5 main D-Mannose side effects and how to avoid them


Some say D-Mannose has practically no side effects and it is safe to take it indefinitely. Is it true? In this post I’m sharing my personal experience and feedback from readers who tried D-Mannose supplement.

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Quality control

Unfortunately, FDA does not regulate food supplements. Therefore, every manufacturer  makes D-Mannose from different sources:

  • Some brands use additives, others don’t
  • Some make D-Mannose from corn, others use birch tree juice. Third might be making an artificial version of the sugar in a lab.
  • The quality of D-Mannose coming from the same producer may vary from batch to batch.

If you are experiencing problems with one brand, try another one to see if it works better for you (see my review of Top Five D-Mannose brands, 2017 that are worth spending your money on).

#1 Frequent D-Mannose side effect: diarrhea & loose stool

If you overdose on D-Mannose you will get diarrhea. I’ve learned this from my own experience and heard this many-many times from others. You might get loose stools or it could be very watery diarrhea.

diarrhea is one of D-mannose side effects

What is the critical dose? For some it could be three teaspoons within a day, for others – one heaped spoon. However, in comparison to horrible side-effects from antibiotics, diarrhea is not the worst thing. Just plan to stay close to home the first day you try D-Mannose!

Finally, if you experience diarrhea as a D-Mannose side effect, just lower your dose next time.

#2 Another side effect: GI tract issues

You might experience stomach pain, bloating and indigestion. Looks like even a small dose of the powder could produce this effect. It is hard to tell if any existing conditions or diet could be a contributing factor to this problem.

Try at your own risk, but again, you could get much worse side effects when using antibiotics. Once you stop D-Mannose, the side effects should disappear.

#3 Unusual D-Mannose side effects: bladder irritation symptoms

Another side effect that some people report is that D-Mannose can irritate the bladder. Some people complain on symptoms similar to UTI when they use D-Mannose for prevention, that go away once they stop taking D-Mannose. Obviously, if you are taking D-Mannose to prevent or treat UTI, the last thing you want is UTI-like symptoms.

#4 Rare D-Mannose side effects: skin rash & itchiness

Some women experienced skin rash and itching (itchy scalp, red itchy skin) when taking the powder. Again, symptoms seem to subside and go away once they stop D-Mannose. It’s unclear if a certain brand (source of D-Mannose) might have something with this symptom or if it’s just personal sensitivity, or overdose.

#5 Unlikely D-Mannose side effects: problems when conceiving

If you are trying to conceive you might want to be careful when you take D-Mannose. Studies show that D-Mannose could bind to sperm therefore preventing it from fertilizing the egg, however in-vitro studies have so far been inconclusive and only demonstrated this effect when D-Mannose was present in unusually high concentrations. If you want to be on a safe side, avoid taking D-Mannose before “baby-making” sex or shortly after.

How else to prevent UTI naturally

Hence, D-Mannose is a great product that helped many women out there, however try it at your own risk and remember to watch your symptoms carefully.

Things to remember:

  • D-Mannose product differ one from another, and the quality, purity and origin may wary from brand to brand and even from a batch to a batch. Buy quality brands made in USA
  • Stay at home since you might develop diarrhea
  • Don’t be surprised if you feel bloated
  • If you develop UTI-like symptoms while taking D-Mannose for prevention, you might want to try another brand
  • If your skin is itchy, it could be one of D-Mannose side effects
  • If you are trying to conceive, you might want to use something else to prevent UTI naturally
  • Lastly, D-Mannose is not the only “secret” to prevent UTIs. Many doctors don’t know that special probiotics can work wonders!

Please leave your reviews and share your experiences if you noticed anything unusual while taking D-Mannose. I’m tracking all responses and updating this post often.


  1. I have been reading your blog as I’ve come into my 2nd UTI in 2 months. Prior to this little outbreak, it had been nearly 10 years since my last UTI. I tried D-Mannose on the first round as my sister recommended it and has had success. I was taking 2 tsp. every 2 hours for the first two days. Prior to going to bed at the end of the 2nd day, I noticed some red blotches on my stomach. I continued taking the same dose into the next day. By about 4:00 pm of the 3rd day, the red blotches became a solid red rash across my stomach (under my breasts). It had also spread to my back (radiated out from my spine). I also experienced increasingly horrible joint pain. It started in my right hip, then to the next hip, in my neck, my knees, my shoulders. I felt as though I was crippled. I simply ceased use. Within 2 days I was back to normal. I so wanted to LOVE D-Mannose, unfortunately it didn’t appear to love me. And a super “unfortunately” – I had to seek help in the form of antibiotics. First round was five days of Macrobid. It didn’t knock out the bacteria and 2 days after finishing it, I was back at square one. Then I was given 5 days of Cipro. It appeared to work, but about 1 week later my pee strip tested positive. So hear I am. I tried an experiment that perhaps I should not have after my first round with D-Mannose. I have had 1 tsp. every 2 hours for the last 2 days. And here it is the wee (no pun intended) hours of the night and I have the blotching starting on my stomach. I’ve noticed also with this round that it increases my heart rate not long after I’ve taken it. There is also another slightly odd side effect… my ears have felt like they need to be “popped” – similar to being in the mountains or on a plane. This started happening earlier in day 2 (today). So now I’m going to stop taking it. I do have probiotics on the way and am hopeful those will help tremendously as I will likely be facing another round of antibiotics. I was unable to find any similar claims after using D-Mannose. I did experience the typical gas, loose stools, slight nausea, but this is a far more severe reaction, which appears to have more to do with length of time in my system than it does with the dose. I felt compelled to comment on your blog in the event that someone else had/has a similar experience. Be cautious. It is a simple sugar, and would appear harmless. I cannot explain WHY my body reacts to it in this way. I’m glad it works for my sister and appears to work for so many others. I totally wish I were in that group!

    • Hi Shannon,
      This is indeed really weird! Which brand did you use?
      Sorry you had to go with Cipro. 🙁
      Did you figure put what causes UTIs in your case? What is your routine to prevent the infections?

      Wish you to feel better soon,

    • Wow I was just looking up the side effects and ran up on this page. I have red nickel size blotches in a circle pattern that developed on my arms and one on my forehead. I think D-Mannose is the culprit. Glad I decided to investigate before spending money at the Dr.

    • OK, our bodies naturally make D Mannose so it is highly improbable you would be allergic as it seems you are have an allergic/immune system reactions to the D Mannose. SO maybe you should try a different vendor? Maybe the D Mannose has other ingredients or something not right with the batch you bought? Plus naturopathy doctors say to only take 1 tsp every 3 hours for 2 days then take it twice a day till symptoms gone, hope that helps!! (I am a nurse with cystitis and research like crazy!)

    • Jenny, Had a similar allergic reaction to d-mannose. Took NOW brand 500 mg d-mannose. Within about 20 minutes, allergic reaction and hard to breathe for only a couple minutes, extreme pain in both arms, ears felt weird almost like some type of popping noise, trunk of body, arms, neck and ears turned red (not blotches), just turned red. Bad stomach pain for a few minutes. Took one zyrtec and felt much better within 30-45 minutes. That was crazy!

