet. I have a few questions that I am hoping you could help me with. 1) I am currently on Bactrim for uti & am still having some subtle but annoying symptoms. Still waiting on the culture results. Is it safe to take the d-mannose while on the antibiotic? 2) Are there any known side effects to the d-mannose? 3) Would you recommend taking the D mannose daily for prevention along with a probiotic like the rephresh b? Thanks in advance!

  88. Hi, I have a history of UTI’s for many years. The only thing that stopped it for maybe 4 years was a prescription the doctor gave me of ciproflaxin 250mg & flagyl 250mg (at same time, I think). That was only after a Gynocologist would not give me anything for my pain because nothing showed up on test. Wow ! Said some some women after menopause just have to deal with it. Need I say I never went back to that doctor. OMG !!! I was in awful pain. I went to my GP and he said he would get rid of it. And, he did. Now I have had it maybe 4 times in 1.5 years. Not as bad as many of your readers but still enough for me. Bactrim treatment doesn’t work anymore and the Cipro finally did the trick. Took 3 weeks to get rid of it. I thought I would try this D-Mannose but after taking one capsule I find I cannot handle the capsule….as with all capsules I have taken, I feel yuck …queezy & light headed. Rather than wasting what my daughter bought me, will emptying the capsule in water act like the powder you can purchase? She bout me NOW product. Want to give it a try, plus get a good probiotic. Thanks.

  89. I would like to join your website. I have found it very beneficial. Bless you for this information. But when I click on JOIN at the top of the page, I do not get a screen to create an I’d and password. It assumes I have those already. I really want to ask about your knowledge about getting UTIs from sweating outside then going inside where it is cooler. Thank you for all this information.

    • Hey Pam,
      The join/Sign in button is for website admin (myself), don’t worry about it, I see your comments.
      1) Theory #1: I think Western and Eastern medicine practitioner would have different opinions here. According to what we know, UTIs are caused by bacteria, no amount of cold should make it worse. However, I am sure that if you ask a Chinese medicine practitioner, they’ll tell you that on the bottom of the foot, there is a kidney-meridian point, the chinese name is Yong Quan. They believe if you apply cold to that point, it will enter your kidneys. I, personally, always have UTI-like symptoms if my feet are cold. Try to avoid walking into the supermarkets in flip flops and keep a layer in a car to cover your back when coming in from outside.
      2) Theory #2: Apocrine sweat glands are found in the armpits and genital region. They produce a thick sweat fluid which when exposed to various bacteria starts to smell. If you are producing excessive sweat, try to use baby wipes throughout the day to freshen up.
      I also replied to you earlier here with a bit more info ( http://www.stoputiforever.com/prevention/prevent-uti)
      Best wishes 🙂

  90. Thank you for taking the time for your kind reply with so many good suggestions. I already follow most of them and will be looking into the others. But I guess I wasn’t very clear. I do use estrogen vaginal tablets, probiotics, probiotics, and follow all of the hygiene items. I also eat a good diet. I keep the UTIs at bay except in one situation. Let me restate the problem. I have become an excessive sweater as I aged. I am 68. Still very active outside. A typical scenario that causes me problems recently occurred. We were on vacation and sightseeing outside in 90 degrees for several hours. When I sweat, it rolls down my back, down my crack for lack of a better word and down into the gyno-urinary area. So e-coli is picked up on the way. So I have been outside sweating. Underpants are wet. Then we go into a restaurant to eat and it is air conditioned and cool. So sweating stops. As long as I am still sweating I am ok. But once I am in a cool area for more than an hour, I will get an infection. I guess I just need to carry extra underpants along with the wipes I already carry. Then whenever we go inside I would change. But maybe I need to carry the tea tree oil wash you describe as well as wipes. Yes I know there could be other bacteria than e-coli but my gut tells me the infections are e-coli. I could be wrong. Thank you again for your time!

    • Hi Pam,
      Well, sweat is food for bacteria, and it’s not a good idea to sit around in cold wet underwear either. I think your solution to carry a change of dry clothing sounds good.
      As in my example, when I’m dressed for hot weather and come inside of a heavily AC’d building I always get “UTI like” symptoms. I attribute it to my feet and my back getting cold (Chinese medicine would agree). But in my case it’s never an actual infection, just feeling of urgency.
      So it could be the sweat (since on it’s own it is a breeding ground for bacteria), it could be the fact that you are dressed for 90 degrees and sitting in 68 degrees with AC air blowing on you. LMK if changing into something dry and warmer does the trick. I’m actually thinking to talk to a Chinese medicine doctor about your situation, maybe it will turn into a post. If so, I’ll let you know!

  91. Hi I have been battling UTIs for the past 3 years. I was on antibiotic for a very long time for my acne and when i stopped taking them was when i got a UTI. I then was on many different antibiotics and finally my urologist prescribed me to take them everytime after sex and that worked some. I have been taking plexus supplements since may and it has been helping but I just went to the doctor and found out i have another UTI. The only time i get a UTI is after sex. I have been reading about D-Mannose and just wondering what I should do. I am not sure if my UTIs are from E coli or not. I did read a side effect that said it can cause problems when tying to get pregnant. Is that true? I have been taking a probiotic daily since may with the plexus combo. Not sure if that is the best probiotic to take or not?