    • Thanks for sharing. I contracted a UTI yesterday and went and got D-mannose powder (New Roots) and a probiotic (Genestra HMF UTI brand) from a natural products pharmacy. I didn’t relate it at first but now am wondering if my itchy throat and feeling of having an allergic reaction was caused from the d-mannose. I’ve been quite nauseated and bad diarrhea this morning after taking 3 tsp in my water. Think I’m going to need antibiotics after all. Not a happy camper.

  2. Anastasia,
    Sex brought on the first one, I believe helped by an increased consumption of fresh bread I had been baking (I’m a sucker for bread)? I am a beer drinker too, which doesn’t help. I had used NOW brand. I forgot to mention that my jaw, being another joint, also suffered severe pain during this. My last dose was last night at 9:00 pm. I woke this morning with subtle pain in my jaw and the red rash on my stomach hasn’t worsened. It was smooth and hot to the touch last time. I wasn’t using D-Mannose as a preventative, but a cure. I am of the belief that after the first UTI and the antibiotics, my system is more out of balance than what it was. I currently have no symptoms and my pee strip was negative this morning, but I’m not going to hold my breath that it’s gone yet. Still keeping my fluids up and drinking my morning ACV, cranberry supplements (since I have them on-hand) and raw garlic. I’ll have probiotics delivered tomorrow that I found on your blog, both for gut and for urinary/vaginal. Certainly if things progress in the wrong direction, I’ll get in and have my Dr. do a culture and go from there. The only thing I can think of in terms of my strange reaction to D-Mannose is it could be an allergic reaction, or the supplement is stripping my system of something?

    • Hey Shannon,
      Sorry, just noticed your reply. It’s hard to say what caused the rash. But I guess the only way to find out is to try a preventive dose of D-Mannose once it’s gone 🙂 if you are ready to experiment like this of course. NOW is a pretty popular brand, the adverse symptoms you are describing should have come up by now. But again, nobody is really doing any clinical trials for effectiveness of the treatment doses and potential side effects. The sugar itself “logically” should not cause the allergic reaction, it doesn’t even get absorbed much, that’s why it works. The additives that are mixed with the powder on the other hand are unknown.
      Here is a brand of D-Mannose that claims to bee additive free: http://amzn.to/28DfSvK.
      Antibiotics can indeed wreck your balance, for sure. Some side-effects are long term. Also, if you do have digestion problems they can definitely manifest themselves in a skin condition and how your joints are feeling.
      Hopefully you are doing better now! And I hope probiotics will help. I just found a great podcast (“Bulletproof radio”) that has a lot of info about diet and other factors affecting our health. Check it out! Let’s get you back in shape after the antibiotics and double down on prevention. No more UTI!

  3. I just googled D-Mannose side effects because since treating my UTI – apparently highly successfully – with a combination of NOW brand D-Mannose + UTI Drops + Silver I have had horrific joint and leg pain, and was really surprised to find that someone else had the same thing, and this month too.

    I also wanted to avoid antibiotics, partly because I have IBS and need the good bacteria to stay in my system and also I didn’t want to invite thrush to the party – but also because I do not have healthcare coverage – so I researched natural remedies and spent the last 4 days on a alkaline diet with lots of kefir, asparagus and blueberries and took a teaspoon of D Mannose around 4 times a day along with UTI drops and colloidal silver.

    The symptoms of the UTI have ceased but my legs, especially my hips and thighs have been agonising and I also developed a random mouth ulcer. Previous nights I was sipping water with D-Mannose during the night to prevent the bacteria building up overnight, and was waking up with terrible leg pain, last night I stopped this and my legs feel about 80% better, so I am pretty sure the two are connected and I think it’s time to stop taking it, I just hope the UTI doesn’t reappear. The UTI was a real one off too, camping trip + swimming in a lake + alcohol + lack of sleep – and not enough water so a real recipe for a UTI!

    • Oh wow, thanks for sharing Jay!
      I hope you feel better now.
      This is a real mystery to me. I wonder what could be the trigger. I’ll send the manufacturer a note, let’s see if they respond!

    • Hi Jay and Shannon,

      Here is the reply from NOW Foods (below). Surprise! They make their D-Mannose from corn!
      I’ll do more research on other brands.

      “Hi Anastasia,

      Hm, this is a first. I have not come across this before. While I cannot see how D-Mannose would negatively affect the joints, everyone is different.

      The D-Mannose is derived via fermentation of non-gmo corn. The pure powder is our better seller but, we also offer capsules.
      Thank you,
      NOW Foods Product Info”
      Let’s see if anybody else reports similar side effects. Hopefully not!

  4. D Monnose worked for me small side affect was a bit of diarrhoea after taking it for about 4-5 days cleared up uti so really pleased with it

    • Hi Mandy!

      Thanks so much for sharing! Super happy it worked for you. If you get a chance, could you please describe the symptoms regression in more details so we can learn how you felt on day 2, 3, 4? Did you do any tests to verify?

  5. I was suffering from a UTI that I thought I could flush out but failed to do so and it went to my kidneys, at which point I resorted to Trimethoprim. The symptoms lessened after the first 2 doses but I could feel the back pain coming back on day 2 so I started taking Waterfall d-mannose – 1 heaped tsp every 2 hours. The back pain lessened pretty quickly after taking the first dose, whether the antibiotic morning dose had just kicked in or not I don’t know but I have continued taking the d-mannose and seem to be getting better. I am now on the last day of a three day course of antibiotics.

    I don’t know where in the world you are Shannon but I bought my d-mannose from a company in England called Sweet Cures at Sweetcures.com

    If I understand correctly, you were not taking antibiotics at the same time as the d-mannose when you had the rash. Certainly, rashes and aches are associated with an allergy to an antibiotic. The problem may be due to something in the processing of the d-mannose. There may be something added in the production process that you are allergic to. Also, I don’t think the different manufacturers use the same base ingredient for their mannose, which may or may not be relevant, I don’t know.

    Have you had it confirmed that you have an e-coli infection? If not, it may be a different bug entirely, in which case d-mannose may not work.

    Anna at SweetCures is extremely helpful. She will talk to you and try to help you find a solution.

    • Hi Liz,

      Thank you so much for posting and sharing your thoughts and experience!
      There are couple brands on Amazon that also claim 100% pure D-mannose. This one states they make theirs from birch tree syrup: http://amzn.to/29pWPKJ

  6. Tonight is my first night on d mannose from NOW. My UTI has been so bad 🙁 one of the worst I’ve had. I’ve had about 4 in my life so far within the last 3-4 years. I usually get one once a year. I never got them in my teens, it’s so weird. And I also havnt had one in about a year. So I am really hoping this product helps.

    • Hi Jane,
      Hope this is working for you? Please come back and let us know how are you feeling!
      Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad 🙁

      • I am feeling so great! The d mannose really does work. I never had any side effects like the ones I’ve been reading in this forum. Everything was fine. Been taking them for like 3 days now and my UTI is gone 🙂 very pleased!

  7. I was diagnosed with IC, but I only have symptoms after I have sex, and I test positive for bacteria after that. A friend of mine had the same problem and suggested I try Cysticlean (cranberry supplements). I did some research and read that it could act in synergy with D Mannose, so I bought both. I took a full dose of both on Sunday night, and my bladder felt like it was on FIRE all night. And my skin has been extremely itchy all over since then. I though I just got a mild sunburn on Sunday, but I also have vaginal pain and itchiness, and what smells to be a mild BV. Although I’m wondering how I could get BV if these supplements should make my lady bits even more acidic…(I also take 1000mg vit C/ day ).
    I’m (ironically) glad to see I’m not the only one having problems with the Mannose. I will try to stick just to the cranberry to see if everything calms down, and if it’s useful long-term to avoid these pesky recurring infections…This is costing my patience and my relationship!

    • Hi Catherine,
      Thanks for posting, sorry it took me some time to get back to you, I was away for couple weeks.
      Let me suggest the opposite – try stopping the cranberry supplement but continue with D-Mannose. Cranberries can actually irritate your bladder, while D-Mannose (is no harsh additives were included) should be tolerated better.
      If you did stop D-Mannose, could you please share your feedback on how you are feeling now?
      Hope you are on the mend!

    • Acid is often a culprit. Your body becomes too acidic, the acid irritates and basically makes the Urinary Tract Raw (feels like a UTI, but test shows negative) then the Urinary Tract is open like a wound to all bacteria (most notably E-colli)

      I have found antacids will make the rawness disappear in 2 days or less. Thus closing the Urinary Tract to bacteria.

      E-colli will not “stick” to the Urinary tract while one is taking D-Mannose. That does not proclude other bacteria, nevertheless, most UTSs are E-colli driven!

      So, I take 1 capsule every night (Now brand) and avoid UTIs (was having one every month for a couple years before this) also, I STOP pickles, carbonated beverages (which turn to a strong acid in the body) and all acidic foods and drinks while taking antacids. SO I never have a UTI while taking my D-Mannose and I can get symptoms of a UTI from becoming overly acidic.

      PS: I am diabetic and LOVE acidic and spicy (read “hot” for spicy) foods! When I am craving sugar, I have something like a sour pickle 😉 but have learned to watch my body’s acid. (1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water also will do the trick, but it is a salt and will cause bloating… also it can be dangerous, so the better answer is antacid tablets.

  8. Anastasia,
    I am the one who had the odd reaction to D-mannose with severe joint pain and torso rash. Since I last checked in, I’ve had one 3 day round of Cipro which seemed to work, only to have the UTI creep back at the end of June. So June 29th onto Macrobid for 7 days. I decided that after that round of antibiotics I would try the D-mannose as a maintenance supplement. I have been taking it since July 5th (1 tsp. per day) with no visible side effects. I haven’t had any alcohol since I started this recent round of Macrobid. I’ve also been taking probiotics and have introduced fermented foods into my diet every day. I’m moving slowly in this department to allow my body to adjust. I honestly feel like the fermented foods are doing more for my body than the probiotics alone. I’ve consumed a LOT of fresh blueberries as well since I’ve been picking them in the last few weeks. I am hopeful that all of these things will result in getting rid of these recurrent UTIs. I’m also toying with the idea of a 2nd tsp. of D-mannose per day as an added barrier, but am hesitant due to my previous experience. Thanks so much for the follow-up information and for providing a platform. I believe it is absolutely important to rebuild those good bacteria colonies especially when the bad bacteria are so resistant to antibiotics.

    • Hi Shannon,
      Thanks so much for posting an update! Sorry, I was in jungles for two weeks with no access to electricity/internet, but I am really happy to hear about the steps you are taking to prevent UTIs! You are right: fermented food and natural vitamins (berries) are super beneficial to help you to restore your body’s natural defense mechanism. You are taking a holistic approach to prevent UTIs and this will pay out! Your gut flora gets destroyed by the antibiotics as much as your vaginal flora does. And you need healthy gut flora to keep your E.Coli in check. Sounds like you are on the right track! I’d suggest to try D-mannose again. You can always scale it back down if notice something strange. Maybe try another brand? (for example this one: http://amzn.to/29YzxMC)
      Wish you to stay UTI free forever!

  9. I went to my doctor to follow up on a UTI I was dealing with earlier that week. The initial test said there was blood and white blood cells in my urine. She also gave me D Mannose as a supplement to help with reoccurring issues. Over the past weekend, I have had a great stomach pain and feel as if my insides have been blown up. Sugar is not my friend in my digestive tract. The results from the culture were negative and they suggested I continue my antibiotics but discontinue the D Mannose as it can cause the stomach pain and bloating.

    • Hi Dallas,
      Thanks so much for sharing about D-mannose side effects that you have experienced! First of all I want to applaud to your physician for prescribing D-mannose! Most haven’t even heard of it.
      Could you please share the name of the brand that you have taken? How much and how often? How quickly did you feel the side-effects? How much discomfort did you feel? Do you think you would want to try D-mannose again or the symptoms were unbearable?
      If you are continuing with the antibiotics, make sure to plan for a course of potent probiotics starting a day after you take your very last antibiotic pill. Here is a post about how to choose the right strain:

  10. I was improperly catherized after the birth of my ²nd child causing a stricture in the uretha. After many uti’s and having surgical corrections the uti’s are infrequent. I believe this condition is my Achilles heel as bacteria will always be present in my urine. My bladder is scarred from having so many uti’s. I am on high dosage of vit C 50 000 and began uti like symptoms after being free of uti’s for a few years. Just began NOW D-mannose therapy so hoping for good results instead of a doctor visit and dreaded antibiotic.

    • Hi Roberta, thank you for sharing! Sorry to hear about your experience, it must be tough.
      I hope D-Mannose will work! Please let me know if you notice the improvement and definitely try probiotics to prevent UTIs in the future.
      Best of luck!

    • Hi Roberta, I had constant UTI symptoms when I was taking vitamin C. As soon as I stopped the vitamin C altogether, the UTI symptoms stopped. I find it interesting that you are taking a high dosage and that your symptoms began after starting the vitamin despite having been free of UTIs for a few years.

  11. look up floxie hope in Google! Cipro and levofloxacian and macrobid are terrible scary drugs that in my opinion are not worth it!! I hope whoever feels horrible after taking any of these things can get the answers and help that they need!!

  12. Warning, do not take Cipro or any other fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Levaquin or Avelox for a UTI, they are incredibly dangerous. Please see the website ciproispoison.com for more information. Not my site, but it may have saved my life and I feel strongly inclined to share the information.