    • Hi Ashlee,
      Sorry to hear! Unfortunately, a very familiar story.
      Since you have a history of multiple UTIs, most likely this is a range of bacteria that are causing the infection, not just E. coli. Here is my non-medical opinion:
      1) Try supplements for bladder health, especially the ones that help you to fight bacteria such as combo of garlic and NACs (with your doc approval).
      2) Read here about D-Mannose side effects. I would not worry in your case, but you can also take it during the day if you are afraid. If I were you, I would definitely give it a try, at least while you are restoring your flora with prebiotics and (if doc supports) getting of your antibiotic regime.
      3) Use potent prebiotics that have been proven to be effective to restore healthy vaginal flora. Any brand would work, here are the strains that you need.
      4) Help your bladder with the right diet, at least while you are trying natural supplements.
      Best of luck!

        • Hi Ashlee,
          If you just follow the links I provided and read the posts, this might answer your question. If to summarize: supplements for bladder health, D-Mannose, probiotics, special diet. Every time you take probiotics, prebiotic (or a diet full of fiber) is a good idea.

  92. Hi ladies, I thought I’d share my experience because my recurrent UTI’s were literally ruining my life! I would get an infection every week and it would be so bad that I would have blood in my urine. I relied heavily on antibiotics but after long-term use I noticed they became less and less effective and this was worrying. After reading every bit of information on the internet, I came across D-mannose. I tried it and have not had a UTI since! I would get them every week but since taking D-mannose I haven’t had a single infection. I started with the NOW brand capsules but have since bought the powder in bulk from bulk supplements online as it’s much cheaper (about $90 for 1kg). I’m sooo thankful to have come across D- mannose, it literally changed my life. Hope this helps others out there who are suffering with this 🙁

    • Hello Maria,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience. Congrats on finding a supplement that works for you! Best wishes,

  93. Hi Anastasia,

    I have UTI (E.Coli confirmed 10 to the 9th but Creatinine, Urea, CRP all normal so I believe it did not go to kidney infection). Today is a fourth day I am taking a teaspoon every three hours, but I did not understand if I need to take it every 3 hours day AND night? I was doing it while awake and would take my last dose before bed and just continue in the morning after I rehydrate some and then all day. My symptoms seem OK, I just have some irritation while urinating (started back today) but read that for some reason some do have this sideffect. Other than that I am fine, just have slight issue with the fact that this is sugar since I am on a very low carb diet for 6 years treating my autoimmune disease, but I am watching what I eat so I am OK now, just some bloating but not too bad (had some loose stools first two days, now is much better). So please, do I need to wake up at night to take my dose? I have another package of 85g in mail and should arrive by next week, so should I restart my treatment if I messed it up by not taking d-mannose during the night?

    Thank you in advance for your response!

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Arijana,
      I don’t think you need to worry about it, sounds like you have consumed plenty of D-Mannose in the past four days. If it were to work, it would by now. Perhaps, consider decreasing the dose to twice a day and trying other supplements as well such as garlic pills (obviously, consult with your MD, this is just my personal non medical opinion)

      When did you do the lab test? Before or after D-Mannose supplementation? Any amount of bacteria in the urine may suggest UTI, especially if you still have symptoms. If it your symptoms is a side-effect of D-Mannose, decreasing the dose might help. See how your body reacts and be very careful and see a doctor immediately if your symptoms get worse.
      It’s good that you are taking probiotics, let’s hope this will help you with prevention in the future.
      Best wishes,

      • Hello Anastasia,

        Thank you so much for your reply!

        So if I ever need to repeate the treatment, was I supposed to take it at night as well?

        I must correct myself, I made a typo in my post, I had 10 to the 7th of E.Coli in urine taken first thing in the morning three consequitive days. The test was way before I got my hands on d-mannose. This amount already threatens kidneys but I was lucky. I have lots of problems with my gut and autoimmune diseases so I was trying to avoid antibiotics since I get really sick from them, I even get fever after 3-4 days of taking them. This is why I insisted that my doctor checks the blood for urea, creatinine and CRP values, to be sure my kidneys are fine. Then I found out about d-mannose and found your posts (thank you so much for posting all of that valuable information). I have a bottle of NOW powder in the mail (ordered from iHerb) so I plan to do the maintenance for a while to be sure it is gone.

        I am waiting for my period to clears and as soon as it does I will repeate the urine test to see where I stand. Should I stop taking d-mannose? Does it affect the test? I’m thinking it could just be more accurate since d-mannose will unhook any remaining bacteria stuck to the walls of the UT.

        Thank you again!

        Kind regards,


        • Hi Arijana,
          I’m happy to share what I know. I’m glad you are repeating the test. The amount of bacteria in your case is indeed very high. I would keep D-Mannose twice per day for couple weeks, even if new test shows none.
          I never heard that D-Mannose might interfere with the test but I see you point. Still, I think the test is not going to be affected too much, since concentration of free floating UTI is reflective of overall infection progress.
          Since you have autoimmune issues, google “Found my fitness” Dr. Rhonda Patrick, specifically interview with Tim Ferris. She has some interesting theories on autoimmune disease linked to lack of fiber in a diet. Not saying that it’s your case, but it’s worth exploring.
          Best of luck! Let me know how was your post-D-Mannose supplementation test.


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