  13. Hello everyone,
    I have IC and also have problems with confirmed bacterial UTIs after sex (EVERY.SINGLE.TIME).
    It destroyed my marriage and has not improved much in the twenty years I’ve had it. I finally got divorced and have sadly come to realize that it’s either be single or get sick every time I have intimacy, which I’m but willing to do anymore.
    I’m almost 47 and had intimacy a month ago for the first time in years. Only to end up with a horrific UTI four days later.
    Several rounds of antibiotics later and it’s much better but not entirely gone.
    I bought the NOW capsules and tried them for three days before I had to quit.
    The bottle said 3 capsules, 3 times per day. At the end of the first day, I felt no different. On waking the second day, I felt achy in my large joints, hips, knees and shoulders, but didn’t think much of it.
    I should mention that I am off antibiotics at this time and taking Jarrow probiotics the entire time.
    Buy the end of day two, my bladder was starting to ache and by the morning of day three, I was doubled over with bladder pain, joint pain and then diarrhea.
    I went to my doctor and my urine came back with a moderate level of blood in it and only a small amount of bacteria.
    Doc told me to stop the d-mannose immediately as he believed it was irritating the lining of my bladder and I had to resort to taking Urigesic Blue (Rx, sabe add Urispas or Prosed) for my bladder pain.
    Maybe d works for uncomplicated UTIs but if you have IC, most of the women on the forums I’ve asked all had the same pain. Since IC already results in a weakened, painful bladder lining, it’s possible that the D just rips it up in IC patients. This is heartbreaking for me as I was really hoping to have found a way to enjoy intimacy again without enduring the imminent infections and pain afterward.
    Just thought I’d share my experience.
    Thank you

    • Hi Melissa, thank you for sharing your experience. What a heartbreaking story! I’m sorry nothing seem to be working and IC makes D-mannose unbearable. I’d imagine in 20 years trying to find a cure you have probably tried everything! Have you checked the posts in “UTI prevention” section? Maybe you’ll come across some tips and ideas that you haven’t tried.
      I’ll look into how D-mannose affects the walls of a bladder, I’m surprised to hear you think it could be irritating!
      Wish you all the best,

  14. Have been taking for two days at the end of the first day i felt like i was having a heart attack. I don’t eat sugar and is taken me a while to get this out of my system. I don’t believe it’s safe. God says he gave every herb for our use. Maybe the real normal that a uti lasts is longer than this society wants maybe it will go away with proper herbs just take a while and that’s ok.

  15. My husband has ms and gets frequent bladder infections and is very weak. Is it possible for d’manosse to cause additional weakness

    • Hi Brenda,
      I don’t think so! I haven’t heard anybody complaining about weakness. Let’s see if anybody else comments on this side effect. GI issues are the most frequent complaint.

    • Hi Brenda,
      Some actually advising D-mannose to treat kidney infection caused by E. coli (I wouldn’t personally advise this), I doubt it would cause kidney damage.

  16. Hi. I started taking D-mannose 20 hours ago to try and avoid the antibiotics I’ll be prescribed tomorrow when the rest of the tests come back.
    I’ve come across this forum when googling “increased heart rate”. Apart from the obvious wind, this is the only side effect I can report at the moment. It didn’t last more than 20-30 seconds.
    I have zero gut flora and had chronic vaginal candidiasis for 8 years, so I’m scared of antibiotics. I’m already taking massive doses of probiotics.
    Looks like my urine seems to have got less cloudy and smelly since yesterday, for the first time in 3 weeks, hope the d mannose works its magic without the scary side effects others have been reporting.

    • Hi Daniela,
      Thank you for posting, I hope it works for you as well. In comparison to antibiotics, D-mannose is much less scary from what I have so far observed and experienced. You might get upset stomach, but otherwise you should be fine. All side effects that have so far been reported are temporary and are gone as soon as you stop taking D-mannose. Unlike antibiotics it does not wreak havoc in your body’s microbiome and is not toxic. Best of luck!

  17. I used Vibrant Health
    URINARY TRACT VIBRANCE Powder which has 5g of D-Mannose in it for the first time yesterday. As per the label you’re supposed to take 1 spoonful (the powder comes with a plastic measuring spoon) 4 times a day. After the first 2 spoonfuls, I got diarrhea. After the 3rd, I got severe pains in my stomach that felt like a build up of gas and indigestion. The label has no claims of side effects or warnings. I wish I would’ve googled this prior to taking as it caused me severe pain. After reading this blog, I believe I overdosed. I’m sure everyone’s body responds differently but I urge people taking to start with a small dose to see what your body can take and then increase over time.

  18. my husband has had kidney disease in the past and gets frequent bladder infections. Do you recommend using d’mannose for these infections?

  19. I’m a little surprised by the huge doses people are taking of the d mannose according to comments! I started getting a uti and an herbalist told me to take one teaspoon three times the first day, and then 2 times the following days until my symptoms were gone for a few days. I kind of wonder why people are surprised when the huge amounts they’re taking are causing problems.

  20. I have been taking D Mannose in super high doses for over 15 years and it truly changed my life. I suffered from chronic cystitis for years always after sex. I had developed antibiotic resistance to lots of antibiotics as I was on them for most every other month. I tried everything ie peeing before and after sex, washing before and after sex, my partner washing before sex, brushing teeth and using mouth washes, drinking lots after sex but nothing helped. Sex resulted in a two week antibiotic course to rid me of the infection. I had done a lot of research in the early years but there were not really any answers only lots of self help books for sale. Then during a really bad attack when I was not responding to a particular antibiotic I researched again and came across a UK based site called Sweet Cures who were selling a powder called D Mannose. This discovery was many years ago and I was extremely dubious about ordering a white powder over the internet which promised miracles but I was desperate. The powder arrived, I started it and within the third or fourth dose I felt relief. I continued taking the powder and after 5 days the UTI had completely disappeared. I was truly stunned. Never before had I been able to get rid of a UTI with such ease. A second benefit that I immediately noted was that I did not suffer a further UTI for a good few months. Taking the D Mannose had actually resulted in only having a UTI twice a year. I continued taking the D Mannose year after year and my attacks have reduced to twice a year. I am not sure why I seem to regularly have a UTI twice a year but it may be something that I do to contribute to the attack. The one thing that has become very obvious over the years of using D Mannose is that I now need to take more and more of it to get rid of an infection and it truly is a fight to rid myself of the infection but I have continued to be successful. At £19 a packet it has become extremely expensive. 15 years on, I need to consume D Mannose in very high doses for a typical attack. For example, 2 heaped teaspoons every 2 hours for 2/3 days and then reduce to 1 heaped every 2 hours for 2/3 days and then gradually reduce for approximately 7 days. This dosage is normally effective but, on occasion, the infection can start right back up again as I reduce and I have to start again. Needless to say, I get through packets of D Mannose for each attack which I am now struggling to afford as it can cost up to £200 a year to stock up!! I am not sure why I have had to take more and more D Mannose over the years to effectively get rid of an infection but this has definitely been my experience. It would be interesting to hear from others who have had this experience also. High dose D Mannose causes extreme diarrhea and wind and this can result in embarrassment on many occasions because I still have to go to work and my tummy makes the most awful noises for all to hear!! I am currently suffering from another bout of cystitis (its been 8 months since my last attack) after having sex last week Friday and I have actually resorted to taking antibiotics for the first time in 15 years because every time I try to reduce the D Mannose the infection flares up again. I am not sure why this is happening but I am so exhausted by this attack that I have resorted to going to the doctor for a course of antibiotics. My advice is that D Mannose does work, I am clearly an historic account of its success since I have been taking it for over 15 years without ever having to go for antibiotics until this week. I suspect that I may have another bacteria that is accompanying the usual E Coli culprit that causes a UTI and that’s why I am having so much trouble getting rid of the infection. I also highly recommend that you use D Mannose as a preventative for sexually related UTIs because it works if you take if for 48 hours after sex ie 1 teaspoon before sex, and again after and then every 3 hours for 48 hours. You may need more or less but it will work. I did not follow this regime on this occasion and, again, this may be the reason why I have had such a bad attack after not suffering with a UTI for 8 months. I have never suffered with the other side affects mentioned here like joint pain, rashes or palpitations and, as you will clearly note, I take D mannose in extremely high doses as low doses are pretty much useless when I am trying to get rid of a UTI. Its so unfortunate for those poor people who have suffered these side affects because D Mannose can truly change your life if taken in the right doses. I hope my email assists others as the pain and hopelessness that is felt when you suffer from constant UTIs can be a very lonely place to be in. We are not alone and we need to share these experiences to heal ourselves.

    • Hi Julie,
      Thank you so very much for taking time to tell about your experience! This is super helpful! Sorry to hear you had to turn to antibiotics this time, let me know if you had any lab tests done and which bacteria was identified. Do you remember at which point you started increasing the dose? Have you tried a smaller dose but for longer time? Have you tried probiotics?
      Hope you feel better soon and thanks once again for posting!

  21. I have many UTI’s due to having to straight cath daily. My bladder is very small due to having an indwelling catheter for 9 months after sacral surgery. the nerves that control my bladder and bowl have been removed leaving me with both bladder and bowel issues. I self cath and disempact my bowl.. not fun but I am used to it now after almost three years. At any rate I usually get a UTI every month and sometimes it takes several doses of antibiotics to clear it up. I am allergic to most of them so usually take amoxicillin clav. I heard about D-manose and tried it about two months ago. Took me awhile to realize that it caused very loose stools as my bowels are very varied but once I did I cut back on how often I take it. I take the Now brand and it says to take 1 tsp. so I did that for several days with GREAT results. Now I only take it as I feel I need to. Today I took it and within hours had bowl issues so I am going to cut back to 1/2 tsp. a day and hopefully that still works. It has been a god send for me with all my issues! Good to read all the blogs here. I have not had the rash as some have had.

    • Hi Gladys,
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Super happy to hear that D-Mannose is helping. Have you also tried probiotics?

  22. Saw what you wrote about side affects of de-mannose . It worked for me was on antibiotics for 2 and a half years lots of different treatment . Tried de-mannose stopped my antibiotics after a while for me it was a miracle and l have never had a side affect %100 better than taking antibiotics all the time which can ruin your immune system and give you thrush so I would recommend it to anyone with uti problembs . This was 5years ago only had one flair up and ordered de-mannose and was gone in 2 days I would recommend that you buy from health care professionals .

  23. Hi I’m taking d manoosefor uti..if I take more then 1teaspoon a day I get diarohia..
    The bacteria is coliform my question, is this a type of e.coli and will d monoose work for it

    • Hi Susan! Both E.coli, and Klebsiella are coliform bacteria. D-mannose is reported to work for E. Coli, but not Klebsiella. Could you ask your physician to be more specific in providing you the results of your tests?

  24. Hi, I started taking D-mannose several days ago and found it caused constipation. I’m feeling slightly confused by this reaction as in my readings I haven’t noted this as a side effect. Have you heard of this happening before?

    • Hi Angela,
      Quite opposite normally. It would be interesting to hear from others but this is the first time a constipation is reported as a side effect here.

      • Hi I have been taking the Now brand capsules 3 capsules 3 times a day. I constipates me too. I still have kidney pain and burning in my bladder. Hope the side effects go away afterwards. I haven’t had bladder infections in years and I’ve had 3 so far this year. I want to take a matanence dose but have constipation problems before starting d mannose.

        • Hi Vo, I think you need to hurry to see a doctor. If you are experiencing kidney pain it is not a good time for self treatment. You can try prevent your UTIs afterwards with D-Mannose and probiotics, but I urge you to seek medical help. Best wishes,

        • So I forgot to mention I have candida and SIBO and I get constipated easy. Candida and SIBO lives on sugars and maybe the sugar in d mannose has got me more constipated. I take natures way primadophilus 50 billion wemons yeast balance plus urinary/vaginal health. Is this a good probiotic?

          • Hi Vo,
            Here are some ideas on how to assess a probiotic supplement suitable for UTI prevention (Part 1, Part 2).
            D-Mannose is not metabolized in a same way as glucose, I can’t imagine it making your symptoms worse, it is for the most part goes to your urine. However, since you do have some issues with your vaginal and intestine bacterial balance, I would highly recommend to review your diet and consider prebiotics.
            I hope you were able to get some medical help! Please do not try to self treat at this point. Better take antibiotics and then focus on prevention efforts.
            Best wishes,

  25. After being told “no more anti b’s” by my pharmacist, and having suffered since I was 16 (45 now) I tried D Mannose from Sweet Cures. instantly cured! I want to share it with the world…windy, tiny bit bloated but nothing compared to the misery, distress and depressive feelings caused by recurrent UTI/cystitis…thank you whoever discovered D Mannose!!!!!

  26. The side effects from D mannose cant it be healing chrisis before the body has get used to it? I took it for my servere UTI i hade for three month and i got better the next day. But i also got very upsett loose stomach and stiffness joints. I have not been taking it for long so i do not know lots about it BUT i do know it helps for UTI thats for sure:) maybe some cramps is worth it haha Maria

    • Hi Maria,
      Incredibly happy to hear that D-mannose worked for you! Congrats!
      Actually, this is a great question. I’ll try to find an answer. What is your dose? Sometimes these symptoms appear when the dose is higher than recommended.

  27. I just completed 3 days on Bactrim for another UTI and I am trying to start a maintenance program with
    D-Mannose. I have been taking 1 tsp in glass of water twice a day and was wondering if that is an appropriate dosage for maintenance. The only symptoms I am experiencing are bloating with smelly gas. I can handle these symptoms if the D-Mannose keeps me off antibiotics. Can anyone suggest the right dosage for daily use in the absence of symptoms?

  28. Hi.! It is interesting to read people experience with d mannose.lwas suffering all 2016 with something very strength .After UTI I got very irritable bladder.Doctor did urin lab test,it was show a few bacteria and I was put on Macrobid after cystoscopy for 2 month to treat inflamed bladder.I was feel Ok and in a 2 month l got again very irritable bladder.Doctor have me again Macrobid ,again was Ok and after 1 month its repeated again.He said that I got chronic cystitis.Again in was 2 month in Macrobid.And now just when I stop taking antibiotics it’s come back. I decided to take D mannose and if somebody knows if d mannose can help with irritable bladder.I started diet against irritability.Who knows if D mannose from Bulk Supplement is good? And I always take ptobiotics,maybe not enough.I start d mannose 1 day ago 1 tsp.every 3 hours even at night.My irritability it’s not going yet away.

    • Hi Tanya,
      Unfortunately D-mannose won’t help with IC. It has shown some promise with preventing UTIs that are caused by E. coli bacteria. Which probitocis are you taking?

  29. Used Sweetcures D-Mannose for last two days. Just stopped as had hot flashes last night, tingling skin, joint pain everywhere all day today.

    • Hi Simone,
      Thank you for posting your experience! Is this the first brand of D-mannose you have ever tried? This third time I hear about these type of symptoms when taking D-mannose. Do you plan to try a lower does?

  30. My son has a spinal cord injury. He fought with UTI both in the hospital and after discharge. Doctors were no help with several different kinds of anti biotics which only worked when taking the anti biotics. We stumbled across d mannose searching for help. He took a teaspoon (not heaped) every two or three hours for two days, after that he gradually cut back and remains taking a small teaspoon twelve hours apart. This powder has been a life saver for him, we feel so lucky to have found it. Whenever he started getting a UTI before he became incontinent. He continues to take d mannose ( now brand) as a precaution. Why don’t the doctors know about this? They wouldn’t even believe him when he told them about the success he had!

    • Hi Jerry,
      I was asking the same question 🙂 I’m so glad it is working for your son! Very-very happy to hear!
      There are couple explanations. One: natural D-Mannose has not been tested for UTI treatment (however prevention focused trials demonstrated results comparable to antibiotics). Two: D-Mannose is a natural substance, therefore pharmaceutical companies have zero interest in manufacturing it since they will never be able to patent it (no patent – no huge profits). And doctors just don’t have time to read research papers about every infection they deal with so in many cases patients end up being more educated (mostly because they spend more time researching the subject). However, seeing that D-Mannose demonstrated promising results more labs are engaged in developing proprietary mannosides that will be more potent than natural D-Mannose. I spoke to one of the researchers at Washington school of medicine and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a global pharmaceutical company just invested in the startup out of this school that is testing those mannosides. If everything goes well, they will bring this product to clinical trials this year and once it is sold by a big pharma company your doctors will learn about it very quickly 🙂
      I’m glad your son is feeling much better. Best wishes!

  31. Hello,
    taking D-mannose (now brand) during 8 days, 2 teaspoon per day, and the side effects was an urinary disorder :
    Urge to urinate continually during another 10 minutes after finishing urinating.
    and this problem continues 1 week after stopping taking D-mannose, but only during 2 minutes after finishing urinating.
    it was very disturbing !

    • Hi John, sorry to hear and thanks for sharing.
      Just to clarify: were you taking D-Mannose for UTI prevention? Or were you attempting to treat an infection? Is it still ongoing or have the symptoms diminished?
      I did come across similar complaints from others who were taking D-Mannose. Did you try to lower the dose?
      Sorry it caused these side effects. Hope you’ll feel better soon,

      • thank you for your reply.
        taking D-mannose was to treat Urinary tract infection caused by E. Coli.
        after 8 days of taking D-mannose, and after 1 week without D-mannose, I tried to take D-mannose again just during 1 day, and the side effets have started again !
        So I definetly stopped D-mannose now, and I don’t want to try a lower dose of D-mannose because this side effect is unbearable in my actual way of life.
        (The symptoms of the infection had decreased BEFORE taking D-mannose, probably thanks to the intake of essential oils and sage infusions. And after the D-mannose period test, the symptoms of infection are like before taking D-mannose.)

        • Oh no..
          Unfortunately some do report bladder irritation and it is unclear why. This is a pretty rare side-effect thought from what I observed. If you want to give it another chance, perhaps try a different brand. Could you please share your treatment plan (essential oils and sage infusions) if you get a moment? I’m always curious to find new ways to treat UTI naturally.

          • my treatment plans :
            => a drop of tea tree (or cinnamon) essential oil on a teaspoon of honey, per day.
            => 2 glasses of sage infusion, per day.
            => massage with olive oil + essential oils (sage, lemon, lavender and cinnamon), on pelvic area, 2 times per day.

  32. I’m using d-mannose now for a uti. My symptoms were going away and now my kidneys are hurting. I
    don’t know what this means. Can anyone help?

    • Marjorie,
      Please go to a doctor ASAP, the infection could be spreading to your kidneys and this could be serious, you must see a physician. D-Mannose is a natural supplement and doesn’t work for everybody; also it works only with E. coli. Sometimes a UTI could be caused by multiple bacteria and if this is the case your symptoms could get better if the number of E. coli decreased while at the same time your kidneys are being attacked by Klebsiella (for example). This is exactly what I have experienced myself and I had to take antibiotics.
      Hope all will be well and make sure to take potent probiotics after your treatment to restore vaginal flora.
      Best wishes

  33. hi,
    i have used d-mannose now for nearly 2 months – taking a tablet every day, it feels like as soon as i stop my uti starts coming back. i get uti every time after sex… previously i have been on antibiotics for half year but it didn’t really help (i think it also ruined my immune system), so i am very happy i have came across the d-mannose. i hope it will not have any side effect in the future when i will decide to have kids…

    • Hi Ina,
      D-Mannose does not stay in your body and won’t affect your ability to get pregnant or to have a healthy child. Make sure to order right probiotics to improve you vaginal flora. D-Mannose helps you to reduce number of bacteria in your bladder, while probiotics help you to create a natural barrier and control the infection.Best of luck!

  34. I have been experiencing vert itchy skin and rashes since I started taking prevention doses of d-mannose ( 1000 – 1500 gr. day) . In the past I have taken U.T. Vibrance for infection, which is a very high dose but had no itching then. I don’t want the mannose to be the cause of my itching because it is helping, but I can’t find any other reason for this problem. I went to a dermatologist and he said my rash and itching are not contact dermatitis and the pattern on my body is not anything textbook (my scalp is itchy as well). Has anyone else ever have this side effect from mannose? I’m so depressed because I finally found something for my utis. I also take U.T. Biotics which is a formula of probiotics for uti prevention, but that does not contain mannose. (And I’ve been taking probiotics for many years as well as Ellura, which is similar to an ingredient in this probiotic).so it is unlikely to be the culprit.

    • Hi Judyb,
      Yes, unfortunately I have seen similar complaints from others (check out comments on this post .
      UT Biotics looks like a good product. Have you tried to stop D-Mannose till the symptoms clear up and then re-start with a smaller dose and, perhaps a different brand? You can also try Uva-Ursi extract and garlic pills in the meantime for your prevention supplementation. Let me know if the symptoms clear up once you stop. Best of luck!

  35. Thank you for your prompt reply. I’m hesitant to try the uva Uris after reading about its possible side effects. Yes, I switched from capsules to a different brand of powder d-mannose. I was taking three teaspoons a day. I’m having surgery this Wednesday and I’m nervous about getting a uti. I’ve had so many! I stopped the mannose for two days and now I’m just taking 1 teaspoon at night. Hopefully that will do the trick. It’s very strange because I took two doses of u.t. Vibrance last month which has very high dosaging of mannose. That was the first time I ever took it and had no problem. When I started the preventive dose the itching and rash began.
    I just got a call from my doc that my urine cytology report came back showing atypical cells. I can’t follow up on that because I’ll be recovering from surgery for about a month. The doc said that the atypical cells might be due to the past infections. Ever hear of this? More stress!

    • Hi Judyb,

      The last thing you need is one more reason to worry! 🙂
      Bladder lining changes after many chronic UTIs, this is expected. Imagine if you have a wound on your hand and every time after it heals you injure it again and again. The skin won’t look and feel the same. Your bladder lining changes even after the first UTI, not to mention multiple ones. I’m sure and hope that you’ll be alright.
      Let’s see if the decreased dose will make your symptoms go away! Three teaspoons a day is a bit too much for prevention.
      They will most likely administer you preventive antibiotics during/after surgery, so make sure to take right probiotics and focus on a diet that will decrease inflammation.
      Best of luck with the surgery, and stay positive

      • Again, thank you for your prompt reply. The strange thing is that I took u.t. Vibrance two times in a short period. Each dose contains 5 g (5000 mg) of D–mannose. You take four doses a day till the bottle is finished. So that comes out to 2 1/2 days of treatment. All together that’s 10 doses ! It does work! The product does have other ingredients in it so perhaps that’s why I didn’t have a reaction to it. No itching or rash. Or the d-mannose that is used in their product is purer. Who knows? I know that Kal mannose is from China. But it is processed in the USA. It’s all so frustrating.
        I want to ask you if you can recommend a brand of test strips. I’ve bought a few different ones over the years but once the bottle is opened it has a short expiration date.

        • Hey Judyb,
          Yes, the source and additives might be something to do with it. Unfortunately, FDA does not regulate supplements and it’s hard to know what it’s made of.
          Test strips are accurate in about 60% of cases. As much as I understand that you would want to rely on something to confirm that you do not have an infection, with a chronic UTI it is all not that simple. You might have bacterial overgrowth and have no symptoms, or have no active bacteria and have symptoms.
          Azo test strips come from a reliable brand, you can try them. But in your case I would probably recommend a culture test at a clinic to be completely sure.
          Best of luck!

  36. Hiya. I’ve been suffering with uti for the past 2 years. But only after intercourse within 18-24 hours. Which is horrible. I have researched and researched and I am losing my mind no one else seems to have the issue I have. I get e.coli in my bladder. I’ve tried using lube (no spermicide) which sometimes works, using a condom with lube but I’d get white blood cells which appears no bacteria. It’s just the annoying urge to go toilet no pain. We shower before sex and i pee after and shower after as well. I drink water like it’s nothing. I have no other health issues. Urologist sent a camera up me and all fine. Gynocologist checked me and all fine. I tried the d-mannose a few months back which helped but I still got white blood cells which caused the urges. So I stopped it thinking that may of caused it. Maybe an overdose…cause I didn’t know how to take them to prevent it from sex. I don’t know if I should go back on them maybe only take it before sex or after sex? It is putting a lot of stress on the relationship and I am going crazy cause I just want to enjoy sex with my partner and not have anxiety and worry after. It’s just annoying cause it’s sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t. So it’s very confusing. And help or advice please. I’ve done all I can what the specialists have said. Thanks

    • Hi Tammy,
      Sorry to hear about your story! Sounds annoying and also familiar.. Perhaps you have an ongoing inflammation, it happens when bladder goes through rounds of infection. Have you tried herbs with anti-inflammatory properties? What about your diet?
      If you sometimes get a UTI and sometimes don’t, this could be also related to the imbalance of your vaginal flora. Do you know which part of your menstrual cycle you are more prone to UTIs? Did you try probiotics?
      Browse through the UTI Treatment category here. I will be soon posting several interviews with homeopathic and naturopathic doctors to help you to find an alternative solution.
      Best of luck,

    • I have the exact same problem as Tammy and it’s is really frustrating.
      Although I’m not sure about the white blood cells I don’t know if d-mannose will help

      • Hi Mary, thank you for sharing. Just posted couple of my interviews with alternative medicine doctors here , see if anything helps. D-Mannose is worth trying in any case! Best of luck,

    • Spermicides and lubricants can cause irritation and mimic UTI symptoms. Latex allergy should also be considered if using condoms. Some condoms do not have spermicide. I suggest experimenting with different lubricants and trying non-latex condoms although I’ve read that these might be less effective against STDs. A vaginal yeast infection can also mimic UTI symptoms.

  37. I just read a review of d-mannose on Amazon and it said that you can build up a resistance to d-mannose (pili?). Doyou know anything about this?

  38. Hi Anastasia, you have certainly helped many people, God Bless your ❤️ heart! I have been suffering for about a month. I rarely get UTI’s. First two weeks I tried herbal remedies, garlic oregano ACV etc. it did not work. Then Dr gave me amoxicillin 10 days. It worked great, until it was gone and within 1 day it was back but with a vengeance. Then Dr. Did a culture…e coli…so I am finishing keflex 500 2xs a day (5 days)tomorrow. My symptoms are persisting though. I started D mannose today along with the last few doses of the keflex. I am taking 1/2 teaspoon every two hours today, then I will take 1/2 teaspoon every 3 hours for the next four days. I do not plan on getting up every 2 hours but I’ll take it when I do get up. 1/2 teaspoon is equal to 500mg of the NOW brand. Does this seem about right for dosage? I have no side effects like many who have posted here and I am 7 hours 3 doses in. Thank you for any help you can give. I also take 4 vsl3 probiotics per day. I usually only take 2 a day but with the antibiotics I upped it to 4. Thanks again! Jodie

    • One more question.. I am so worried I will have long term problems 1. Because Dr prescribed the wrong antibiotic for E. coli (amoxicillin) the first time. T and 2. Because I have had it for so long (about a mont). I am praying I can Reid this vile infection with no ramifications. Could these 2 things cause long term problems or re occurring UTI infections?
      Thank you again for your help!!😞This is soooo stressful!!

      • Hi Jodie,
        First, don’t worry, you will be healthy and fine soon 🙂 there are so many people who have had UTIs almost monthly for years and eventually figured out how to break the cycle. You are not alone and there is no reason why you should be worried.
        1) Keep taking D-MANNOSE to supplement your antibiotic treatment. We don’t know if it is helping you, but it defiantly won’t hurt. The schedule sounds fine. Glad that you are not having any side effects.
        2) What are your UTIs triggered by? If this is sex, then make sure that your probiotics are targeting vaginal flora. Take them couple hours after you take your antibiotics pill.
        3) There are plenty of things that you can do to get your bladder healthy. One of the naturopathic doctors mentioned drinking aloe juice and anti-inflammatory herbs to help it heal after the acute infection. This could be a good supplement for your treatment as well.
        4) Make sure to take hygiene seriously for the first month after this UTI and keep taking probiotics and a prevention dose of D-Mannose supplement (since you are tolerating it well) for about a month.
        5) Watch your diet for a month to help your flora to re-populate with good bacteria and help your bladder.
        Think “healthy” thoughts: this is the last time you have to deal with UTI and you have all the tools at your disposal to be healthy.
        Best wishes,

  39. This has been very helpful. Taken D-mannose before but am currently taking the vibrant health which is much stronger than the usual. Sometimes the lesser doses have been effective others not. I’m trying the vibrance since it’s so strong and seems to market that it can fully cure the uti. But I am having all of the side effects which I’ve never experienced. Major tummy bloat. Gas and diarrea. Plus crazy headaches and brain fog. 2 full days taking 20g/day and now I have splotchy red patches on my forehead. But the uti is definitely subsiding. Not gone but seriously decreased. Now I just don’t know if I should back off the dose a bit. I want to stick it out since I really want to avoid the macrobid, but these symptoms aren’t great. Not sure if decreasing the dose will effect the potential to treat….

    • Hi Lauren,
      Did you do a culture test? It’s important to verify that the infection is only caused by e.coli. Sometimes other bacteria could the trigger and its good to know what you are fighting.
      If the symptoms are overwhelming you can try decreasing the dose a bit to see if this helps.
      Best of luck!

  40. This is now day 3 of my uti and I am just starting the D-Mannose regime. Up until now I have just been taking 2 cranberry pills 3x a day and have reduced almost all of the symptoms (still have to pee a lot with minimal discomfort). I read an article that said to take 500mg of the D-Mannose every 2-3 hours. Does that sound right? Should I take it with the cranberry pills? Or is it too late to start the D-Mannose?

  41. Hi.i was very sceptical about DMannose,but the good reviews from different sources out weighed the negative ones,I bought the tablet form initially.i had had x 3 different antibiotics,which did not cure my UTI symptoms.My GP thought it was Interstitial Cystitis.My test results came back with trace leukocytes-that shows inflammatory causes.
    Trying the D Mannose tablets started to work after about 3days,large doses too,which did give me loose stools & bloating.but the relief from UTI symptoms was great.
    I only now take the preventative dose ,which I bought in the powder form,which I don’t get any after effects at all.& it tends to keep the inflammatory symptoms at bay too.
    I just hope it keeps working

    • Hi Anne,
      I’m glad to hear it is helping with symptoms! Definitely take measures to address the inflammation, that is most likely present since you had recurrent UTIs. D-Mannose is a great supplement but there are many other things you should try to heal your bladder (diet, probiotics, herbs to decrease inflammation).
      Best wishes

  42. Anastasia,
    I had previously commented on this thread about my experience with using D-Mannose. I had not-so-nice side effects (horrific joint pain) when using NOW d-mannose. I have since switched to SweetCures d-Mannose, a company in the UK. I have successfully treated on-coming UTIs with this brand. I do not experience joint pain with this brand, but when in treatment mode, I do experience mild headaches. They tend to dissipate once the d-mannose is flushed out. I’ve also been fermenting my own foods and when I run out, I know it! They have become such a huge part of my daily food intake and I can’t stress enough how important having a healthy gut is, not only for UTI health, but overall health. I am currently treating a UTI, brought on I’m sure because I had a day or two without my fermented veggies and a slight increase of acidic foods like corn and sugar. You’ve updated your site since I’ve been here last and the information you provide is invaluable! Thank you for being passionate about a topic that the medical world seems to ignore. I am glad I found a brand that works for me. It’s a little more expensive than others and I have to pay shipping from the UK to the US, but it’s worth it! I just have to be very aware of my supply so as not to run out… shipping takes a little longer. A thank you to Liz Howard (who mentioned SweetCures further up in the comments).

    • Hi Shannon!
      Thanks for a quick update. Glad you found a product that works for you and thank you for sharing your prevention strategies. Hope you feel better soon!

  43. I have to stop. I”ve been using one that is corn based that’s in powder form and it’s from amazon. I think it’s just too much glucose and I can’t separate the d mannose from other health issues I have so I’m going to stop taking the D Mannose. I’m ready to rumble on line or on the phone. My brain can’t handle it on top of other big stuff going on. It just made toxic overload into toxic overload plus glucose. It got rid of the UTI though, a super bug.

    • Oh wow, Nancy! First of all, if it helped you with a resistant e.coli, I’m sure it was worth the side effects. Please do share more: which brand did you try and what kind of symptoms you have observed. Best wishes,

  44. Hey! I really enjoyed reading this blog and hearing about all the wonderful success stories. I have so far cured two UTI’s with D-mannose. I get them a lot…like a day or two after intercourse if I dont urinate or drink a lot of water. Well the other night I had intercourse and just could not urinate afterward…then drank coffee at work the next day, which was dumb of me but I needed it. So right now I am in the middle of a UTI 🙁 I just moved so I couldnt find my last bottle of Dmannose pills lol but I went to The Vitamin Shoppe right up the road from me and they had some. Im hoping it will work for this UTI like it has for all the others. I also need to get better at taking it daily as a preventative! I always use dmannose in conjunction with Cystex pills from the store…cystex is better than the Azo pills since it doesnt turn my urine all red or orange…Anyway, here’s to hoping this current UTI can get cured!

    • Hi Chelsea,
      Thank you for your note and for sharing your experience. Great to hear that D-Mannose has been working for you. I strongly recommend probiotics as well, especially since your UTIs are triggered by sex. Best of luck!

  45. I tried D-Mannose yesterday for the first time. I got so light-headed and heart rate so high that I felt like I was having a heart attack. I took 1 – 500 mg pill from a company called Now. I calmed it down with Magnesium, but will never take it again. I again had symptoms this mornig. I have IC and Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had lower back pain. Symptoms are only starting to subside. Not for me!

  46. Do you know anything about kidney damage?
    – ¨When taken in excessive doses, there’s some concern that D-mannose may lead to kidney damage¨
    -¨ While it may be tempting to try D-mannose to self-treat a UTI, if the infection isn’t completely eradicated, it may spread (to the kidneys) even if the symptoms are gone¨
    – ¨D-Mannose may cause a flare in SIBO or Candida¨

    How much is too much ?
    It´s recommended dosage safe?

    • Hello Maria,
      – yes, this is a quote from WebMD. However, neither in conversations with folks who research mannosides, or with naturopathic doctors who use it, I have not heard these concerns. Keep in mind, that in high doses even water can cause kidney damage. Just follow instructions of manufacturers and your doctor’s when taking any supplement.
      -yes, that’s why it is very important to repeat a lab test if you are experimenting to know for sure.
      -I have not seen any info to corroborate this statement. Where are you citing it from?
      -I don’t know how much is too much, I have not seen any documentation trying to establish a ceiling for this supplement. Every drug or a supplement has a warning to take “recommended dose”.
      -If recommended dose would not be safe, we would know about such cases by now, I assume.
      Sure! Best of luck,


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